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Happily singing the blues

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Usually, the idea of “Blue Monday” doesn’t bring a smile, but at Ped Central we intend to change that, at least for today. After all, not all blues are bruised and stormy—consider sky blue, robin’s egg blue, and Caribbean blue, all so beautiful. Even darker hues like sapphire and cobalt are dreamy and romantic like a midnight rendezvous! At Ped, we’ve definitely got the blues, but they’re not making us sad. Here are a few reasons why:

When I saw the Cydwoq Vintage Ionic, I couldn’t resist making it my very own:

This Zen-like slide is the loveliest slate blue. More interesting than either grey or navy, the shade works as a neutral that’s easy to wear with absolutely everything. And although it’s a simple summer sandal, the hand-sculpted wooden heel and the design’s clean lines give the Ionic an air of sophistication that lets it go dressy.

Another of my favorite blue sandals this season is Coclico’s deep sea blue Reef:

The jewel tone of the soft suede straps makes me sigh—so unusual and lovely. This little sapphire number is the ideal sandal to take on vacation since you can wear it sightseeing all day, but it’s nice enough to wear out to dinner at night, too.

And speaking of shoes that are ideal for spending long days on your feet, how pretty is Trippen’s 40s?

Honestly, we can’t emphasize enough how comfortable Trippen’s cross-shaped wedge is. And this particular blue is so rich and seductive! Add in the peep-toe and ankle strap, and you’re all set to make ‘em sweat.

Of course, nothing beats a t-strap for sex appeal! And Ped just happens to have a spectacular one in—you guessed it—blue:

Between the strappy design and the juicy color, we can’t decide what we like best about Giraudon’s Odette. Fortunately, we don’t have to choose—we can simply love it all!

Even when you’re facing a long haul with a lot to carry, a good blue can make the world a little brighter. Case in point, 49 Square Miles’ hold-everything Bookworm Slim Tote in turquoise blue:

Everything pops with this blue beauty that features the softest leather complemented by lime green topstitching and hammered brass rings.

Are you feeling blue yet? If so, we hope you’re smiling!

Lighten up!

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Is everyone out there as happy as I am about spring? When the trees leaf out and the grass turns green, all I want to do is leave my dark clothes in the closet and wear something light and breezy. That goes for my shoes and accessories, too. White, cream, and light metallics are so summery and fresh. (And for those of you who insist on not wearing white until after Easter, well, gals, it’s this Sunday, so you’re almost there…) Think bridal showers. Think afternoon tea parties on the verandah. Think dining al fresco with your sweetheart. Even if you usually wear all black all the time, why not surprise your friends and colleagues by doing the reverse? It’s fun to shake things up! Here are a few of Ped’s favorite ways to lighten the mood:

No, you’re not dreaming—Ped now offers Fiorentini + Baker’s Eternity boot in white (well, blanco in Italian)!!! Don’t you love how it exudes retro flair, calling to mind 1960s go-go boots, and yet is still so modern and badass? Think how cute this style would look with a light cotton dress or skirt! CUTE!

But if you prefer something more traditionally lady-like, Chie Mihara has your number:

Feminine without a hint of prissiness, Chie’s Levante t-strap sandal has such a sweet vintage air with its cream-colored woven leather. I especially like how the toe straps resemble flower petals folding in toward the center. Plus, the lift up front makes this heel a comfortable pleasure to wear.

For an edgier, artier sandal, consider the bronze version of Cydwoq’s fabulous Elect:


The silvery edges of the faux-crocodile leather take the Elect’s gladiator-esque style into the stratosphere. Wear this number to a gallery opening, and we guarantee all eyes won’t only be on the art!

Maybe what you really need, though, is a new bag to take you through the warm-weather months. Look no further than 49 Square Miles Winans Hobo:

If you haven’t touched a 49 Square Miles bag, you are in for a treat! The leather of this carry-all is as creamy and delicious as its color! Also, although you can’t fully see the shoulder strap in the photo above, it loops through the bag and intertwines like a lovely vine (check “views” at the Ped site to see what I mean).

Speaking of vines, how breathtaking is Jamie Joseph’s Cultured Pearl on a Vine ring?

As lovely as a full moon on a spring night, this ring combines the smooth opulence of a pearl set in 14k gold with an organic vine of sterling silver. It’s the perfect treat for celebrating the return of warm weather!

Details, details, details…

Monday, March 30th, 2009

In past posts, I’ve encouraged Ped fans to use the site’s “Zoom” feature to take a closer look at the finer points of Ped’s treasures. Sure, there’s a lot of info packed into the descriptions, but nothing quite matches seeing the additional views and examining the exquisite details for yourself. For instance, take a gander at the mind-boggling number of beautiful yarns Sophie Digard uses to crochet her Mini Flower Scarf:

And check out the precise cutwork and topstitching that enhance the design of 49 Square Miles’ Kerouac Satchel:

Finally, take a look at the hand-painted leather treatment that makes the Cydwoq Vintage Feel sandal so unique:

At Ped, it’s often the little things that take our shoes, bags, and other treasures to the next level. So dig into the details!

