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Get Red-y for Valentine’s Day

Friday, February 13th, 2009

I’m in Las Vegas looking at shoes, but it’s pretty hard not to look at everything else, too (all that neon does draw the eye). Not only are the hotels and casinos wrangling for my attention, but the quickie marriage chapels are aglitter with the promise of love everlasting. They may not be your idea of where to tie the knot (although if you did, you would be in the company of Michael Jordan and Joan Collins, according to the sign at The Little White Chapel). Nevertheless, they’ll be doing bang-up biz this weekend since Valentine’s Day is the most popular day to put a ring on it in LV.

Maybe because I’m a newlywed myself, I’m feeling especially romantic about Valentine’s Day this year. You have to love a day when red and pink rule! So, to celebrate, here’s a sampling of rosy-hued Ped things to put you in a “hearty” mood:

Christopher Kon’s Maggie Holdall adds some sizzle to looking ladylike.

Maybe ladylike isn’t your thing, in which case perhaps Fiorentini + Baker’s ever-popular Eternity boot in red will light your fire!

We showed you the Trippen Tidy in black the other day, but it’s also super sweet in red, red wine.

Orla Kiely’s rose wool scarf offers a way to stay warm and remember that cherry blossoms are just around the corner.

And if you really do want to put a ring on it, Jamie Joseph offers several LOVE-ly options:

From left to right, Jamie’s Indian ruby ring, carnelian ring, and rose quartz ring

We hope all these reds and pinks have you feeling warm and fuzzy and in the mood for love!

A heartfelt Happy Valentine’s Day from Las Vegas to Ped’s beloved fans everywhere!

Hitting the road (and returning with treasures)!

Wednesday, February 11th, 2009

It’s that time of year again—for the next few weeks yours truly will be heading to Las Vegas for the World Shoe Association trade show and then jetting to France and Italy for more Ped shopping. I love hunting for new lines to bring to Ped, but ferreting out those hard-to-come-by items that combine ethical production, superior quality, and unusual style can be exhausting! People who know me can attest to my stamina (just call me “Sporty Spice”!), but I would be lost without comfortable shoes and boots capable of going round-the-clock, carrying me from one trip to the next.

So, meet two of my all-time favorite traveling companions:

There’s a lot of love out there for Fiorentini + Baker’s Eternity Boot (hello, celebrities). And with good reason! Not only is this boot fantastic looking (a little bit of badass in a stylish package), but it also is the pinnacle of comfort. Its construction is hardy enough to withstand hours of walking anywhere you care to take it—convention halls, Manhattan streets, or Parisian boulevards. I particularly love this boot in brown because the color is so versatile. When I don’t have time to think about what to wear, I always buckle up the Eternity boot, knowing I’ll look—and feel—great!

Another excellent style capable of going the distance is Cydwoq’s Seat Bootie:

My favorite thing about this cutie is how light it is! I don’t know about you, but at the end of a long day my feet often feel like they’ve been dipped in lead. But not in the Seat! These boots keep a spring in my step even after hours of traipsing from Point A to Point Z. Because they lace up, they easily adjust if, heaven forbid, your ankles start to swell. And let’s not forget the style factor—these ankle boots look edgy and chic with almost any on-the-road outfit. If you like to show off your tights, you’ll love the tongue-less construction that lets you flash your favorite hosiery for the world to enjoy. (And it doesn’t hurt that the Seat is currently on sale!)

So, I’m off, Ped fans. I’ll continue to blog a bit from the road. And before you know it, I’ll be back with the promise of good things to make you Ped heads smile!

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