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June’s winning Tale of the Sole: Oh, baby, mama’s got a brand new bag!

Monday, July 5th, 2010

One of our favorite things at Ped is receiving Tales of the Sole from customers. Every story is different, but they always put everyone at Ped HQ in a good mood! For instance, here’s what Heather wrote us on June 1:

Well Lovely Ped Folks, I am not sure if this qualifies as a tale, but its making has certainly been epic for me. I am pregnant with our first kiddo, due June 22nd. The first six months were no trouble in the style department, but boy howdy, when I hit the third trimester things got pretty boring in the sartorial department.

I have been pretty determined not to buy clothes that I know I’ll only need for three months, so the same handful of shirts it has been. And one might think that I could do a little spring sprucing with some of the fabulous shoes you’ve been getting in, but nope! I am one of those gals whose feet have gotten a wee bit bigger, so I knew that anything that fit now would not fit later.

What’s a girl to do for a little spring fashion under such circumstances? Buy the handbag of her dreams, that’s what! Last month’s sweet treat hooked me up with this gorgeous teal Cydwoq bag. I have been on The Bag hunt for, sheesh, years now, and it’s over. It’s the perfect size, wears delightfully over the shoulder or across the chest, the color is gorgeous, and the leather is super supple. It joins my ever growing collection of Cydwoq shoes, which have all aged and worn beautifully—I’m sure this bag will do the same!

Thanks for hooking a pregnant gal up just about when she lost her patience.

Heather and her Cydwoq Flap Bag---how to do nine months in style!

What a smile! Since she was due June 22, we hope congratulations are in order by now! Such a lucky baby to have such a beautiful mother!

See what we mean? Isn’t your day just a little brighter now? Thanks, Heather! For sharing her story, we’re delighted to send Heather $100 in Ped credit! (As a no-doubt exhausted new mom, she could probably use a little treat.)

Do you have a Tale of the Sole? Tell us—and show us (we LOVE pictures!!!)—what happened to you while wearing a Ped item, and you, too, might be the recipient of $100 in Ped credit. Each month we pick the most sole-ful tale to share on the blog. So, let us know what in the world you’ve been doing in your Ped!

(Did you notice Heather found her bag through the “Sweet Treat”? In case you don’t know, every week Ped chooses an item to offer at 20% off—and you never know what we’ll pick! So, when you visit Ped be sure to click “be sweet to your feet” in the upper right corner of any page to discover the current “sweet treat” and receive the code for 20% at checkout. Sweet!)

Flower power

Monday, May 31st, 2010

It’s such a heady time of year with all the wonderful things in bloom! The lilacs, irises, and peonies may have come and gone (or if you’re a little farther north, maybe they’re still around), but gorgeous day lilies and sweet honeysuckle are hot on their heels, with black-eyed susans and other posies still to come. At Ped, we adore flowers—and we like to wear them whenever we can!

The undisputed queen of lovely blossoms that never fade is Swiss fiber artist Karin Wagner. We recently received a new shipment of her hand-felted wonders.

We are particularly crazy about her floral rings, like this attention-grabbing Lilia beauty:

The way Karin has cut tiny diamonds out of the crimson petals is so unusual! Wear this ring and watch as conversations spring up all around you!

Many of Ms. Wagner’s blooms are versatile. Who says you have to wear a brooch pinned to your clothing? This Clochette cluster, for example, makes a fabulous barrette:

And, attention, summer brides, a wonderful alternative to wearing fresh flowers in your hair is to entwine Karin Wagner’s Daisy necklace in your up ‘do on the big day:

You’ll have a sweet memento that will never wilt (hopefully, like your love). Plus, you can wear this vine of buds, leaves, and blossoms in a myriad of ways.

Another knockout flower necklace comes from Sophie Digard:

We love how each blossom has a different color scheme on each side—you can spin them and move them along the cord to create a new variation every time you wear it.

Sophie also works floral magic in her scarves and bags. For instance, how chic is this Geranium Handbag?

Drop-dead gorgeous with a nostalgic air of romance, this bag’s crocheted blossoms must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. Each one is unique and contributes to the garden-like impact of this sweet bag.

At Ped, we even like to wear flowers on our feet!

The Accessoire Island wedge, with its pretty rosette on the toe, is one of our favorite styles this season (and Ped’s Laura reports it’s a treat to wear—cushy and comfortable)!

There are even more petaled pretties to make you smile blooming at the Ped site. After all, there is nothing like the power of a simple flower to remind us that, despite wretched oil spills and ugly intolerance, the world offers so much beauty.

Make it work! Color in the picture…

Wednesday, April 28th, 2010

Ped fans, we hear it all the time: “I love those shoes, but I’m not sure what I’d wear them with…” We understand—the last thing you want is to buy a knockout pair of shoes only to have them languish in the closet! But chances are even the most offbeat color or bold design is easier to wear than you think. Here are a few ideas for how to make things work.

