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Karin Wagner Edelweiss Brooch in Purple

Handmade in Switzerland. Nothing is prettier than wearing a fresh flower, but, alas, most wilt within hours--unless they're made by Karin Wagner! Wherever it's pinned, this Edelweiss Brooch (are you humming the song from The Sound of Music yet?) brings charm and the loveliness of spring. Best of all, its hand-felted beauty remains fresh forever!
original price: $98.00
sale price: $79.00  -->  Returns accepted for exchange or store credit only.
  About Karin-Wagner  
These beautiful felt treasures come all the way from Basil, Switzerland, where Karin Wagner hand felts every ring, pin, and necklace herself. Eye-catching in color combinations that are organic and gorgeous, her pieces are wondrous little works of art! Each is guaranteed to spark conversations and produce smiles. Soft, wooly and full of wow!
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