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It’s a wrap!

Monday, March 29th, 2010

Spring has arrived in Ped-land, and although we love how the leaves are leafing and the buds are budding, the daily variations in the mercury make getting dressed a challenge. The forecast may call for a warm afternoon, but, brrr, that first step out the door in the morning can be brisk. Which is why at this time of year, a scarf is our constant companion! Not only does it keep us cozy, but it also spices up outfits with a little extra zing. Once the temperature rises, we can either loosen it or take it off and tie it around our handbag’s strap (that way, we keep the zest).

Luckily, Ped has new scarves from both Mia Zia and Sophie Digard, ideal for navigating the transitional season. Here are just a few of our favorites:

We are wild about dots here at Ped, so Mia Zia’s Dotti Scarf is high on our list! It’s such an instant pick-me-up. Loomed from ultra-soft cotton, it feels so good against your skin.

You say you’d like a little texture  with your dots, thank you? Then say hello to Sophie Digard’s Gumdrop Scarf! Ms. Digard, our favorite Parisian textile artist, wows with this playful design that charms with multicolored velvet hemispheres hand-sewn to the prettiest colored linen (it also comes in grass green).

Speaking of green, the Mia Zia Willow Scarf received an invitation to join the Ped family the instant we saw it:

Doesn’t the color make you think of sunny days in the garden? Mia Zia’s woven fabrics are so exquisite that they have to be touched and seen in person to be fully appreciated! And if green isn’t your scene, the Willow also comes in go-with-everything grey.

Another grey beauty is Sophie Digard’s Bauble Scarf, created in linen for warm-weather wear:

Every tiny sphere adorning this crocheted masterpiece is a world unto itself—no two baubles are the same. Truly, Sophie’s creations are labor-intensive works of art!

Plus, we admire how she’s always changing things up and venturing in new directions! One of the most innovative scarves this season is Sophie’s Serendipity Scarf:

This striped wonder incorporates an organic-shaped curve in its design that makes it especially easy to twine around your neck or drape across your shoulders. And the colors? They make us daydream about beach cabanas under a Mediterranean sun by an azure sea.

Of course, if you long for a classic Sophie Digard scarf that expresses her unique approach to crochet-work and color, the linen Maccaron will make you smile:

In a word, tasty!

More wonderful scarves await at the Ped site! Settling on one may be hard, but, luckily, there’s absolutely no way to go wrong. So, wrap up and rock out!

Mama Mia Zia!

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Dayna may be off having high tea in Singapore and riding elephants in Thailand, but Ped’s blog must go on! Laura, here, standing in for our fearless leader and bringing you great news: the latest shipment of Mia Zia loveliness has just arrived at Ped! Inspired by all things Moroccan, Mia Zia  is renowned for its way with tassels, stripes, and wonderfully woven textiles. Everything the company produces treasures is a delight to see and touch!

Here are a few of Mia Zia’s latest things that have everyone at Ped HQ swooning:

It’s as if Mia Zia took everything that’s good about summer and infused it into this fresh and playful Fiji scarf! The hand-printed stripes and tassels are so zesty! They make us want to kick up our heels and dance down the beach! (Maybe that’s what Dayna’s doing…)

MIa Zia’s crinkled silk scarf is luxurious and sophisticated without sacrificing its sense of fun. Silk is one of those wonderful fabrics that offers warmth in winter but remains airy and breathable in summer. Pretty as a scarf. Pretty as a shawl. Pretty as a sash wrapped around your waist!

Of all of Ped’s Mia Zia treasures, the Parisian Market basket, modeled on traditional baskets women take to bazaars throughout Morocco, may just be our favorite! This tightly woven raffia beauty is HUGE, which means it’s ideal for a day at the beach or a trip to the farmer’s market—or for catching everything you forgot to pack in your main suitcase when you’re bolting out the door to catch your plane. No matter what kind of a rush we’re in, those Mia Zia tassels never fail to make us smile!

So, why not add a little Moroccan spice to your life with Mia Zia?

New Year’s Resolution #1: More Ped Blogging!

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

As Ped dances, skips, and runs into 2009, I’m making a solemn resolution—right here on the Web (so no backing out)—to blog much more often!!! I know the posts have been pretty sporadic up to this point, but my plan is to entertain you Ped heads with news and stories at least twice a week. So, definitely, stay tuned. Also, tell us what adventures you’ve had in your Ped shoes, and we’ll include you in “Tales of the Sole.” Pictures of you sporting your Ped purchases are always welcome! We love finding out what happens to Ped things once they’re out having fun in the world.

Looking ahead to 2009, the new year is shaping up beautifully at Ped! I’m especially excited about all the new Trippen and Giraudon styles we have coming in, plus Sophie Digard is crocheting away to make us lots of lovely things for spring. There’s a new bag line in the works, too, so head’s up (I don’t want to say more just yet). Plus, I’m jetting off to France and Italy again to scout for more goodies to make you smile.

In the more immediate future, Terry and I are heading back to our old stomping grounds in Seattle (birthplace of Ped) to celebrate New Year’s. We love Berkeley, but we miss our old friends and haunts. One place we’re definitely going is Tavolata, which makes me hungry just thinking about it. Next time you’re in Seattle, you must must go there! The restaurant serves clean, fresh Italian food, including homemade pasta, in the most beautiful space. See for yourself:

Terry is really looking forward to the grilled octopus salad, which he highly recommends! 

Here’s hoping your New Year’s celebration will be equally wonderful! Get ready for more Ped when we return fat and happy to Berkeley!

Putting on the Holiday Spirit at Ped!

Wednesday, December 10th, 2008

WOW—has 2008 whizzed by or what? It’s hard to believe we’re already smack in the middle of the Holidays. And if you’re like me (in this case, let’s hope you’re not), you still have scads of gifts left to get for the ones you love. Fortunately, I’ve purposefully made Ped a treasure trove for when time is short and the list is long. Here are a few of my recommendations for how to spread don’t-have-to-think-about-it holiday cheer. I’ve kept in mind that you may not know sizes, so these are picks that require no additional information, yet are guaranteed to generate smiles!

Whether the lucky recipient is your mother, daughter, sweetheart, or best friend since you were 4, she’s going to get stars in her eyes when you give her stars to wear around her neck. Here at Ped, we are gaga over this Sophie Digard necklace. The coolest thing is the wee stars move, so they can be re-arranged with every wearing!

Another way to warm your favorite gal’s heart is by giving her a way to stay toasty on cold winter days. This Antipast shawl, soft as a little lamb, is so understated and elegant. 

If you’re a woman, you’re well aware of what I’m about to say, but if you’re a guy, listen up: A new bag is always a welcome gift!!! I saw an amazingly stylish woman carrying this Cydwoq Telegram Bag at the Paris shoe shows this fall. Its lines are classic, yet it looks utterly modern.


Finally, if you really want to make someone’s holidays happy, you can’t go wrong with Jamie Joseph’s absolutely drop-dead gorgeous Indian ruby droplet earrings. In a word: STUNNING! If the recipient is your sweetheart, these are definitely going to bring you a smooch!

Here’s hoping your holidays are wonderful from beginning to end! Ped toasts you with cup of eggnog!

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