Mama Mia Zia!

May 28th, 2019

Everyone knows how much we go gaga for stripes. Happily, Mia Zia has satisfied our stripe craving this spring! For stripe lovers, it doesn’t get any better than Mia Zia’s cottony-wonderful Rayure stripe socks

Mia Zia Rayure Socks at Pedshoes.com

While we adore all things colorful, we also get it: you need things which can make your toes twinkle, but not kerfuffle any feathers whilst at work. So Mia Zia has given us the (work-friendly) version of this beauty:

Mia Zia Rayure Socks at Pedshoes.com

And for those of you who are not suffering through this born-again winter, Mia Zia offers this colorful smorgasbord for your feet in a short version too!:

Mia Zia Rayure Anklet Socks at Pedshoes.com

But our Warehouse Winner this spring from Mia Zia is the Tassel Anklet Socks. We’ve been warm for a while here in California, so this baby is our go-to for style and substance. Color galore, and a little kiss of style in the form of the tassle swinging happily off the back:

Mia Zia Tassel Anklet Socks at Pedshoes.com

We’re always over the moon to see the great colors Mia Zia delivers from Belgium and Morocco. Sometimes a gal can’t go crazy with the shoes, but with Mia Zia there’s always room to put a little pep in our step!

Happy Spring!

We put the “walk” in Cydwoq!

May 21st, 2019

Pedsters, as you know we absolutely adore Cydwoq’s designs. They’re organic, earth-toned, leather-soled masterpieces which just get better and better with time and use. And, it just so happens, Ped is the go-to shop for Cydwoq., as we have the biggest selection available. And it’s even bigger since we opened the most recent Burbank boxes of beauty which just arrived at our warehouse.

Feast your eyes on these beauties. First up is the Cydwoq Practice:

Cydwoq Practice at www.pedshoes.com

An inch and a half tall tantalizing teal wonder that offers just a whisper of the graceful line of your foot. Elegant is an understatement! Looking for something a little more summery? Perhaps the breezy Cydwoq Spoon fits your fancy:

Cydwoq Spoon at www.pedshoes.com

But perhaps you live in one of those unfortunate climates where summer has been a little sheepish, and sandals in public is premature. Enter the Cydwoq Public:

Cydwoq Public at www.pedshoes.com

Like springtime, the Cydwoq Public offers a whiff of whimsy, but still provides enough comfortable coverage to fit right in when the sky gets dark or the commute goes into overtime.

Along those lines, the masters at Cydwoq also offered us the Commuter. We’re over the moon for the luscious, saturated color of this beauty. Who needs spring when you can wear summer on your feet?:

Cydwoq Commuter at www.pedshoes.com

Speaking of summer and all things green, take a gander at the new Cydwoq Strike:

Cydwoq Strike at www.pedshoes.com

Her turquoised leather has a depth that’s hard to display on a screen, but looks and feels 3D as the marbling and color veins wander about in hues of summery goodness. But let us not forget the dark color which are so easy to wear and go with literally everything. The Cydwoq Passenger can light up any night sky with her veins of rich gold tones meandering throughout like a passenger in a gondola on the waterways of Venice:

Cydwoq Passenger at www.pedshoes.com

Hopefully you can see from this curated walk down the “Cydwoq” why we love this company’s shoes so much. Rich, lustrous, full of life, creative, playful and sexy. Cydwoq hits the mark every time they put pen to paper knife to leather.

A Little Love from Loints

May 15th, 2019

This morning we were sipping our coffee (double cappuccino with a dash of the sweet stuff) and perusing the unboxing chores that lay ahead of us at the warehouse door, when something unexpected popped into view: Loints of Holland surprised us with an unexpected box of their new designs! Never one to shy away from exploring a new style, I opened said box and oooh’ed and ahhhh’ed my way through the rich, lustrous colors of leather inside. Take a sneak peak at these lovely little ladies, soon to be available on a certain PedShoes.com website:




Ped’s 2018 Holiday Sale is ON!

December 18th, 2018

Shout out to our emailing list members: The 2018 Holiday Sale starts today! Use the code SPARKLE18 to take 20% off all full-priced goodies including Stunning Sophie Digard or treats from Japan: Antipast socks!


So pop on over to Ped’s website. And use the code SPARKLE18 to land yourself a sweet treat!

Ped now offers complimentary 2 day shipping!

December 18th, 2018

Here at Ped, we know the only thing better than a new set of shoes, is a new set of shoes arriving tomorrow! That’s why we’re now offering complimentary upgrades to 2-day and 3-day shipping!

But, you’re saying, the cost of shipping is enormous for small businesses! How can we afford it? Well, first of all, it’s not easy. As you may be aware, the cost of shipping has exploded for everyone except Amazon. That includes us. But we figured out something important.

The cost of shipping your new kicks to you is calculated using what’s called “dimensional weight”. This is a calculation which takes into account the box size plus the weight. And when we examined the boxes we use, we discovered a large percentage of what’s inside the box is empty space. Empty space because the manufacturer’s cardboard shoe box is often waaaay too big. So if you’ll let us remove that box, we can user a box that is appropriately sized, thereby reducing the dimensional weight calculation.

We call this Go GreenGo Green. Because when you reduce dimensional weight, you use less fuel. And you keep the carbon footprint smaller.

So don’t forget: choose the Go Green option during checkout. Save time, save the planet, and enjoy your new kicks. Quickly.

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