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We believe!

Monday, September 22nd, 2014

Look what Dayna found in her fortune cookie this weekend! Truth!


Overseas for shoes of the future . . .

Friday, April 6th, 2012

. . . or at least for next fall and winter! Ped fans, in March I again jumped across the pond to visit the European shoe shows in Milan and Paris. These are the trips where I place orders for next season’s goods, trying on and closely examining all the styles to make sure they’re up to Ped’s high standards for comfort and quality.

For Ped to carry a line, it has to persuade me of four things: 1) it’s made with an eye to social and environmental ethics; 2) the company prioritizes outstanding craftsmanship using the very best materials; 3) the designs are comfortable and easy to wear; and 4) the goods must have style for miles!!!

I work hard on these trips! But I also have a lot of fun! I love soaking up European culture and observing new trends. Come along for a vicarious ride!

When I landed in Milan, spring was in full swing, even though it was early March. The colors were so beautiful!

A Milanese flower vendor's stall on the way to the Fiorentini + Baker showroom! Gorgeous!

Flowers weren’t the only colorful spectacle—check out this dazzling display for Louis Vuitton:

What a creative use of arrows!

Fabulous shoes were everywhere! Even in the gourmet food section of La Rinascente!

Have your shoes and eat them, too! Chocolate shoes for 40 Euros.

Granted, not everyone in Milan was there for shoes. I saw these McDonald’s chefs on a photo shoot at Galleria Vittorio Emanuele (a must-visit indoor shopping arcade).

Pretty sure their meals weren't as happy as the ones I ate in Milan!

Speaking of food, on my day off I walked for five hours straight, visiting the famous Corso Como, and rewarded myself with gelato!

Pear and guava gelato! YUM!

Whenever I’m in Milan I make sure to light a candle for my much-missed father at Il Duomo.

Candles in Il Duomo.

Then it was off to Paris, where my morning “commute” is about as stress-free as it gets.

The beautiful Seine was glass-like on my walk to work.

At the show, Cydwoq had so many beautiful styles I had a difficult time choosing. I think you’ll be pleased, though!

A booth of swoon-worthy Cydwoq shoes and boots!

Wondering what looks are popular for next fall and winter? Well, the love affair with oxfords and menswear-influenced styles continues. Plus, booties are still big (the kind you wear on your feet!), worn unlaced and unbuckled in a casual European way. Vintage looks, as well as polka dots and stripes, are also on trend.

The big story, though, is a renewed emphasis on COLOR! Ruby red, mustard yellow, leaf green, royal blue—every saturated hue imaginable! I don’t want to give too much away, but here’s a little taste of what you have to look forward to!

After a long day, I had a delicious Lebanese dinner with Cydwoq’s Rafi and Trippen’s Michael. This was our view as we walked home:

Oooooh, sparkly!

Ped fans, I love my job!

Retreat to my sweetie lake

Sunday, August 15th, 2010

Last week my husband and I returned from a wonderful vacation on Lake Tahoe. I spent summers there as a girl and always called it “my sweetie lake.” Now every other year, we rent a house with my sister, Terry (we call her T1 and my husband T2), and her family, who bring a boat up from Los Angeles, along with their golden retriever, Molly, Ella’s sister!

The house in Homewood we rented.

The first morning was rather eventful. I took my morning coffee out by the shore with the three dogs (let’s not forget Lulu). All of a sudden, Ella started growling at something behind me. I turned around to see a BEAR about 50 yards away! I scooped up Lulu in my arms and grabbed Ella by the collar. But Molly thought Ella was growling at me, and those two started fighting! I started screaming, “Help!!!” The bear must have thought, “That lady is nuts,” and “I do not need a dog fight!” because he lumbered away. But, wow!!!!

The rest of the trip was much more relaxing! Molly and Ella spent their days in the water, with Lulu racing up and down the shore crying for them. Occasionally Lulu would venture into the water, too.

Molly, Ella, and Lulu soaking up the Tahoe sun!

As for the humans, we spent our days tubing behind the boat, rafting down the Truckee River, paddle boarding, biking, and having barbecues. We also cruised around the lake in the boat, visiting Sand Harbor, where the water is Caribbean blue, and Emerald Bay, where one of Lake Tahoe’s oldest mansions, Vikingsholm, looks over the lake.

On the left, my sweetie and I enjoy the lake. In the upper right, the gang rafting on the Truckee River, and on the lower right, tubing behind the boat!

We also took the boat to various restaurants on the water: Sunnyside for their famous fried zucchini; Chambers Landing (the oldest structure on the lake) for their wicked “Chamber’s Punch”; and then to my old stomping ground, Garwoods, where I worked as a sweet li’l waitress in the summers of 1989 and ’90!

On the left, my sister and me. On the right, the hub and my brother-in-law Richard. We were dining at Jake's on the Lake on our last night.

It was such a wonderful vacation! Truly, Lake Tahoe is one of the most beautiful alpine lakes on the West Coast! Terry and I are fully refreshed and ready to dive into fall back here at Ped HQ. But we’ll dream of our next retreat to my sweetie lake!

Life is good when I'm floating on Lake Tahoe with Lulu!

Une tasse de café (ou deux ou trois)

Monday, October 19th, 2009

During the first week in October, I made my biannual trip to Paris for the international shoe show (and, of course, for a dose of Parisian culture, shopping, and food). I had so much fun! Although I didn’t notice any overriding new trends—just a lot more black—I do have some wonderful tips about things on tap from Cydwoq, Trippen, and Fiorentini + Baker.

At the show Cydwoq and Trippen had their booths right next to each other, which makes sense since they both appeal to customers who appreciate edgy, arty, and comfortable shoes that have an ethical and environmentally aware sensibility. Michael of Trippen bought a new espresso machine, which he set up in Cydwoq’s booth, so you can guess where everybody gathered!

The beloved new espresso maker on the right, and Cydwoq's Rafi and Trippen's Michael enjoying its output on the left.

The beloved new espresso maker on the left, and Cydwoq's Rafi and Trippen's Michael enjoying its output on the right.

Cydwoq has gorgeous washed leathers for spring and summer in beautiful shades of caramel, dark brown, and yellow. Trippen, meanwhile, fulfilled my constant quest for green shoes, plus I discovered great silver and steel metallics at Trippen. And, yes, the popular wedge and cups soles will be coming your way again for spring (we love them).

The Baker in Fiorentini + Baker, Deborah Baker has one of the best smiles in the business!

The Baker in Fiorentini + Baker, Deborah Baker has one of the best smiles in the business!

Meanwhile, over at Fiorentini + Baker, I fell for the relaxed tall boots and low ankle boots in suede. And get ready for the F+B triple-buckle sandal that’s coming to Ped for warm weather!

Plus, Fiorentini+ Baker is offering styles in lovely new greens and blues. Ped fans, you will swoon!

When I wasn’t working, I shopped and ate and ate and ate some more. My shoe pals and I noshed on great Lebanese food at Noura, and we made our regular pilgrimage to Fish La Boissonnerie for homemade bread and, yes, fish. And, needless to say, we all drank a lot of coffee!

The weather was beautiful the first two days, so I took time to visit the Jardin de Tuileries.

Jardin de Tuileries.

Jardin de Tuileries.

Unfortunately, it rained the rest of the time, but since I had to be inside anyway, it didn’t really matter. After all, who can complain when my walk home every evening offered this view?

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