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Increase your socks appeal with Antipast!

Tuesday, April 21st, 2009

Although most of Ped’s shoes are comfortable worn barefoot, it’s fun to spice things up (or warm things up) with a great pair of socks! And for our money, the cutest and most comfortable socks in the world(!) are designed by a Japanese mother and daughter team, Emiko and Junko, the geniuses behind Antipast. What a sense of whimsy they bring to their work! The latest craze on the catwalk is the sock-with-sandal look, so it’s the perfect time to add a little ‘zazz to your summer footwear with Antipast’s dazzling designs. We just got in our latest shipment, and here are a few of the new treats from our wonderful friends in Japan:

Everybody at Ped HQ bursts into a smile whenever we send out a pair of these Mod Flower socks. They are like a sunny day for your feet! I especially like how the profusion of flowers on the foot moves into stripes heading up your ankle to a little ruffle at the top. (If you like a longer sock, we also have these in an over-the-knee version—super sweet with a short skirt!)

These soft charmers are simply too cute! Beneath a flower-filled sky, a be-ribboned cat chases a little fish up sparkly stairs that rise as they go around your foot. Want to start a conversation with someone who’s caught your eye? Just flash these Cat Street socks, and he or she will be putty in your palm!

Nothing goes with summer more than a seaside vacation! Why not send your feet on one in these ocean-inspired Mermaid Knee-His? Swimming with starfish, undersea plants, and other creatures, they are endlessly entertaining and softer than sand. Prefer an ankle sock? Lucky you–Ped has these  Mermaids in trouser-length, too.

So, pull on a pair of Antipast and go knock their socks off!

Hearts to those who have hearted us!

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

I want to give a Valentine’s Day shout-out to several online sites that have spread the Ped love! We are especially delighted by recent sweetness in the following blogs:

ooh-shiny.net—which accurately calls itself “a random directory of pretties.” Lots of prettiness, indeed!

bluemossgirls.blogspot.com—not only does Michelle Taylor, founder of Blue Moss, create dazzling jewelry from re-purposed baubles, but she also serves as a wonderful guide to things of beauty on the Web.

blissfulb.blogspot.com—where Mrs. French shares lovely items that have captured her attention.

We also send roses and thanks to members of Ped’s overseas fan club, like stardust31.livejournal.com and www.laboutiquedelupi.com/blog. We can’t always read their blogs, but we’re still delighted they’ve noticed us.

We’re so grateful to all of you who have taken the time to tell others about Ped! Here’s hoping your Valentine’s Day overflows with love, wine, and chocolate! (Just don’t let any spill on your fabulous shoes.)

Putting on the Holiday Spirit at Ped!

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

WOW—has 2008 whizzed by or what? It’s hard to believe we’re already smack in the middle of the Holidays. And if you’re like me (in this case, let’s hope you’re not), you still have scads of gifts left to get for the ones you love. Fortunately, I’ve purposefully made Ped a treasure trove for when time is short and the list is long. Here are a few of my recommendations for how to spread don’t-have-to-think-about-it holiday cheer. I’ve kept in mind that you may not know sizes, so these are picks that require no additional information, yet are guaranteed to generate smiles!

Whether the lucky recipient is your mother, daughter, sweetheart, or best friend since you were 4, she’s going to get stars in her eyes when you give her stars to wear around her neck. Here at Ped, we are gaga over this Sophie Digard necklace. The coolest thing is the wee stars move, so they can be re-arranged with every wearing!

Another way to warm your favorite gal’s heart is by giving her a way to stay toasty on cold winter days. This Antipast shawl, soft as a little lamb, is so understated and elegant. 

If you’re a woman, you’re well aware of what I’m about to say, but if you’re a guy, listen up: A new bag is always a welcome gift!!! I saw an amazingly stylish woman carrying this Cydwoq Telegram Bag at the Paris shoe shows this fall. Its lines are classic, yet it looks utterly modern.


Finally, if you really want to make someone’s holidays happy, you can’t go wrong with Jamie Joseph’s absolutely drop-dead gorgeous Indian ruby droplet earrings. In a word: STUNNING! If the recipient is your sweetheart, these are definitely going to bring you a smooch!

Here’s hoping your holidays are wonderful from beginning to end! Ped toasts you with cup of eggnog!

Such sweetness—Daily Candy and Antipast socks

Tuesday, October 2nd, 2007

I am so excited!! Today the Philadelphia edition of Daily Candy sang the praises of Antipast socks and listed Pedshoes.com as the go-to source online for our favorite Japanese socks and scarves. It’s so nice to see Antipast getting a little love—they really do make the most wonderful socks in the most whimsical patterns. When I put on a pair of Antipast, it’s as if the sun shines a little brighter! Here are some of my favorites from what we’re carrying this season:

How cute are those little jester hat tops? Okay, if you like those, then you’ll go wild for these:

We’ve got these poppy-rific socks in both trouser-length and over-the-knee styles. Let’s face it, a fun, short skirt, Antipast over-the-knee socks, and a pair of Trippen or Cydwoq shoes, and you’ll be turning heads all over town!!

Thanks, Daily Candy, for the shout-out, and thanks, Antipast, for making such fantastic socks!

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