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That ’70s shoe!

Monday, March 26th, 2012

Fashion history is a treasure trove! Forward-thinking designers regularly sift through the past to recover earlier trends to reinterpret with a modern edge.

This season some of the best new shoes have their roots in the righteous ’70s, when women’s fashion took a turn for the bold! The precarious stilettos and tight-waisted “Suzy homemaker” dresses of the 1950s and early ’60s stepped aside for chunky heels worn out and about with minis, midis, and pantsuits! Refreshing then! Refreshing now!

Behold a few of the new designs that celebrate the sexy confidence of 1970s’ style!

One of the sunniest interpretations of the spirit of the ’70s is Argila’s Allie!

We are wild about the combination of the buckled and tasseled front (so vintage!) with the hand-cut and sanded wooden heel! And the color? You just have to smile!

Of course, Chie Mihara is the reigning queen of retro-licious beauty! Check out the  ’70s sensibility  of this season’s Xeroco:

The buckles add just the right punctuation to the broad straps! The sexiness is no-nonsense and take-no-prisoners! Devastating in the best kind of way!

Another great Chie ode to the 1970s is the Rumi (a perennial Ped favorite):

Ped’s Laura swears her fashion-forward mother had a pair of identical shoes back in the 1970s! Beautiful as they may have been, Laura’s mom’s couldn’t hold a candle to the Rumi because the modern version features Chie Mihara’s signature padded footbed, the ultimate in comfort! (Ask anyone)!

Coclico also riffs on the leather patchwork so popular in the ’70s in its Valencia:

What a looker! Absolutely distinctive yet ultra-versatile. Note the subtle curve of the chunky wooden heel—Coclico is always attentive to the details!

Coclico’se retro-sassy Vidal also features this gorgeous heel:

Talk about a statement shoe! The way the back strap and hardware twins the strap and hardware over the instep is ingenious!

Coclico also takes a tip from the 70s in its cork platform designs, like the Melania:

Light and comfortable, this beauty updates the vintage look of a platform wedge by creating it in the most modern of colors: flint grey!

Another stunning cork-soled number is Fiorentini + Baker’s swinging Ding Clog:

So fun, this fringed clog is crafted with the same meticulous attention to detail as F+B’s famous boots! The Ding was love at first sight for Ped’s Laura—she immediately bought it and has been wearing it nonstop! (She loves the terra cotta color of the Indian Red, but we also have the Ding in black, if that’s more your thing.)

Speaking of clogs, Trippen’s Strahl exemplifies what can happen when a designer takes retro inspiration and runs with it:

The Strahl‘s spark lies in the 1970s, but this work of art’s fireworks are thoroughly modern! We adore how the teal edges of the black leather are echoed in the patina of the rivets and the rubber on the outsole.

So, get in the mood by listening to James Brown’s 1972 hit, and then literally “Get on the Good Foot!” Your style will be far out! Dig it!

(Psst, another groovy design, though not ’70s inspired, is Fiorentini + Baker’s Pia boot, which is this week’s Sweet Treat. Make its gorgeousness yours for 20% off by clicking “be sweet to your feet” in the upper right corner of any Ped page, which will whisk you to the Pia, with the magic discount code to enter at checkout! What a great way to step into spring!)

The low down on low boots

Friday, October 28th, 2011

Wow, after our big birthday week, we are tired but happy campers here at Ped HQ! We’re also enjoying full-flung fall, which puts us in the mood to wear boots! (Okay, honestly, we’re always in the mood to wear boots!)

This season offers a veritable boot feast, including quite a few sporting a new height that’s a smidge taller than an ankle boot but  stops short of mid-calf. These low boots are not only sassy to see, but they also offer versatility, playing well with both pants and skirts! Here are a few of our faves:

Almost everything Chie Mihara cooks up is a tasty treat, but her new Jonathan Boot is especially delicious:

Don’t just take our word for it. Here’s what a customer in Portland e-mailed: “Hey guys – just wanted to give you some feedback on the Chie Mihara “Jonathan.” They are unbelievably comfortable. I even fell asleep in my chair wearing them. Weird, I know, but they are awesome.”

