A good tale is so rewarding!

Ped has THE most interesting customers! From artists to teachers to world travelers, our fans take their Ped goods on some amazing adventures. It’s always the highlight of our day at Ped HQ when we get to hear about who did what where wearing what. So, don’t hold back–share your “Tale of the Sole”!!! To make it worth your while to put fingers to keyboard and upload a few photos, each month we’ll pick one entertaining tale to post on the blog, and that storyteller will get a $100 Ped gift certificate! That’s right–$100 in Ped credit to whoever makes us smile the most with her sole-ful tale!

Maybe you were carrying your Cydwoq Bright Bag when you stumbled onto a Hindi movie set while visiting the Taj Mahal in India. Perhaps your true love surprised you with Jamie Joseph’s Oval Drusy Ring on your anniversary. Or maybe a reluctant editor oohed and aahed over your Chie Mihara Frederica heels and offered you the book contract after all (but we think it’s because you felt super confident and persuasive in your Chies). Whatever your story, we want to see and hear all about it! (And extra points if you tell your tale from the perspective of your shoes or bag or other Ped treasure.) So, send your “Tale of the Sole,” ideally with pictures, to yourfriends@pedshoes.com, and maybe we’ll send you a sweet $100 Ped gift certificate in return.

Laura's worn-everywhere Cydwoq Plant shoes take a breather in the garden.

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