From the Seine into a sea of sandals…

Saturday, March 14th, 2009

Well, I’m back at Ped HQ, and I’m happy to report that, as usual, I had a complete blast while working hard in Paris! A few notes about what you have to look forward to next fall and winter: The “in” colors are cool tones—greys, ranging from graphite to elephant grey, and blues, running from slate to cobalt to teal. And good news! Black is the new black! The style trend dominating Paris is the boot—both short and tall—worn all seasons of the year. It’s a look I personally love. I think a breezy summer dress paired with chic boots is so fresh! Stay tuned because new Fiorentini + Baker boot styles arrive in June. (Yippee!!!!) Plus, I’m excited about the amazing Cydwoq and Trippen designs coming for fall. 

My favorite men in shoes: Rafi of Cydwoq, Michael of Trippen and Pierre of

My favorite men in shoes: Rafi of Cydwoq, Michael of Trippen and Pierre of Anatomica (which carries the best selection of Cydwoq and Trippen in Paris).

Of course, while in France I made time for a little personal shopping.

Photograph by Andi Beauchamp

Photograph by Andri Beauchamp

Gals, if you don’t already know about Cotélac and Noa Noa, you definitely need to acquaint yourself with these wonderful clothing shops the next time you’re in Europe! They are always at the top of my Paris to-do list. And, of course, I had to stop by Ladurée to pick up some macaroons for my sweetie! Terry is so terrific about holding down the Ped fort while I skip around Paris, eating Lebanese food, drinking espresso, and soaking up everything from shoes to architecture, that the least I can do is bring him his favorite treat!

When I got home, I discovered Ped transformed into Sandal Central! We have so many eye-popping new designs, and they are ALL so fabulous that I hardly know where to begin. But here are a few of my favorites (with more to come in a later post):

Oo-la-la, ladies, how sexy is Coclico’s Odalisk? Every time I look at this gorgeous heel (which is so, so soft to the touch), all I can think of is movie-star glamour! Wearing this suede beauty, you could truly stop traffic.


The Cydwoq Vintage Feel makes me feel like going on a romantic picnic on a sunny afternoon (and maybe turning a few cartwheels). This flat sandal captures the very spirit of summer! Plus, you have to love, love, love the orange insole—what a fun detail!

For those of you who like a more earthy look:

Trippen has wowed us again with the Curls sandal! The look is hippie-retro but with a modern edge (and, needless to say, it’s ultra-comfortable). The design of the leather is truly ingenious (notice how the braid running up the front organically emerges from the solid strap over the toe). Plus, we’re crazy about the fringed knot at the back, which is both functional and fun.

Now let’s all do a warm-weather dance to bring on spring! I’m in the mood to let my toes run free.

A shoe-in for the White House!

Thursday, January 22nd, 2009

Here at Ped HQ, we’re smitten with the new First Lady! Not only is Michelle Obama accomplished and brilliant, but she’s also got miles of style! We admit we reveled in every minute of the January 20th inauguration, admiring her chartreuse dress during the day (as you probably know, I love green) and her white gown at night.

That said, we were all a little worried about how well her feet were holding up. Ms. Obama was standing practically all day! Whenever they showed close-ups of her during the parade, I thought I detected a well-masked hint of “oh-do-my-feet-ever-ache” underlying her smile. Nothing against the Jimmy Choos she wore, but, let’s face it, most heels are instruments of torture after a few hours!

Which is why Ped humbly suggests the First Lady consider Cydwoq Vintage and/or Chie Mihara for her White House footwear wardrobe. Both lines offer super chic, cutting-edge yet sophisticated designs, perfect for the types of state functions Ms. Obama must attend. But, amazingly, both remain comfortable even after hours of standing and making diplomatic chitchat.

So, if you run into the lovely Ms. O, perhaps you could steer her to our list of recommendations, which we’re offering in two parts. We’ll start with a few Cydwoq Vintage beauties, and in a few weeks, we’ll suggest a few Chie Mihara styles.

First up, the new Cydwoq Vintage Osmosis:

(No, that’s not what you think–our little Corgi friend, Cooper, accidentally knocked over her water bowl in her excitement to see us.) How gorgeous are these??? When Ped’s Laura saw them, she almost fainted! We think Michelle Obama would rock these, and their 2″ heel—placed precisely where it’s most comfortable by Rafi, Cydwoq’s genius in residence—would give her just enough lift. Considering she’s a statuesque 5’11″, we’re guessing she likes to keep her heels fairly low. 

Or how about the ultra chic Palm?

It is the epitome of understated sophistication! Plus, its neutral color palette would allow Ms. Obama to pair it with so many outfits (and if she’s bored at a luncheon, she could just look down at her feet for some entertainment). We’re pretty sure it would become a favorite!

Another goes-with-anything option is Cydwoq’s Wing:

Can’t you just envision Michelle in this embossed faux croc and bronze number? We can!

Finally, we’ve noticed Ms. Obama appreciates a zing of color, but we also know she probably needs a pair of fall-back black pumps. Which is why we think the Canvas has “Michelle Obama” written all over it:

That little red edge just makes this shoe! 

Looking ladylike was never such a treat for the feet! After all, it’s not whether the shoe is too big or too small,* it’s whether it works for you.

(*actually, it kind of is, but I couldn’t resist the line…)

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