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A Little Love from Loints

Wednesday, May 15th, 2019

This morning we were sipping our coffee (double cappuccino with a dash of the sweet stuff) and perusing the unboxing chores that lay ahead of us at the warehouse door, when something unexpected popped into view: Loints of Holland surprised us with an unexpected box of their new designs! Never one to shy away from exploring a new style, I opened said box and oooh’ed and ahhhh’ed my way through the rich, lustrous colors of leather inside. Take a sneak peak at these lovely little ladies, soon to be available on a certain PedShoes.com website:




Ped now offers complimentary 2 day shipping!

Tuesday, December 18th, 2018

Here at Ped, we know the only thing better than a new set of shoes, is a new set of shoes arriving tomorrow! That’s why we’re now offering complimentary upgrades to 2-day and 3-day shipping!

But, you’re saying, the cost of shipping is enormous for small businesses! How can we afford it? Well, first of all, it’s not easy. As you may be aware, the cost of shipping has exploded for everyone except Amazon. That includes us. But we figured out something important.

The cost of shipping your new kicks to you is calculated using what’s called “dimensional weight”. This is a calculation which takes into account the box size plus the weight. And when we examined the boxes we use, we discovered a large percentage of what’s inside the box is empty space. Empty space because the manufacturer’s cardboard shoe box is often waaaay too big. So if you’ll let us remove that box, we can user a box that is appropriately sized, thereby reducing the dimensional weight calculation.

We call this Go GreenGo Green. Because when you reduce dimensional weight, you use less fuel. And you keep the carbon footprint smaller.

So don’t forget: choose the Go Green option during checkout. Save time, save the planet, and enjoy your new kicks. Quickly.

That Fall Feeling

Tuesday, September 22nd, 2015

    Crisp mornings 
feel like fall!    
a sweet little bird

Trippen Mild shoe at PedShoes.com  Trippen Tramp Shoe at PedShoes.com  Trippen Service Shoe at Pedshoes.com

Dust off your old boots

or treat yourself 

to some new Trippens! 

Trippen Pious Shoe at PedShoes.com  Trippen Nomad Shoe at PedShoes.com

Loads of Trippen’s new leather oxfords, booties, and shoes, all in luscious colors have arrived at Ped HQ!

But remember: We have very limited stock imported from Germany so don’t miss out! Let yourself be dazzled with this year’s gorgeous Trippen selection!

Be Sweet to Your Feet,

   Dayna @ Ped

Dayna from Ped

From Across the Sea, here comes Chie!

Monday, August 10th, 2015

As delicious as we find Summer here at Ped HQ, it’s a welcome treat when our fall styles begin to arrive at the warehouse! It seems like forever since we placed our orders, so opening the boxes leads to a whole new round of oohing and aahing.

And no designer here at Ped gets more OOOHS and AAAHS than our lovely Spanish friend, Chie Mihara, who has once again outdone herself for Fall 2015! Her feminine creations, filled with whimsy, make us smile over and over again! Given what a scorcher this summer has been, it’s lovely to imagine brisk fall days and what we might wear with this shoe or that! Try it yourself with this taste of Chie Mihara’s fall feast!

Let’s begin with Ms. Mihara’s new Frias:

Chie Mihara Frias in black and cream leather embossed with gold

Sweet chutney sandwich! Chie made us swoon when we opened the Frias. Her choice of black and gold leather is embossed with a gorgeous chic-yet-subtle design which states its style with a wink rather than a yell.

Next up is the Chie Mihara Fady:

Chie Mihara Fady in Wine, Navy and Brown

The dawn-to-dusk style of the Chie Mihara Fady is at home from Brooklyn to Barcelona! And with a padded footbed, rounded toe and 2″ heel, your feet won’t fade as evening turns to night.

Looking for something with a pinch less height? say hello to the Chie Mihara Buddy:

Chie Mihara Buddy in Black and Twig

Buttery soft, lustrous brown leather? Check. Classic style with a hint of sass? Check. All day walkability? In spades. And speaking of cards, another style that’s sure to win Hearts is the Chie Mihara Jan:

Chie Mihara Jan in Leo and Carmin

Jan’s oh-so-feminine feeling is easy to rock because of a lifted footbed, yielding a simple 2.5″ heel height. And the speckled cream, red and black leather contrasts are sure to catch the eye of that special guy. And what could be better than that? We have this beauty in two colorways!:

Chie Mihara Jan in Nuit and Granit

Are you starry-eyed yet, imagining how you’d look and what marvelous adventures you’d have in Chie Mihara’s latest designs? Well, the above stunners are just the beginning of all the Chie Mihara gorgeousness awaiting you at Ped’s main site! Why resist? Go ahead and fall for fall!

Ciao Eliza!

Friday, May 15th, 2015

Ciao, Italia!

Fresh from the Factory!

Say hello to 4 new colors of one of our most-beloved Italian shoes: The Fiorantini and Baker Eliza! We’ve received them from Fiorentini and Baker’s Italian factory just in time for The Summer of Color!

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