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Giving thanks!

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to sing a big THANK YOU! to the wonderful blogs that have given Ped attention in the past few months. It’s always a thrill to discover others share our appreciation for beautiful things. Here are just a few of the people and sites that have said kind words about Ped recently:

  • The wide-ranging and wonderful blog, Grace’s Birdcage, found our Chie Mihara’s lust-worthy.
  • Designer and jeweler Katy at Grayling, who loves all things inspiring and well-designed, gave a shout-out to some of our best black shoes and boots (think Argila, think Trippen, think Fiorentini + Baker).
  • Christina Williams, who writes the blog you can call me chris, found inspiration in Ped’s Chie Mihara Nerrine, as did the wonderfully fashion-conscious gal at Golden Means.
  • And how much do we LOVE Michelle Taylor at Blue Moss? Time and again, she surprises us by picking our personal favorites to share with her design-conscious fans. (Plus, she has a wonderful way with repurposing old baubles into dazzling new jewelry, so drop by her Etsy shop and take a look.)
  • We hold Mrs. French at Bliss in the same high esteem. Not only does she write a fantastic blog, showing us eye-opening items and places that make our hearts sing, but she also takes the loveliest pictures. Love these arty, blogging gals!
  • After our wonderful Coclico Ndakinna turned up on notcouture.com (a daily must-visit), it wound up featured here, here, here, here, and here. Thanks to all!!!
Hello, lover.

Hello, lover.

If we missed the kiss you threw Ped’s way, we apologize, but please know everyone here at Ped HQ appreciates you from the bottom of our collective heart. We are truly grateful to have such wonderful friends! If we could, we’d give each of you a rose! Happy Thanksgiving!

Knee high in tall boots!

Friday, October 9th, 2009

We love this time of year at Ped Central! The mornings are crisp, the leaves are turning brilliant colors (Laura the orange-lover is in heaven), and the air smells so good! Although we advocate wearing tall boots anytime you like—so cute with a light summer dress!—when fall rolls around, they become de rigueur daily wear.

I always keep you Ped fans in mind when I study what boots to offer for fall and winter. Your feedback helps me so much in making selections that stay comfortable all day, offer versatility, flash the ‘zazz, and still accommodate a range of calf sizes (many Ped boots let you adjust the fit depending on whether you’re a skinny Minnie or a curvy Katie). And, of course, they’re all beautifully made and designed to last for years.

Here are a few of the full-length boots that are high on our list this season.

Okay, Ped fans, it’s no secret that the Cydwoq Game Boot is my absolute favorite:

As you can imagine, I see a lot of beautiful boots, so my powers of resistance are well fortified (otherwise, I’d be broke). But when Cydwoq’s Rafi showed me the Game, I was a goner! I simply adore it! The 1″ wooden heel is super easy to wear. The Italian leather is beyond gorgeous. The dart at the top of the shaft makes the Game extra calf-friendly! And those windows–those sexy little windows running up the back, well, oo la la, do they ever bring in the compliments!

Another favorite here at Ped HQ is Trippen’s March:

I decided to show you the rear view because the exposed seams are so fabulous the way they curve around from the front of the boot and run up the back! Plus, the March features Trippens’ t-shaped wedge sole, which has a legion of fans devoted to its comfort. And the color? Well, see for yourself—pretty as a Maple leaf or a glass of cabernet.

Another Trippen boot with backside interest is the Medea:

Crafted from buttery buffalo leather (you have to touch it to believe how sinfully soft it is), this beauty offers flirty lacing up the back that’s not only sexy but also functional. Notice that it extends below the fullest part of the calf, meaning you can adjust it to fit your individual leg. Once you’ve got everything just right, then you can leave it be, thanks to the Medea’s full inside zipper that lets you get in and out of this boot in a breeze.

But don’t just take our word for it. Ped customer S.N. recently wrote from Seattle,

“I’m in love with my Medea boots.  They are so cool and soft and overall awesome.  I also really appreciate that they can be expanded in case my calves do the same.”

Giraudon’s versatile Miranda boot also has a great system for fitting a range of calves:

Featuring classic riding-boot good looks, the Miranda’s secret is an elastic panel on the inside of the calf and another hidden under the boot loop on the outside. Neither interferes with the clean lines of this brown stunner but both love your leg like no tomorrow.

Those are just a tasty sampling of the feast of tall boots spread out at the Ped site. (Hello, did someone say Fiorentini + Baker? Mmmmm. Our delicious reorder is due in shortly–e-mail us if you’d like to be notified when it arrives!) So kick up your heels as you kick up the leaves and enjoy!

A well-turned ankle…boot

Monday, August 24th, 2009

My, oh my, here at Ped, we are up to our ankles in ankle boots—and we are loving every minute of it! Although booties have been “in” for a couple years, this year’s crop is especially beautiful. We love the impact of short boots worn with skirts, but what’s really great is they’re equally easy to wear with pants (not always the case with a tall boot, much as we love the knee-high look). Ped has scads of great ankle boots from which to choose, but here are a few fresh ones that have us oohing and aahing.

