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Sweet Treat this week? F + B’s Elios!

Thursday, September 4th, 2014

These days our brains are dancing with images of beautiful ankle boots, so we thought . “Why not give Ped fans a reason to dance for real by making the Fiorentini + Baker Elios this week’s Sweet Treat?” And so it is! To receive 20% off this Ped favorite, simply click “be sweet to your feet” at the bottom of the box on the left of most Ped pages. When you arrive at the Elios with the “Sweet Treat,” designation, , pick your size and color, add it to your bag, and get the discount automatically at checkout!


Give it a twirl, girls!

This week’s Sweet Treat? The Fiorentini + Baker Elios!

Friday, March 21st, 2014

Happy Spring, Ped fans! To welcome the season we’ve all been waiting for, we’re offering an extra delicious Sweet Treat this week,: Fiorentini + Baker’s Elios Boot! Just click “be sweet to your feet” at the bottom of the box on the left at Ped’s main site to reach the Elios, where all you have to do is add it to your bag to receive 20% off at checkout! Lace it up and play all day!FBElioscombo

Debbi’s Tale of the Sole: The Fiorentini + Baker experience!

Wednesday, March 25th, 2009
Emma, Eli, and Eternity

Fiorentini + Baker's Emma, Eli, and Eternity

You know what makes everyone at Ped HQ smile? The sight of Fiorentini +Baker boxes coming off the delivery truck! Today we got our latest shipment of F+B’s ever-popular Eternity and beloved Emma boots, which reminds me to share a recent e-mail from Debbi right here in Berkeley:

Hi Dayna,

As my birthday approached, I asked my husband not to get me anything. I suggested he consider “an experience” instead. When I opened the box containing my Emma boots, I thought he’d forgotten my suggestion. After putting them on, I knew he’d given great thought to what turned out to be an incomparable experience. Thank you!


Add another member to the ever-growing fan club of Fiorentini + Baker, an Italian company that believes in making boots the traditional way. At first glance, the prices may seem a bit steep, but with F+B (as with all of Ped’s lines), you truly get what you pay for! Expertly made from the best leather, these boots will last a lifetime, even if you wear them every day of the year—which is pretty much what I do! We are all about the P.P.W. (price per wear) here at Ped!

Consider how many celebrities opt for Fiorentini + Baker boots. These gals can afford to wear anything, but they choose the comfort and cutting-edge style of F+B for their everyday errands.

L to R: Keri Hilson, Kate Beckinsale, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mary Kate Olsen, Jessica Alba, and Sarah Jessica Parker.

L to R: Keri Hilson, Kate Beckinsale, Gwyneth Paltrow, Mary Kate Olsen, Jessica Alba, and Sarah Jessica Parker, all feeling the Fiorentini + Baker love!

And we at Ped love them, too! My Eternity boots are second only to my go-to Emma, which took my heart by storm last year. Meanwhile, Ped’s Laura became a Fiorentini + Baker convert this past fall, thanks to the Elios, and since then she’s also added the Emma to her wardrobe! We are true F+B devotees around here! 

As I mentioned in my after-Paris post, I especially love the look of a great pair of boots with a pretty summer dress. And since that’s the latest trend, all the better!

Dayna in her Emma boots with Ped's Chief Canine Officer, Lulu.

After all, Fiorentini + Baker boots are Lulu-approved!

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