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How green is our garden—thanks to Flora Grubb, Flowerland, and Mika Matsui!

Friday, March 19th, 2010

Sure, at Ped we spend most of our time thinking about cool shoes and accessories, but the truth is we simply appreciate beautiful things! Especially beautiful things that are GREEN! And that’s how we fell in love with Flora Grubb (no relation, but I do like her name) and her wondrous garden shop! Flora Grubb  Gardens, along with local favorite, Flowerland in Albany, are responsible for the beautiful environment that surrounds Ped Central. When we step outside for a break, it’s such a treat to relax amid their gorgeous plants, which Mika of Mika Matsui Gardens has arranged into a wonderful landscape. Here are just a few things from the Flora Grubb website to show you what we mean:

Isn’t this “vertical garden” created with succulents fantastic? Art that’s green and growing!

We love Flora’s imaginative approach to creating a bouquet of a dozen roses!

Flora simply knocks our socks off with the drama of her plants and their artistic presentation. We feel so lucky she’s right here in San Francisco, but she does ship all over (although she cautions that the Xerographica, pictured above, won’t survive a trip to a very cold state).

Flowerland doesn’t have an official site, but here’s a pic of the shop, which we’ve snagged from Yelp (check out the rave reviews):

Thank you, Flora Grubb, Flowerland, and Mika Matsui, for making Ped such a beautiful place to be!

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