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A-Twitter about Mary Jane’s multiple personalities

Thursday, February 5th, 2009

Hey, Ped fans, do you use Twitter? Well, now Ped does, too! So, if you want to be the first to know when we receive new styles or put something particularly wonderful on sale, follow us at http://twitter.com/PedShoes

Speaking of wonderful, last week we opened a box from Spain and found one of our all-time favorite Chie Mihara styles: the Jane!


Ay caramba, this beauty is so many good things all at once—retro, glam, practical, sexy, and demure. Not to mention comfortable. (And, needless to say, we love a red shoe!)

It also got us thinking about all the variations on the classic Mary Jane that Ped carries, each with its own personality and charm. So, meet a few of the girls:

The Trippen Tidy from Germany walks around town with an edgy and sophisticated European flair.


Cushioned by a cross-shaped wedge, she’s equally comfortable being all-business or going casual. This Mary Jane speaks in an unforgettable accent that we at Ped HQ could listen to all day.

Then there’s her sweet Portuguese cousin from Giraudon:

The lacing on the cross-strap is what makes this shoe so charming. And the Giraudon Mary Jane is the best companion when you need to run a gajillion errands. She’s also fun to hang out with over Sunday brunch at a cafe. 

Meanwhile, Cydwoq’s Carry is a Mary Jane with the heart of an artist:

The way the positive space of the leather appliqué on the toe echoes the negative space of the cutout formed by the strap is a treat for the eyes! Lovingly designed and handcrafted in California, this gal is a head-turner but so relaxed about it all! The Carry’s beauty, just like the other Mary Janes’, is more than just superficial—her construction and sole make her beautiful inside and out.

Finally, we love a Mary Jane with a flair for color, like the Chie Mihara Bas:

That’s some serious sass! But this stunner is surprisingly versatile and adds ‘zazz to almost any dressy outfit on any occasion.

Mary Jane, you truly are every woman’s best friend!

New Year’s Resolution #1: More Ped Blogging!

Sunday, December 28th, 2008

As Ped dances, skips, and runs into 2009, I’m making a solemn resolution—right here on the Web (so no backing out)—to blog much more often!!! I know the posts have been pretty sporadic up to this point, but my plan is to entertain you Ped heads with news and stories at least twice a week. So, definitely, stay tuned. Also, tell us what adventures you’ve had in your Ped shoes, and we’ll include you in “Tales of the Sole.” Pictures of you sporting your Ped purchases are always welcome! We love finding out what happens to Ped things once they’re out having fun in the world.

Looking ahead to 2009, the new year is shaping up beautifully at Ped! I’m especially excited about all the new Trippen and Giraudon styles we have coming in, plus Sophie Digard is crocheting away to make us lots of lovely things for spring. There’s a new bag line in the works, too, so head’s up (I don’t want to say more just yet). Plus, I’m jetting off to France and Italy again to scout for more goodies to make you smile.

In the more immediate future, Terry and I are heading back to our old stomping grounds in Seattle (birthplace of Ped) to celebrate New Year’s. We love Berkeley, but we miss our old friends and haunts. One place we’re definitely going is Tavolata, which makes me hungry just thinking about it. Next time you’re in Seattle, you must must go there! The restaurant serves clean, fresh Italian food, including homemade pasta, in the most beautiful space. See for yourself:

Terry is really looking forward to the grilled octopus salad, which he highly recommends! 

Here’s hoping your New Year’s celebration will be equally wonderful! Get ready for more Ped when we return fat and happy to Berkeley!

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