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Ped's Privacy Policy

At Ped, our privacy policy is easy:

We promise to never share any of your information with anyone else for any reason. After all, it's yours!

Information we need to fill your order

When you buy something at we have to ask you for your email address. It's what we use for your account name. This email address is viewed only by us at Ped. After your order is complete we keep your email address and account active to make it easier for you to purchase in the future. If you'd prefer for us to close it, just drop us a line and we'll take care of it.

When you create your account we'll ask you if you'd like to receive emailings from us. If you select "No" we promise never to send you an email. If you select "Yes" (We hope you do!) we'll only send you infrequent emails about events and goings-on around Ped.

Payment information

When you order from us your credit card information is transmitted via 2048 bit encryption using the most advanced technology, called TLS. Ped also offers additional security via our Extended Validation Certificate, which not only secures the connection, but also proves that we are who we say we are.

Unlike other retailers, your credit card information is not stored at Ped for future use. We realize this might make your next purchase a little harder, but we think it's worth the extra security and safety.

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