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Sandal flats are where it’s at!

Saturday, April 24th, 2010

When winter’s greys finally turn to green, our thoughts turn to sandals! Nothing’s more delicious than wriggling your bare toes in new grass, but pavement, hot sand, and the aisles at the grocery store require you to put a little something beneath your soles. It doesn’t have to be much, though, and it can feel almost as good as dancing barefoot across the lawn.

Behold a few of Ped’s light and airy treasures.

Hands down, one of the prettiest sandals this season is Coclico’s Victorae:

This sweetheart is so simple—the easiest of t-straps—yet it opens eyes with its vine of leaves running up the center. With a .5″ wedge, it’s not quite flat, but it’s as comfortable as a walk in the park.

When it comes to designing flats that keep feet happy, nobody compares to Cydwoq’s Rafi Balouzian. The man knows just what we like! Case in point, Cydwoq’s Attract:

Cut from a single piece of leather, the upper incorporates an ankle strap, which is so of-the-moment! We also love how the soft yellow color is unusual yet muted enough to go with almost everything in your closet.

Another favorite from Cydwoq is the Bare:

Sandals don’t get more minimal than this perfectly designed little number! When you can’t go barefoot, the Bare is the next best thing! (And how fun is that sassy red leather?)

When it comes to color, though, everyone knows I lean toward green. So, I swooned when I discovered Cordani’s Sarah:

The pistachio leather is so fresh I could almost bite it! But then my feet would be deprived of this flat’s supreme comfort. With a full rubber sole, the Sarah is perfect for navigating all kinds of terrain.

Another great travel sandal that offers a fresh variation on the gladiator look is  Cydwoq’s Mandarine:

Also available in black, this is the one sandal you won’t want to take off because it looks great with everything! (Your other sandals will  be jealous as they gather dust.)

Want your gladiator to have a funkier edge? There’s a flat for that! It’s Cydwoq’s Elect:

Super cute. Super cool. Super comfortable. Cydwoq does it again!

And, believe it or not, there are even more fantastic flat sandals at the Ped site just waiting to help your feet breathe easy!

(Psst, don’t forget this week’s Sweet Treat is Cydwoq’s Flap Bag. Get 20% off by clicking “be sweet to your feet” in the upper right corner on any Ped page.)

Step up to the platform

Sunday, April 4th, 2010

We Ped-sters tend to resist trends, but I admit we’ve fallen hard for the latest “in”: platform sandals! Wedges and sky-high heels have dominated the runway for several years, but now they’ve received a jolt of retro power via the addition of platforms á la the 1970s (and before that, the 1940s). This vintage kick has more going for it than just being cute; it makes adding a few inches of height oh so comfortable. With a 1.5″ platform up front, a 4″ heel suddenly becomes a cinch to wear because the pitch is only 2.5″. No pain, all gain!

We went a little crazy with the platforms this season, but we think you’ll agree each one is something special. Here are just a few to whet your appetite for height.

There’s no better way to welcome warm weather than with a big pop of color! So, say, “Good day!” to Chie Mihara’s Hito:

You’ll be walking sunshine in this curry suede number! Make that tall walking sunshine because the wedge is a sassy 4″—but figure in the 1.25″ platform, and the pitch is an easily manageable 2.75″. You’ll have your head in the clouds from all the compliments swirling around you!

Another platform that seems like summer incarnate is Cordani’s Erin:

Who doesn’t love an espadrille? The combination of the braided raffia on the platform and the pistachio green suede is so fresh!

These shoes may look substantial, but all of them are light on your feet. Case in point,  Coclico’s cork-soled Metalmark:

We love the modern, urban edge the straps and rivets bring to this sole that’s reminiscent of disco days.

Speaking of 1970s vibes updated for the 21st century, check out Chie Mihara’s Riana:

The laser-cut circles that form the straps on this chunky-heeled platform really come to life once this beauty is on your foot. The 3″ heel—which would be fine even without the platform—is super easy with the 1″ lift up front.

But if you’re a little more ambitious about enhancing your height and setting fire to the streets, then look no further than Chie’s Voy:

Ay, caramaba! This knockout is so hot it just might give the sidewalk blisters (but never your tootsies)! You’ll be a modern-day disco inferno walking on the Voy’s 4.5″ heel, but the 1.25″ platform in front will keep your stride cool and confident.

Head over to Ped’s main site for even more ways to stand tall while staying comfortable. We’re sure you’ll find a platform to believe in!

Gals we know spreading the Ped love

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

This past weekend, our friend Kimmy took the train from NYC to Charlottesville, Va. to see Thievery Corporation and to spend a little time with Ped pals Amy and Laura. She went with Laura to an art opening at the University of Virginia on Friday evening and convinced camera-shy LP to let her snap a pic (yes, that’s a lovely parking garage in the  background—but we like how the yellow square on the sidewalk looks  with Laura’s outfit, so  we decided not to crop).

