Into the woods!

Ped fans of a certain age may remember a trend from younger days involving wood-soled sandals with a single stiff leather strap over the toe, made by a company which shall go nameless, but which rhymes with “Proctor Skoles.” Everyone gushed about how “comfortable” these heel-slapping sandals were, even though our feet were often crying for mercy.

Fortunately, times have changed! Yes, wood soles are back, but they’re a world away from the semi-torturous sandals of the past. The 21st century versions truly are wonderful to wear! These new woods are not only gorgeous, but they also provide sturdy support while remaining delightfully cool on sweltering days!

Below are just a few ways to look good in wood this summer.

Argila turned our heads with their wooden wedges because of the leather border rimming the bottom—such a stunning detail that makes all the difference! Exhibit A: the Argila Clarisa:


So delicious that just pasting the pic into this post makes us practically drool on the keyboard! The natural wood is gorgeous in contrast with the chocolate brown and caramel-colored leather!

Vialis also has fun doing unusual things with leather in several of their wood-soled styles, like the Suzannah:


Isn’t it cool how the Suzanna‘s vertical strap at the ankle travels all the way under the sole? Plus, the navy blue leather is so of the moment!

Vialis also manages to make wood-soled styles simmer with sexiness, as evidenced by the knockout Quinta:


The Quinta is perfect for fans of all things black! Its leather-wrapped heel, dark wooden sole, and beautifully woven leather upper offer maximal impact with effortless ease!

Another sandal clog with eye-opening artistic leatherwork is the Trippen Fiocco:


The angular front of this stunner consists of two intersecting loops—ingenious! We also love how the sexy ankle strap originates on the inside of the natural wood sole. So innovative! And then there’s the fact that it’s RED! (Love, love, love red sandals!)

Trippen sands and contours its soles to allow your skin to enjoy the tactile quality of the wood! Another spectacular Trippen sandal is the Lift:


Satiny smooth wood below and buttery soft elk leather above—it doesn’t get more sensational than the Lift! Plus, you can cinch or loosen the central thong to create the ruched effect you want.

If even a low heel is too much for you, Trippen brings the wood down to the ground with the Swing:


We’re wild about Trippen’s twice-dyed leathers, and this season they’ve started matching the rubber on the outsole to the underside of the leather. Too much fun! Plus, the rivets anchoring the leather to the wood are different colors!

Finally, we sing the praises of a perennial wood-soled favorite—the Cydwoq Revolt—which is one of the first designs Rafi offered at Cydwoq!


Classics become classics for good reasons—timeless style and endless comfort! We especially like how the Revolt’s top strap is anchored to the heel on the inside, holding your foot securely on the contoured wooden sole. (In addition to the brown version shown, we also offer the Revolt in twice-dyed black with a yellow edge.)

There are more clog sandals for your pleasure over at Ped’s main site, so go explore! Just like a picnic in the woods is a summer treat, these woods are a picnic for your feet! Wood is good for the sole!

(Psst, the Sweet Treat this week is Cydwoq’s boss Postage Bag, which would look fab with any of the sandals pictured above! Simply click “be sweet to your feet” in the upper right corner of any Ped page to land at the Postage Bag with the magic code that will bring 20% off when entered at checkout! Zing!)

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