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Hearts to those who have hearted us!

Saturday, February 14th, 2009

I want to give a Valentine’s Day shout-out to several online sites that have spread the Ped love! We are especially delighted by recent sweetness in the following blogs:

ooh-shiny.net—which accurately calls itself “a random directory of pretties.” Lots of prettiness, indeed!

bluemossgirls.blogspot.com—not only does Michelle Taylor, founder of Blue Moss, create dazzling jewelry from re-purposed baubles, but she also serves as a wonderful guide to things of beauty on the Web.

blissfulb.blogspot.com—where Mrs. French shares lovely items that have captured her attention.

We also send roses and thanks to members of Ped’s overseas fan club, like stardust31.livejournal.com and www.laboutiquedelupi.com/blog. We can’t always read their blogs, but we’re still delighted they’ve noticed us.

We’re so grateful to all of you who have taken the time to tell others about Ped! Here’s hoping your Valentine’s Day overflows with love, wine, and chocolate! (Just don’t let any spill on your fabulous shoes.)

Give us sunshine and sandals!

Friday, January 30th, 2009

The holiday season is over. There’s snow everywhere. Which can only mean one thing: bring on the sunshine and sandals!!

My husband left Tuesday for a little tropical vay-kay in Costa Rica. Sigh. Here at Ped Central, we can’t help it—we do feel a smidgeon of envy. We all have the urge to abandon our sweaters and boots and slip into something a little more airy. Fortunately, Cydwoq just delivered the first of Ped’s sandals, so our warm-weather dreams are just a little more tangible. Rafi has really outdone himself this year with the new designs. Here are a few to tantalize you (and if you’re lucky enough to be jetting to Bali or Barbados, we’ve clearly got you covered… or uncovered, to be more exact…).

This cutie is called the Copy. I love how minimal the design is, and yet your heel feels so secure resting within the nubuck back (the rivets look great from behind, by the way). Plus, the tie at the ankle adds a little sizzle.

Another style that we’re wild about is the Hurricane:

This sandal just slips on—no muss, no fuss—but the way Rafi has cut the leather straps gives it a wallop of visual impact.

And speaking of visual impact, check out the Elect!!!

Now that is what you call a head-turner! It’s edgy and fashion-forward, but because it’s Cydwoq, it’s guaranteed to be comfortable. And the icing on the cake is that it’s green (my fave)!

So, while the hub enjoys the tropical breezes of Costa Rica, we at least have sandals to remind us that winter won’t last forever.

Get your sass on with Ped’s winter sale

Monday, January 12th, 2009

Okay, so perhaps the twice-a-week blogging resolution was a bit ambitious, but I’m determined to move in that direction. The Holidays, however, left everyone at Ped HQ wanting to take a holiday! Fun times but quite exhausting. And since summer sandals are starting to arrive (stay tuned), we’re way over winter already and more in the mood for the beach. Out with cold-weather wares (no matter how gorgeous), and in with things better suited for green grass and flowers (and dining al fresco). So, with that in mind–ta da!–our annual winter sale is on, sisters! As always, those with larger or especially wee feet are more likely to strike gold (isn’t wearing super stylin’ shoes  the best revenge for all your brother’s teasing about the “boats” at the end of your legs?), but even size 38 gals will find things to love.

For instance, mid-season we re-ordered the gorgeous Chie Mihara Bas:

Which means we have quite a range of sizes on hand of this versatile and sexy Mary Jane, but we’ve taken a bit off the top of its price (an attractive trim).

Or consider Cydwoq’s cool Rugged Boot, one of our favorites of the fall season:

Granted, the rivets take a bit of time to do up, but what great impact this boot packs! Plus, it’s flat and comfortable without sacrificing its edge. And we’ve just smacked down the price by 25% !

If you prefer a more classic look, though, guess what? Fortune smiles upon you! As many of you know, we almost never put Fiorentini + Baker on sale, but being in the mood for spring cleaning–albeit, a little early–we thought, “Why not?” So, here’s your chance to buy the F+B Noon Boot without breaking the bank (and eating ramen for a month):

And there are plenty more delicious deals where those come from!

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