Another terrific low boot with a heel is Argila’s Suzanna Bootie:

So streamlined and stylish, this boot gets oomph from the elephant grey shade of its soft leather. Grey is the IT color of the season! Plus, the simple cinch around the top that ties in back is the perfect detail.

Want to amp up the  va-va-va-voom? Then consider Cydwoq’s steamy Texture low boot:

Meow! From the faux-croc embossed leather to the perfectly cut snub nose to the sexy heel placed directly under your weight (makes all the difference in comfort), there’s everything to like about this little black boot. (Just like a LBD, everyone needs an LBB!)

But maybe you prefer a little less femme and a little more funk in your boot, in which case, Cydwoq’s Grinder is waiting for you to lace it up!

Low lace-ups are all the rage this season, especially those with an industrial edge! But the best thing? This boot’s style will never fade—it’s a classic. (Plus, the Grinder‘s luxe leather is cobalt blue—how cool is that?)

Of course, Fiorentini + Baker has several players in the low-boot game, including the fabulous Emmy!

We can’t get enough of styles that combine sex appeal with tough-girl attitude! And we are WILD, wild, wild, about F+B’s new antiqued silver leather with natural edges! This boot + that leather = Perfection!

On the other hand, there is always something to be said for sleek minimalism, as exemplified by Trippen’s Deer Bootie:

What a lean, green style machine! The supple leather is to die for, and the zipper on the outside gives this no-fuss boot just the right edge!

What’s that? You say you love green, but you want a low boot that can go from casual to dressy in a heartbeat? Fiorentini + Baker grants your wish with the luxe and luscious Pia boot:

Here’s what a Seattle customer had to say about this green suede stunner: “Ok, now you have really done it. This new F& B Pia boots are the hottest thing I have ever seen. I can retire all other boots and shoes and die happily. They are so sexy, tough, simple, practical. My entire wardrobe has taken on a new personality. Yay!” Recommendations don’t get any better than that!

So, click on over to Ped’s main site and linger over all the low boots ready and waiting to liven up your fall! Going low will make your style high and mighty!

(By the way, this week’s Sweet Treat is one of the sexiest boots ever to stroll into the Ped warehouse: Cydwoq’s Podium! Simply click on “be sweet to your feet” in the upper right corner of any Ped page to land at the Podium with the magic code that will bring 20% off at checkout!)

Cool boots for hot days

Monday, June 13th, 2011

For years I’ve been nudging gals to try boots with summer skirts and dresses because the look is so sassy and fun! Finally, the trend has caught on! Everywhere I turn these days, women are rocking boots with breezy sundresses, light, floaty skirts, and even shorts! Not only do they look fresh and chic, but they’re also not stubbing their toes.

Because we think boots are for all seasons, here are few suggestions for how to kick up your heels while the sun shines!

Ped fans will agree that nobody makes better boots than Fiorentini + Baker! One of the easiest boots to wear with anything and everything is F+B’s Mix:

Everyone goes wild for a motorcycle boot, especially when it’s made of such luscious leather! Plus, the Mix gives you a leg up with its chunky 2″ heel!

Want a little less heel and a little more buckle? Then say hello to F+B’s Emmy (also known as Style 713)!

This beauty also comes in rabbit grey (always a good choice), but we especially love the teal version because it looks so cool (as in river-water cool) with light-colored summer skirts!

Still not enough buckles? Then Fiorentini + Baker’s popular Eternity Boot is your answer!

There’s a good reason why this boot is a perennial object of desire: It looks terrific with EVERYTHING! Plus, it exudes a sexy, badass attitude. Ped offers the Eternity not only in delicious dark brown leather (pictured), but also in black, red, and caramel. All gorgeous!

