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Princess Lucia Prima (Lulu Parmesan), Chief Canine Officer

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Lulu Parmesan is under tremenedous pressure as the Chief Canine Officer here at Ped. An average day for Lulu can stretch for over 10 hours, many of them awake. She ensures prompt attention is not only paid to her needs but also to the needs of Ella Mae and the occasional visit from her friend Basha. In addition to all of this, she's fanatical about her responsibilities as Chief Barker when the Ped staff needs to be warned about an approaching UPS delivery person.

Princess Ella Mae Cher (Ella Mae), Everything Else

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Ella Mae is responsibile for the day-to-day inventory of soft, colorful toys. She's charged with ensuring that no single toy goes more than 2 business days without attention. She's also the manager of Dream Time, which ensures she's focused on comprehensive nap activities for a good chunk of the day. She also oversees late-day package drop-offs (via the park, of course).

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