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Jamie Joseph sparkles in the eco-spotlight! (Naturally!)

Wednesday, March 18th, 2009

As most of you know, Ped takes great care in selecting what we carry. We look for lines that offer beautiful, exquisitely made items that are also ethically produced using environmentally sound practices. The former is what dazzles the eye, but the latter is what truly matters(!) even though it often goes unnoticed. Which is why we are SO EXCITED that our Seattle-based friend, Jamie Joseph, is getting props for her eco-responsible approach to jewelry in an upcoming issue of Time magazine!

Written by Christine Lennon, “The New Gold Standard” focuses on a handful of environmentally aware jewelers who use reclaimed gold in their creations. Here is the excerpt profiling our gal Jamie:

Seattle-based designer Jamie Joseph was similarly committed to environmental issues, quietly letting her principles guide her long before eco-awareness made it to the Bergdorf Goodman crowd that’s now devoted to her work. And judging by her politics and her environmental commitment, she fits right in with the celebrities who wear Jamie Joseph on the red carpet, including Cameron Diaz and Naomi Watts. She drives a biodiesal car, uses compact fluorescent bulbs and cloth towels in the historic warehouse from which she runs her business and has been using reclaimed gold for close to a decade.

“It’s great that the whole green thing is in vogue now, but we’ve been thinking this way up here for a long time,” she says. “My husband, who’s also my business partner, has a degree in environmental science. I saw a documentary about mining years ago, and I was really disturbed. But I said, Well this is my passion—how am I going to address this? I started investigating. And there were vendors that I found where I could buy all-recycled gold.”

Joseph also makes an effort to buy “conflict-free” gemstones—those that aren’t sold to fund wars or mined by exploited workers in unethical ways—from reliable dealers and often uses less rare, large-scale stones like rose quartz and chalcedony with tiny accents of diamonds. “We work with small owner-operated vendors that have similar beliefs and try to build a community around that,” she says. “The whole gemstone industry, it’s a little like the used-car business. You’ve got to know and trust your vendors. We make a point at least once a year of meeting face to face with people. Before I buy a stone from someone, I have to have an interview first. I want to make sure they’re not out raping the land.”

The article also features this beautiful image of one of Jamie’s necklaces (it’s the one on the left):

© Anita Calero, Time

© Anita Calero, Time

Isn’t that necklace drop-dead gorgeous? It’s available by special order from Ped! Just let us know, and we’ll ask the incomparable Ms. Joseph to create one for you.

In the meantime, here are a few other Jamie Joseph lovelies currently available at Ped:

We love how the tiny gold-set diamond in this Oval Drusy Ring complements the fairy-dust sparkle of the larger stone.

These Mint Quartz Earrings are so fresh and green that wearing them is like wearing springtime!

One of the things we like best about Jamie Joseph is the way she turns to nature for design inspiration, as in the wonderful gold oak leaf she uses in combination with the aquamarine stone in this beautiful necklace.

And there is plenty more gorgeousness where those came from! Isn’t it nice to know Jamie Joseph really walks the talk in caring for the world? Ped hearts Jamie Joseph!

Get Red-y for Valentine’s Day

Friday, February 13th, 2009

I’m in Las Vegas looking at shoes, but it’s pretty hard not to look at everything else, too (all that neon does draw the eye). Not only are the hotels and casinos wrangling for my attention, but the quickie marriage chapels are aglitter with the promise of love everlasting. They may not be your idea of where to tie the knot (although if you did, you would be in the company of Michael Jordan and Joan Collins, according to the sign at The Little White Chapel). Nevertheless, they’ll be doing bang-up biz this weekend since Valentine’s Day is the most popular day to put a ring on it in LV.

Maybe because I’m a newlywed myself, I’m feeling especially romantic about Valentine’s Day this year. You have to love a day when red and pink rule! So, to celebrate, here’s a sampling of rosy-hued Ped things to put you in a “hearty” mood:

Christopher Kon’s Maggie Holdall adds some sizzle to looking ladylike.

Maybe ladylike isn’t your thing, in which case perhaps Fiorentini + Baker’s ever-popular Eternity boot in red will light your fire!

We showed you the Trippen Tidy in black the other day, but it’s also super sweet in red, red wine.

Orla Kiely’s rose wool scarf offers a way to stay warm and remember that cherry blossoms are just around the corner.

And if you really do want to put a ring on it, Jamie Joseph offers several LOVE-ly options:

From left to right, Jamie’s Indian ruby ring, carnelian ring, and rose quartz ring

We hope all these reds and pinks have you feeling warm and fuzzy and in the mood for love!

A heartfelt Happy Valentine’s Day from Las Vegas to Ped’s beloved fans everywhere!

Weddings everywhere? Here’s what to wear.

Sunday, June 1st, 2008

First, big news! We’ve relocated Ped HQ from sunny Santa Barbara to beautiful Berkeley, CA! We are so excited to be back in the Bay area. It’s where I grew up, and Terry has family here, too.

But on to you and what I’m pretty sure you need this time of year. I suspect last month you received a deluge of wedding invitations for every weekend in June (and on through the summer). Some weddings are super-traditional, conservative affairs while others are more relaxed and free-spirited. In either case, Ped’s got you covered. Here are a few items that will help you look beautiful and feel comfortable at any knot-tying you might attend.

Obviously, you need shoes. The holy grail is one you can stand around in for hours without your feet crying for mercy. Here are two suggestions, both in the Cydwoq Vintage line (so you know they’re comfortable). First, for the more conservative ceremony, I suggest the Sprint. Heck, you could even wear this shoe if you were the bride!

Another option–slightly more go-lightly in its design–is the Ridge. I love how its lines are so graceful!

Of course, you don’t want to outshine the bride (unless you are the bride, in which case, shine on, sister!), but you can still up your style ante with some lovely accessories. This Jamie Joseph rose quartz ring is so pretty! The picture really doesn’t do justice to how delicately pink the sparkling stone is.

And this Sophie Digard fringed linen beauty is just the thing to fend off any dip in the temperature at a late-afternoon or evening wedding.

Now you’re all set to go out and be a gracious and drop-dead gorgeous guest!

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