How fun that Laura’s out and about in Fiorentini + Baker  Eternity boots and Cydwoq’s Flap Bag, both from Ped!

When Kimmy returned to New York, she posted a new Ped-i-licious profile photo on her Facebook page:

How cute is she with her Jutta Neumann Monica bag and Fiorentini + Baker Eli boots? (And she tells us the hand on her hip is sporting a little Jamie Joseph bling.)

We get such a kick out of seeing Ped items in action! If you show us yours with an explanation of what adventure you had while wearing Ped (it can be anything from a trip to the grocery store to the time you stood next to Viggo Mortensen on an elevator), you’ll be in the running for $100 in Ped credit. Come on, don’t be shy, tell us your “Tale of the Sole.”

Hola, Argila! And 49 Square Miles of new bags!

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Ped fans, happy spring and have I got good news for you!! As I mentioned in my last post, Ped is extremely selective about the lines we carry. Whatever we bring you not only has to offer stellar style and comfort, it also has to meet Ped’s high standards for craftsmanship, ethical production, and environmental awareness. No easy feat! So, we are over the moon to add TWO new lines to Ped’s inner circle! Both are spectacular!

Pep Monjo, founder of Argila, studied design in Italy and collaborated with some of Europe’s most innovative footwear designers before returning to his hometown of Menorca, Spain, to found his own company. Made from the most beautiful handpicked leathers (you can practically feel the quality just by looking at the pictures), all of Argila’s shoes are crafted right in Menorca! And are they ever gorgeous!

I could live in Argila’s Ella sandal this spring and summer. There’s nothing better than a practical sandal that goes with everything in your closet and yet still shines with unique personality. 

Those of you who need or simply like a dressier look are also in luck. 

Argila’s Alana T-strap sizzles with clean-lined simplicity! Although it can pass for conservative, this heeled beauty will turn every head in the room! And the leather is cut and stitched just so (use the “zoom” at the site to see what I mean). 

Joining Argila in the Ped line-up are bags from San Francisco’s 49 Square Miles. Named for the area the city occupies, 49 Square Miles designs bags that capture the spirit of SF’s people and culture. So, you know they’re colorful and cutting-edge! Plus, they’re handcrafted from the most deliciously touchable leather you can imagine. I mean, really—everyone at Ped HQ is swooning over how these bags feel!

This Bookworm Slim Tote is flat-out irresistible! Between the color and the details (I am especially smitten by those organic brass rings) and the fact that it can hold everything you could possibly need, what’s not to love?

Then there’s the Crossbody Sling:

Could anything be fresher for spring than this grab-it-and-go bag with its eye-catching color and top-stitching? At Ped, we love it when function comes with big ol’ jolt of ‘zazz!

So, hop on over to the site and have a drool over both Argila and 49 Square Miles. They are worthy!

Trippendency—a happy habit

Wednesday, March 4th, 2009

I admit I went a little wild this season expanding the Trippen styles Ped carries. But they’re all SO COOL!!! If you haven’t discovered Trippen yet, you really should! Trippen makes the most comfortable shoes out there without looking like anything else around. Based in Germany, Trippen regularly wins international design awards and is committed to making shoes in a socially responsible way. Each Trippen sandal, boot, or shoe is meticulously handcrafted using vegetable-dyed leather. Plus, Trippen is all about function—the polar opposite of pretty-in-the-box-but-hell-on-the-feet (which is the antithesis of Ped’s philosophy, too). Their shoes are beautiful to view and beautiful to wear!

In order to make browsing easier, we’ve created two categories for Ped’s Trippen styles. The shoes and boots under “Trippen Classic” feature cork insoles that mold to your feet and offer Trippen’s tried-and-true, original rubber sole (which we fell in love with years ago). Here are a couple of our latest “Classic” favorites:


The straps on this Trippen Klimt are absolutely ingenious! Plus, the red is so rich.

Honestly, it just doesn’t get much cuter than this Trippen Bound. (You know we have a thing for innovative Mary Janes.)

Meanwhile, our second category, “Trippen Nouveau,” designates styles that sport Trippen’s recent sole innovations, including its lightweight “cups” and “penna” constructions, plus über-chic wedges. The designs are a little edgier, featuring exposed seams, interesting cutwork, and asymmetrical details. But the comfort remains the same! Here are a few “Nouveau” cuties to turn your head:

As soon as Ped’s Laura saw this Trippen Gottin, she had to have it! She’s wild (WILD!) about the turmeric color, and she’s wowed by how comfortable the x-shaped wedge remains after a long day on her feet.

The Trippen Move is another favorite around Ped HQ. Built on the “cups” sole, this blue beauty dazzles with amazing cutwork.

Speaking of cutwork, get a load of the Trippen Fence (so badass in the best kind of way)! Another totally rockin’ wedge style, this ankle boot laces up the back.

Once you buy one pair of Trippen, we guarantee you’ll be back for more. But addiction to Trippen–we call it Trippendency–is one habit that’s healthy to have!

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