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Gals we know spreading the Ped love

Monday, November 2nd, 2009

This past weekend, our friend Kimmy took the train from NYC to Charlottesville, Va. to see Thievery Corporation and to spend a little time with Ped pals Amy and Laura. She went with Laura to an art opening at the University of Virginia on Friday evening and convinced camera-shy LP to let her snap a pic (yes, that’s a lovely parking garage in the  background—but we like how the yellow square on the sidewalk looks  with Laura’s outfit, so  we decided not to crop).

How fun that Laura’s out and about in Fiorentini + Baker  Eternity boots and Cydwoq’s Flap Bag, both from Ped!

When Kimmy returned to New York, she posted a new Ped-i-licious profile photo on her Facebook page:

How cute is she with her Jutta Neumann Monica bag and Fiorentini + Baker Eli boots? (And she tells us the hand on her hip is sporting a little Jamie Joseph bling.)

We get such a kick out of seeing Ped items in action! If you show us yours with an explanation of what adventure you had while wearing Ped (it can be anything from a trip to the grocery store to the time you stood next to Viggo Mortensen on an elevator), you’ll be in the running for $100 in Ped credit. Come on, don’t be shy, tell us your “Tale of the Sole.”

Color my world

Monday, October 26th, 2009

As Ped fans know, I have a serious thing for green. Nevertheless, when fall rolls around and the green world of summer transforms into a sea of orange, red, purple, and ochre, my heart sings! To celebrate, here’s a tempting array of Ped treasures to put you in the spirit of autumn.

Who doesn’t love the Fiorentini + Baker Emma boot? Well, now we’ve got your favorite in drop-dead gorgeous red:

People in Berkeley will tell you that I practically live in my black Emma’s, and Ped’s Laura has them in caramel. But this red edition may be the prettiest of them all! Combine old-school Italian craftsmanship with red leather and sexy lacing in the back, and you’ve got an unbeatable boot!

I love green, but the color that has Laura’s heart is orange. So, you’ll understand why this Jamie Joseph ring is on her personal wish list:


The stone is orange chalcedony—thought to encourage happiness and a positive attitude—and it’s beautifully set in 14kt gold mounted on a sterling silver band. Why not put a little fire on your finger?

Everyone at Ped Central burst out with oohs and aahs when 49 Square Miles’ fall bags arrived because those SF girls have added “loganberry” to their leather colors. It makes us think of maple leaves and chrysanthemums:

This Starlet Top Zip is a new style for Ped, too. I fell in love with it because not only does the bag embody the best of 49 Square Miles—supple leather, hammered brass hardware, and fantastic detailing—but its two straps also let you choose between wearing it as a short over-the-shoulder or handheld bag and slinging it  across your body courier-style.

Another beautiful new bag in a rich fall color is Cydwoq’s Oak in “Alma brick”:

Cydwoq’s Rafi took his cue for this design from bowling ball bags. We love the clean-lined shape, and, needless, to say the leather is luscious!

But autumn is not without its greens (yay!)—they just tend to be more of the olive and moss variety, as embodied in the Cydwoq Vote:

This is one of those shoes that once you put it on you won’t want to take it off. It’s practical and comfortable yet unlike any other kick-around shoe you’re likely to find.

Maybe, though, you want a shoe that doesn’t just shine with one fall color. You want one that dazzles with a combination of autumnal hues. Chie Mihara has your number:

Ped just added the Gretchen to our Chie lineup, and it’s instantly become one of our favorites! The tan top-stitching and bow are just so pretty with the deep blue suede toe and cocoa suede heel.

Friends, you don’t have to turn your back on black—just spice it up with some seasonal color! You’ll look as fresh as a crisp fall day.

August’s winning Tale of the Sole: Sarah’s F+B celebrity moment!

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

As many Ped fans know, lots of celebrities get their pictures snapped wearing Fiorentini + Baker boots. Sarah Jackson, however, had a different kind of celebrity moment while spicing up Boulder, Colorado’s fashion scene with her strappy Eternity boots. Here’s her tale:

Although I’ve lived in many glamorous places—Barcelona, New York City, San Francisco, Perth (Australia), and the wilds of Montana—I now live in Boulder, Colorado, where fashion doesn’t extend much past yoga pants, fleece jackets, and clogs. I decided when I moved here that I was not going to leave glamour behind. So I was thrilled when I FINALLY got a pair of Fiorentini & Baker Eternity boots, thanks to my dear mother-in-law, who bought them to celebrate my signing a book contract (yippee)!

With some sizing help from Ped, I received a perfect-fitting pair of boots, put them on, and practically refused to take them off. I bought a pair of cute woolen knickers to show them off to full advantage, and I was wearing this knickers + Eternity ensemble one day when I picked up my son from preschool. One of his classmates stopped in her tracks, staring at my boots. Then her mom appeared, equally agog. “I LOVE those boots!” the mom exclaimed. “You look like…” She was racking her brain. “Amelia Earhart!” her daughter shouted. “Yes!” her mom agreed. It turned out they had just been reading a library book about Amelia Earhart. I felt like a celebrity!

Buzzy looking glamorous in her Fiorentini + Baker Eternity boots.

Sarah looking glamorous in her Fiorentini + Baker Eternity boots.