Wow, wow, wow—when you’re ready to hit the streets and take no prisoners, Cydwoq’s new Future is the boot to wear. Tough and sexy all at once, this boot has us over the moon with the exposed violet edges of the black Italian leather. Leave it to Cydwoq’s Rafi to make a buckle boot this special!

Lordy, just looking at the Cydwoq Vintage Seek makes me break into a sweat! As I said to Laura the other day, “SEXOLA!” The cut-outs and combination of textured leathers are trumped only by the sizzling back zipper running up this bootie’s heel!

Speaking of back zippers, we love how the zipper running up the rear of Fiorentini + Baker’s Ella allows you to unzip this mid-calf boot halfway and fold down the top to make a cuffed ankle boot. Now that’s versatility since both looks are smoking with F+B’s inimitable Italian style!

For sheer cuteness and comfort, no bootie surpasses Trippen’s new Tie. You have to wear this ankle-height beauty to fully appreciate how soft and supple the elk leather is—truly a treat for the feet! And Trippen’s “cups” rubber sole keeps your steps light as you dash all over town.


If you’re a gal who’s determined not to get back in black no matter what the fashion pundits say, or if you simply want to add a bit of color to your wardrobe, check out Giraudon’s knockout Nelle! We adore the chic and curvaceous cut of the leather and the way the Nelle subtly echoes a cowgirl boot. Plus, the cognac color is to die for!

So, pick your passion—any of these ankle boots will have every eye on you this fall!

Three words you long to hear: PED SUMMER SALE!

Friday, June 12th, 2009

Of all the words that rhyme with kale, gale, and tale, we suspect your favorite is “sale”! (It’s definitely ours.) There’s nothing more refreshing on a hot summer day than that four-letter word—it’s like a rainstorm that cools things off and leaves the air smelling sweet. Although we’re not exactly twiddling our thumbs while Dayna’s away, we thought we’d juice things up by marking a few things down! So, we’ve made it even more fun to amp up your warm-weather wardrobe with Argila, Chie Mihara, Coclico, and Giraudon.

Behold just a few of Ped’s summer sale treats:

The color of Argila’s Harper sandal reminds us of clear Caribbean waters. We love the femininity of the softly gathered leather and gentle curves of the design.

Beautiful at $364, it’s now even lovelier at $291.20 $239 (that’s right, things are getting sweeter by the day).

We’re head over heels for Chie Mihara’s Rula‘s retro-licious vibe. The cutwork and stitching on this easy-to-wear wedge are truly dazzling.

$358 no more! It’s now $286.40!

When you really want to turn heads, simply slip on Coclico’s Mussel platform sandal in poppy! ZING! Instantly, every eye is admiring your cute feet walking down the street!

Zesty when it was $352, it’s irresistible at $281.60.

Have you ever fantasized about hanging out in Paris in the 1920s? If so, Giraudon’s romantic Hemingway is right up your alley. Suitors are sure to vie for your heart when you wear this flirty, vintage-inspired beauty!

It’s original price of $282 is a thing of the past. Say hello to thoroughly modern $225.60 $199 (the cat’s meow)!

These tasty temptations are only the beginning of the summer sale feast we’ve laid out for Ped fans. Enjoy!

Happily singing the blues

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Usually, the idea of “Blue Monday” doesn’t bring a smile, but at Ped Central we intend to change that, at least for today. After all, not all blues are bruised and stormy—consider sky blue, robin’s egg blue, and Caribbean blue, all so beautiful. Even darker hues like sapphire and cobalt are dreamy and romantic like a midnight rendezvous! At Ped, we’ve definitely got the blues, but they’re not making us sad. Here are a few reasons why:

When I saw the Cydwoq Vintage Ionic, I couldn’t resist making it my very own:

This Zen-like slide is the loveliest slate blue. More interesting than either grey or navy, the shade works as a neutral that’s easy to wear with absolutely everything. And although it’s a simple summer sandal, the hand-sculpted wooden heel and the design’s clean lines give the Ionic an air of sophistication that lets it go dressy.

Another of my favorite blue sandals this season is Coclico’s deep sea blue Reef:

The jewel tone of the soft suede straps makes me sigh—so unusual and lovely. This little sapphire number is the ideal sandal to take on vacation since you can wear it sightseeing all day, but it’s nice enough to wear out to dinner at night, too.

And speaking of shoes that are ideal for spending long days on your feet, how pretty is Trippen’s 40s?

Honestly, we can’t emphasize enough how comfortable Trippen’s cross-shaped wedge is. And this particular blue is so rich and seductive! Add in the peep-toe and ankle strap, and you’re all set to make ‘em sweat.

Of course, nothing beats a t-strap for sex appeal! And Ped just happens to have a spectacular one in—you guessed it—blue:

Between the strappy design and the juicy color, we can’t decide what we like best about Giraudon’s Odette. Fortunately, we don’t have to choose—we can simply love it all!

Even when you’re facing a long haul with a lot to carry, a good blue can make the world a little brighter. Case in point, 49 Square Miles’ hold-everything Bookworm Slim Tote in turquoise blue:

Everything pops with this blue beauty that features the softest leather complemented by lime green topstitching and hammered brass rings.

Are you feeling blue yet? If so, we hope you’re smiling!

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