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Meltonian Water & Stain Protector in Neutral Color

Sad to report that Meltonian has gone out of business. We are searching for the next waterproof spray. Stay tuned. For years, we have been recommending Meltonian "Water & Stain Protector" for our fine leather and suede products. When Ped was based in Seattle (a.k.a. Rain City), we couldn't keep this product in stock! We know from experience that this product protects leathers and suedes from water, oil, and salt stains. (Word to the wise, though, wear rubber boots in rainstorms and snow boots in snowstorms.) Please be good and always follow the directions on the bottle. We recommend spraying outside because the fumes can be stinky, but don't worry, the smell subsides as the product dries. Marvelous Meltonian--it's simply the best for ensuring the longevity of leather goods!  $12.00
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We know you love your leather shoes, boots and bags as much as we love ours. After years of wearing and selling the finest leather products from around the world, we would like to share with you our favorite leather care products. We highly recommend you care for your leather goods as they will last longer if you do so. A little TLC goes a long way!
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