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Deux Souliers Seam Heel in Navy

Made in Spain. A true blue chunky-heeled oxford for you! In creating the the Seam Heel, Deux Souliers takes the classic lace-up and spices it with modern flair, handcrafting luscious navy nubuck into a sleek package with a natural edge at the sole. Monochromatic top-stitching, metal grommets, and blue cotton laces keep the design lean and clean! The leather-lined interior's padded footbed gives your sole a sweet home, while the 2.25" wrapped-leather heel, with rubber underneath, lets you take whatever the world dishes out in stride! With the Seam Heel, it seems there's a new go-to shoe in town!   
  About Deux Souliers  
Deux Souliers means "two shoes" in French, and this Barcelona-based company builds its shoes with a commitment to basics: good design, excellent materials, and meticulous craftsmanship. Led by designer Nunu Solsona, Deux Souliers takes classic styles and de-contextualizes them to create cutting-edge shoes that have a timeless quality. Every pair is handcrafted in Menorca using Spanish materials. Deux Souliers prides itself on being a "slow fashion" company that takes time to attend to every detail in order to make shoes that exude character and age beautifully!

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