A Ped shout-out to those who shout out to us!

There’s nothing better than getting dolled up and having someone notice! So, we are always thrilled when independent bloggers find Ped items worth showcasing. After all, these gals (mostly) know a thing or two about design and put us in such good company! So, we want to thank them for their kind attention.

  • Blue Moss Design’s Michelle Taylor publishes the loveliest blog, bluemossgirls.blogspot.com, about things she finds inspiring. A wonderful jeweler who repurposes baubles from the past, she makes our day when she shines her light on Ped.
  • The anonymous blogger at I Spuddle, who authors books when not blogging, puts up five thematic things  every Friday. We were delighted to discover Ped’s Chie Miharas made her shoe list in June!
  • We are absolutely crazy about Nanashi’s taste at if-i-owned-a-boutique.blogspot.com, so we loved it when she got the last pair of Ped’s Giraudon’s Bristol oxfords and then posted pics of how cute they looked on her feet. Sweet!
  • Havilah Savage is a Portland designer who blogs about things she finds inspiring at darlingsavage.blogspot.com. What a treat that she found a spark in Ped’s Argila sandals!
  • Down under in Melbourne, Australia, MissyP blogs about design in general and textiles in particular at So Sew Poppy, where she recently gave a shout-out to our favorite goddess of crochet, Sophie Digard!
  • Finally, Mrs. French, the wonderful photographer who blogs at Bliss, always makes us sigh with her dreamy posts about things we covet and places we’d like to visit. When she notices us, well, it’s bliss.
Thanks again to everyone who has given Ped virtual love (and if we haven’t mentioned your mention, we still appreciate the attention). May your days always be filled with beautiful things!

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2 Responses to “A Ped shout-out to those who shout out to us!”

  1. Karen Says:

    Thank YOU for the ping back, I’m getting lots of return hits! And, of course, I love your shoes.

    Karen (I spuddle)

  2. havilah Says:

    thanks for the shout-out back 🙂 You have a wonderful product!

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