Now whenever I wear the Eternity boots, the preschool kids ask me about them: “What kind of boots are those?” “Why do they have so many straps?” And of course, “Who was Amelia Earhart?” Not only do I enjoy the conversations, but the whole experience has also reinforced my belief that true glamour is appreciated, no matter where one lives.

Thank you, Ped, for making my Amelia Earhart moment possible. I’m going to wear these babies ‘til they fall to pieces… or simply, like Amelia, disappear.

Given how durable Fiorentini + Baker’s workmanship is, the disappearing seems more likely than the boots’ falling to pieces! For making us smile the most in August, a Ped gift certificate for $100 is winging its way to Sarah for her wonderful story of adding a little pizzazz to the streets of Boulder.

Do you have a Tale of the Sole? Tell us—and show us (we LOVE pictures!!!)—what happened to you while wearing a Ped item, and you, too, might be the recipient of $100 in Ped credit. Each month we pick the most sole-ful tale to share on the blog. So, let us know what in the world you’ve been doing in your Ped!

Lighten up!

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Is everyone out there as happy as I am about spring? When the trees leaf out and the grass turns green, all I want to do is leave my dark clothes in the closet and wear something light and breezy. That goes for my shoes and accessories, too. White, cream, and light metallics are so summery and fresh. (And for those of you who insist on not wearing white until after Easter, well, gals, it’s this Sunday, so you’re almost there…) Think bridal showers. Think afternoon tea parties on the verandah. Think dining al fresco with your sweetheart. Even if you usually wear all black all the time, why not surprise your friends and colleagues by doing the reverse? It’s fun to shake things up! Here are a few of Ped’s favorite ways to lighten the mood:

No, you’re not dreaming—Ped now offers Fiorentini + Baker’s Eternity boot in white (well, blanco in Italian)!!! Don’t you love how it exudes retro flair, calling to mind 1960s go-go boots, and yet is still so modern and badass? Think how cute this style would look with a light cotton dress or skirt! CUTE!

But if you prefer something more traditionally lady-like, Chie Mihara has your number:

Feminine without a hint of prissiness, Chie’s Levante t-strap sandal has such a sweet vintage air with its cream-colored woven leather. I especially like how the toe straps resemble flower petals folding in toward the center. Plus, the lift up front makes this heel a comfortable pleasure to wear.

For an edgier, artier sandal, consider the bronze version of Cydwoq’s fabulous Elect:


The silvery edges of the faux-crocodile leather take the Elect’s gladiator-esque style into the stratosphere. Wear this number to a gallery opening, and we guarantee all eyes won’t only be on the art!

Maybe what you really need, though, is a new bag to take you through the warm-weather months. Look no further than 49 Square Miles Winans Hobo:

If you haven’t touched a 49 Square Miles bag, you are in for a treat! The leather of this carry-all is as creamy and delicious as its color! Also, although you can’t fully see the shoulder strap in the photo above, it loops through the bag and intertwines like a lovely vine (check “views” at the Ped site to see what I mean).

Speaking of vines, how breathtaking is Jamie Joseph’s Cultured Pearl on a Vine ring?

As lovely as a full moon on a spring night, this ring combines the smooth opulence of a pearl set in 14k gold with an organic vine of sterling silver. It’s the perfect treat for celebrating the return of warm weather!

Debbi’s Tale of the Sole: The Fiorentini + Baker experience!

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009
Emma, Eli, and Eternity

Fiorentini + Baker's Emma, Eli, and Eternity

You know what makes everyone at Ped HQ smile? The sight of Fiorentini +Baker boxes coming off the delivery truck! Today we got our latest shipment of F+B’s ever-popular Eternity and beloved Emma boots, which reminds me to share a recent e-mail from Debbi right here in Berkeley:

Hi Dayna,

As my birthday approached, I asked my husband not to get me anything. I suggested he consider “an experience” instead. When I opened the box containing my Emma boots, I thought he’d forgotten my suggestion. After putting them on, I knew he’d given great thought to what turned out to be an incomparable experience. Thank you!


Add another member to the ever-growing fan club of Fiorentini + Baker, an Italian company that believes in making boots the traditional way. At first glance, the prices may seem a bit steep, but with F+B (as with all of Ped’s lines), you truly get what you pay for! Expertly made from the best leather, these boots will last a lifetime, even if you wear them every day of the year—which is pretty much what I do! We are all about the P.P.W. (price per wear) here at Ped!

Consider how many celebrities opt for Fiorentini + Baker boots. These gals can afford to wear anything, but they choose the comfort and cutting-edge style of F+B for their everyday errands.

L to R: Keri Hilson, Kate Beckinsale, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mary Kate Olsen, Jessica Alba, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

L to R: Keri Hilson, Kate Beckinsale, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mary Kate Olsen, Jessica Alba, and Sarah Jessica Parker, all feeling the Fiorentini + Baker love!

And we at Ped love them, too! My Eternity boots are second only to my go-to Emma, which took my heart by storm last year. Meanwhile, Ped’s Laura became a Fiorentini + Baker convert this past fall, thanks to the Elios, and since then she’s also added the Emma to her wardrobe! We are true F+B devotees around here! 

As I mentioned in my after-Paris post, I especially love the look of a great pair of boots with a pretty summer dress. And since that’s the latest trend, all the better!

Dayna in her Emma boots with Ped's Chief Canine Officer, Lulu.

After all, Fiorentini + Baker boots are Lulu-approved!

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