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Elizabeth’s Tale of the Sole: From Babies to Bilbao in the Cydwoq Link

Monday, August 26th, 2013

The colorful and fun Cydwoq Link was one of our favorite shoes this past season, so we were delighted when Ped fan Elizabeth Y. wrote us about her Link love! Here’s what she had to say:

My Cydwoq Links did double duty this summer as my gift to myself for completing my Doctor of Nursing Practice degree at age 60 and as my special shoe for a European vacation. I had my Trippen Seine with me for airports and long walks, but the Links were for the Guggenheim in Bilbao, Spain.

Elizabeth (right) in her arty Cydwoq Link shoes sits outside the Guggeheim in Bilbao, Spain.

Looking lovely in her arty Cydwoq Link, Elizabeth (right) takes in the air outside the
Guggenheim Museum in Bilbao, Spain.

Earlier this summer, the happy flowers on the Link had been cheering patients and co-workers at my hospital job on a mother-baby unit.

Cydwoq Link at the Hospital

Elizabeth’s Link looking snazzy on the staff shoe shelf at the hospital.

But the response I got when I wore them to the Guggenheim was extra happy. My shoes reminded museum goers of the giant flower puppy by Jeff Koons that welcomes visitors. I was one with the Koons’ Puppy—a walking exhibit of wearable art.

Jeff Koons' flower puppy

The Cydwoq Link made Elizabeth Y. one with Jeff Koons’ “Puppy”!

Still smiling thinking about the  good feelings the Links brought. As one little girl said, “Puppy shoes! “

Wow! Congratulations on finishing your degree, Elizabeth! Your tale made everyone at Ped HQ smile all day!

To thank Elizabeth for sharing her wonderful story, we’re pleased as punch to give her $100 in Ped credit! Well earned! Here’s to Puppy shoes!

Do you have a Tale of the Sole? Tell us—and show us (we LOVE pictures!!!)—what happened to you while wearing something from Ped, and you, too, might be the recipient of $100 in Ped credit. We’d love to share your sole-ful story on the blog, so let us know what in the world you’ve been doing in your Ped!

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