Hot summer in the city

Everyone at Ped HQ has fallen for Chie Mihara’s Hito! Don’t fear the yellow platform sandal—it’s a great way to make an outfit POP! Ped fan Ruby Esperita, who came up with all these outfits, also adds the 49 Square Miles Reed Hobo and the Pepita Eleanora necklace to make a look that’s chic yet fun for a summer afternoon in the city.

Maybe you’re a little more laid back, in which case you probably think metallics are too dressy. Think again:
Picnic in the park
Accessoires’s cuter-than-cute Iseult sandal may have a metallic sheen, but that doesn’t mean it can’t go casual! We’re crazy about this outfit’s mix of colorful patterns (the top has a subtle stripe) that gets extra sass from Sophie Digard’s Three Flower Brooch and Mia Zia’s Willow Scarf.

On the other hand, you may prefer your style more muted. Even so, you can still wear a sandal boot and have it look smashing:

Easy sophistication for the sightseer
Argila’s Jolene works perfectly with the quiet sophistication of this outfit, ideal for strolling along the Left Bank in Paris or just meeting your friends for brunch on Sunday. Karin Wagner’s Edelweiss Brooch adds a little something without going overboard, and 49 Square Miles Levine Crossbody bag is a beautiful way to keep your goods at hand.

All these outfits were created at Polyvore.com, which offers a wonderful way to try out items together when you’re shopping online. It’s also just plain fun! So, if you fall in love with a shoe, don’t resist; in the words of Tim Gunn, you can “make it work.”

(By the way, we’re pretty sure you could make lots of things work with this week’s “sweet treat,” Cordani’s Erin. Just click “be sweet to your feet” in the top right corner of any Ped page to get 20% off this fresh espadrille platform!)

January’s winning Tale of the Sole: Rebecca sets sail with Ped!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

One of the best things about working at Ped is having wonderful customers all over the world! Whenever we send a Sophie Digard necklace off to Japan or a Cydwoq shoe to Germany, we love imagining where our friends will wear those items. Rebecca P. in Australia gave us a little more fuel for our daydreams by sending this picture and describing where she took her Mia Zia Fiji Scarf  and Cydwoq Sling Bag (alas, both are currently out of stock—sorry, Ped fans—but, good news, more Mia Zia is on the way from Morocco).

This picture was taken on the far south coast of New South Wales at a place called Narooma at the beginning of November. This is the time for the annual migration of whales to the Great Southern Ocean. I’d gone on a boat trip to see the whales. Not far out of the town of Narooma, the sea turned very rough with a huge southerly storm—hence the life jacket! It was very rough, but the scarf kept me lovely and secure. Unfortunately, the conditions got so rough so quickly we had to return to Narooma without seeing any whales. You can’t see it, but I tucked my Cydwoq Sling bag under my life jacket because I wanted to protect the bag from the rain, which was quite heavy.

Wow! What an adventure, although we’re sorry the weather kept Rebecca from seeing any whales. We know they would have appreciated her high style on the high seas! (Whales are very intelligent.) As thanks for letting us fantasize about a summertime sail off the coast of Australia—especially since it’s wintertime in the U.S.—we’re sending Rebecca $100 in Ped credit!

Do you have a Tale of the Sole? Tell us—and show us (we LOVE pictures!!!)—what happened to you while wearing a Ped item, and you, too, might be the recipient of $100 in Ped credit. Each month we pick the most sole-ful tale to share on the blog. So, let us know what in the world you’ve been doing in your Ped!

Gals we know spreading the Ped love

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

This past weekend, our friend Kimmy took the train from NYC to Charlottesville, Va. to see Thievery Corporation and to spend a little time with Ped pals Amy and Laura. She went with Laura to an art opening at the University of Virginia on Friday evening and convinced camera-shy LP to let her snap a pic (yes, that’s a lovely parking garage in the  background—but we like how the yellow square on the sidewalk looks  with Laura’s outfit, so  we decided not to crop).

How fun that Laura’s out and about in Fiorentini + Baker  Eternity boots and Cydwoq’s Flap Bag, both from Ped!

When Kimmy returned to New York, she posted a new Ped-i-licious profile photo on her Facebook page:

How cute is she with her Jutta Neumann Monica bag and Fiorentini + Baker Eli boots? (And she tells us the hand on her hip is sporting a little Jamie Joseph bling.)

We get such a kick out of seeing Ped items in action! If you show us yours with an explanation of what adventure you had while wearing Ped (it can be anything from a trip to the grocery store to the time you stood next to Viggo Mortensen on an elevator), you’ll be in the running for $100 in Ped credit. Come on, don’t be shy, tell us your “Tale of the Sole.”

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