Perhaps you prefer a sleeker, more minimal look, in which case, drink in the loveliness of F+B’s Bessi Boot:

As Ped fans know, I can’t get enough of green, and I adore F+B’s bonsai green shade! It’s like a refreshing breeze on a sweltering day! Gals who like to enhance their height will also appreciate the Bessi‘s 3″ heel.

Another fabulous minimal boot is F+B’s pull-on Elgin Boot:

Also available in mocha ice suede, the Elgin is easy to wear anywhere with its clean-lined, relaxed design.

Of course, we know for some gals, only a tall boot fits the bill. Our personal favorite is F+B’s Emma:

All of us at Ped HQ own this terrific boot (except Terry, of course—but even he’s an Emma admirer)! Black is classic, but we also carry the Emma in dark brown, red, and caramel (which is, psst, on sale right now).

But if you want to go the opposite direction, and bare a little more skin—it is summer, after all—then Fiorentini + Baker’s Paula is ready to be your warm-weather friend:

We love the Paula’s rock ‘n’ roll attitude with its ruched front and zipper up the back! It’s a knockout in chocolate brown, but Ped also offers it in cool blue and always-right black!

Believe it or not, there are still more boots at Ped’s main site to let you two-step through summer’s delightfully long days! So, give your hot-weather wardrobe a boost with a pair of boots!

(By the way, this week’s Sweet Treat is a boot-a-licious sandal: Trippen’s Tarantula! Just click “be sweet to your feet” in the upper right corner of any Ped page to reach the Tarantula with the magic discount code that will treat you to a delightful 20% off at checkout!)

Beside ourselves over Cydwoq!

Wednesday, January 26th, 2011

Everyone knows how crazy we are for all things Cydwoq! But, honestly, Rafi and Ari—the father and son team responsible for Cydwoq’s ultra-cool designs—have really outdone themselves for 2011. A smorgasbord of new warm-weather styles just arrived in the Ped warehouse, and Cydwoq has served up something for everyone from strappy heels for the girly girls to run-around-town flats for the tomboys at heart.

Here’s a taste to whet your appetite and encourage you to think spring (or, if you’re lucky, mid-winter vacation)!

One area where Cydwoq excels is in creating practical walking shoes that still turn every head with their unusual style! Case in point, the new Sabates:

Too cool!!! But cutting edge funkiness is not the end of the story because these artistic shoes are also easy to wear. Simply slide your foot into the welcoming interior—no buckles, zippers, or even elastic to fiddle with!

Another great runabout style is Cydwoq’s Penalty, which is our pick for the first thing to pack if you’re heading somewhere warm.

You can cruise through sightseeing, shopping, and sipping a cocktail at the end of the day, looking terrific whatever the venue. And thanks to Cydwoq’s famous construction, you may be tired, but your feet will be blister-free and ready to go again tomorrow.

But maybe you’re looking for a wearable heel to go to the office (without sacrificing any snazz). Then breathe in the Vapour!

Everyone at Ped is smitten with the Vapour’s off-center t-strap. Plus the red color is simply delicious. (I ask you who doesn’t love a red shoe?)

And if you enjoy a sassy buckle-and-heel combo, then Cydwoq’s new Possession has your name on it!

Just like A.S. Byatt’s novel of the same name, this beautiful heel embodies both a 19th century romanticism and an utterly modern attitude. For lovers of the steampunk aesthetic, the Possession is a retro-futuristic dream come true!

Another thing we admire about Cydwoq is how their designs often bring artsy and organic together into a harmonious whole.

The new Buds sandal is earthy and urban all at once. We love the way rivets connect the leather leaves, but we confess this sandal had us at green (our favorite)!

For sheer impact, though, we recommend lacing up Cydwoq’s new Expo!

Kapow! This sandal’s rustic yet clean-lined design takes the gladiator sandal a step ahead, out of the arena and onto the runway! Super chic—imagine how terrific the Expo will look with a floaty summer dress! A perfect exercise in contrasts!

The above bevy of beauties is just a glimpse of the panorama of Cydwoq styles awaiting you at Ped’s main site! You’ll love the view—but Cydwoq’s hand-crafted comfort is what will win your heart!

(Have you seen this week’s “sweet treat”? It’s Trippen’s over-the-knee Nox Boot! Whether you pull it high or cuff it and scrunch, the Nox is the perfect tall, dark, and lovely boot you’ve been hoping to find. Just click “be sweet to your feet” in the upper right corner of any Ped page to be transported to the Nox, where you’ll find the magic code that will bring a cool 20% off  when entered in the box at checkout!)

The Armenian connection

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Ped fans, did you hear about the discovery of the oldest known leather shoe? Archaeologists found it in an Armenian cave, and scientific testing has determined the lace-up bootie dates to 3653–3627 B.C. (holy cow!) and was worn by woman on her approximately size 7 right foot. Although its mate is missing,  there is no doubt a prehistoric fashionista wore this shoe because the sole bears the imprint of her big toe and shows evidence of having been repaired several times.

By Associated Press/Deptarment of Archaeology University College Cork. Provided by the Department of Archaeology University College Cork, Cork Ireland, this photo shows a well preserved and complete shoe that was recovered at the base of a Chalcolithic pit in the cave in Armenia.

This Armenian discovery is astonishing, but it doesn’t altogether surprise us. After all, Cydwoq founder, Rafi Balouzian, comes from a long line of Armenian shoemakers. In the early 1900s, Rafi’s grandfather was a renowned master shoemaker in Armenia, and Rafi’s  father also went into the business, establishing a factory that manufactured shoe parts.

After moving to the United States, Rafi himself went into fashion design, but left it briefly to pursue post-graduate degrees in interior architecture and environ- mental design. But the man is a walker, and, eventually, he walked right back into his  family’s shoe-making tradition, founding Cydwoq in 1996.

So, what do Cydwoq’s cutting-edge styles of today have in common with that Armenian shoe from 5600 years ago? More than you might think: Cydwoq’s handmade construction is all-leather, using carefully selected  hides that are vegetable-dyed and put together using water-based glues. And like the ancient shoe, all Cydwoq sandals, shoes, and boots conform to your foot over time for a custom fit. If you manage to walk through the sole or have any other problem, Rafi and his Cydwoq colleagues will happily make the necessary repairs.

Here are three of our latest Cydwoq additions, which showcase the long-long-long-long-long-established Armenian commitment to comfort, and durability, plus Rafi’s modern-day dedication to style.

Every time we look at Cydwoq’s gorgeous new Pi Bootie, we go a little weak in the knees. Fortunately, if we were wearing this beauty, we’d manage to stay on our feet because Rafi has placed the heel in just the right spot for maximum stability and comfort. Truly, the Pi is one for the ages—good design is timeless!

Another new style that’s captured our hearts is the Cydwoq Gamma:

What a great flat! Classic but utterly modern! Buckle up for a lifetime of easy walking.

Finally, here’s the Cydwoq Orient, which I think bears a slight resemblance to its long-lost ancestor:

Knit leather—could anything be cooler, both literally and figuratively? So fun to wear, this treasure will make you the talk of the town!

In The New York Times story about the discovery of the ancient shoe, Armenian doctoral student, Diana Zardaryan, who pulled the shoe out from its grass-lined storage spot, is quoted as saying, “To find a shoe has always been my dream.” We know just how she feels! Thank you, Rafi, for making our modern-day dreams come true.

(Incidentally, the “sweet treat” this week is another fantastic Cydwoq style: the Gaudi heeled sandal. You still have a few more days to click “be sweet to your feet” in the upper corner of any Ped page to reach the magic code that will give you a cool 20% discount on this summer stunner.)

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