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Dayna’s Big Adventure, Part 3: Phuket!

Monday, June 29th, 2009

Although I was sad to leave Chiang Mai and my sweetheart of an elephant, Boonpuk, it was time to hit Thailand’s famous beaches. So off we went to Phuket!

* We stayed at the JW Marriott Resort, which was simply amazing! The grounds are blow-your-mind gorgeous! The resort is located right on the ocean and has three pools, several restaurants, and an amazing spa with outdoor rooms. We shared a two-bedroom unit with a kitchen, so we could cook meals at “home.”. Unfortunately, the ocean is too rough for swimming, so we spent many hours at the pool.

The resort's grounds were stunning! My feet lounging by the pool, and Keri collecting shells on the beach.

The resort's grounds were stunning! My feet lounging by the pool, and Keri collecting shells on the beach.

* The hotel was pretty isolated, so we took a taxi one day to Patong Beach, which is the closest one where you can swim in the ocean. The beach guys will set you up with chairs and umbrellas for about $3, and you can also rent boogie boards, windsurfing boards, etc. While I was enjoying the ocean breeze, I indulged in a 45-minute foot massage with fresh, cold aloe. It was dreamy and only $7.

The view from my chair, a guy giving his dog a ride by scooter, and, aaahhhh, my cooling aloe foot massage.

The view from my chair at Patong Beach, a guy giving his dog a ride by scooter (love it!), and my cooling aloe foot massage. Aahhhhhh.

* Just by luck, we happened to go down a little street and came across an incredible ceramic shop called Siam Ceramic Handmade. It was filled with beautiful hand-painted ceramics, and I bought a few coffee mugs to bring home as souvenirs. We spent about a hour there with the family that owned it. They shared their photos and stories about the tsunami. Wow! (And not a good wow.) They lost three stores in eight minutes when the tsunami struck! The amount of destruction, death, and cleanup they endured is beyond comprehension.

The family showed us photos of the store after the tsunami. The store as it is today, and Keri, Kara, and me with the lovely family who owns the business.

* Fantasea Show—One night we went out for dinner and a show. The performance was absolutely beautiful and featured elephants, tigers, lots of dancers, incredible costumes, music, and gorgeous set design. If you want to go to a traditional Thai dinner show, this is the one! It’s great for both kids and adults!

Finally, you can take the girl away from Ped, but you can’t take Ped away from the girl:

Of course, these beautiful handmade bags caught my eye, and my sweet beach feet in my sweet Cydwoq sandals.

These beautiful handmade bags, of course, caught my eye, and my sweet beach feet in my sweet Cydwoq sandals.

Tomorrow, our final destination: Bangkok!

Four girls head west to the East!

Wednesday, June 3rd, 2009

Ped fans, I am SO EXCITED!!! Tomorrow I jet off with my mom, sister, and niece for a two-week vacation in Southeast Asia! Do you know I have never taken 14 consecutive days off in my life??? After leaving San Francisco, we’ll visit Hong Kong, Singapore, Chiang Mai, Phuket, and Bangkok. My mom (technically my step-mother, but I love her with all my heart) grew up in Shanghai, and she still has friends and family throughout Asia. For instance, in Singapore we’re staying with her nephew, who is the head of Hasbro Toys! We four gals have so many fun things planned: riding elephants, visiting temples in Chiang Mai, kayaking, and just chilling on the white sand beaches in Phuket. I promise to take lots of pictures and tell you all about it once I return!

So, you may be wondering what Ped things I plan to take on my big adventure? Well, here are few items that will definitely go on the trip:

1) Cydwoq’s Mint bag:

Not only is this bag beautiful, but it’s also large enough to hold everything I want to have on hand for the long flight: a couple books, a magazine or two, a sweater because I always get chilly on the plane, toiletries for freshening up, and a change of clothes, just in case my checked bag takes a vacation without me (please, no). Also, the Mint will make a great shopping companion when I hit the streets to hunt for souvenirs.

2) Jutta Neumann’s Kim sandal:

When you’re going to spend a lot of time walking in hot weather, you can’t beat this easy slide for comfort and versatility. Jutta’s craftsmanship is legendary—her all-leather sandals are molded so they feel custom-made for your feet. And the Kim’s design—so minimal and chic—looks fantastic with literally everything

3) Jamie Joseph’s Sea Coral Necklace:

I don’t know about you, but I hate fussing with jewelry when I travel—but that doesn’t mean I want to go without. So, I’m planning to put on (and never take off) this Jamie Joseph necklace. I love how the tiny diamonds sparkle from within the crevices of the oxidized silver “coral”! And it’s a necklace I don’t have to think about—I’ll wear it sightseeing, swimming in the ocean, out to dinner (have I mentioned the great food we’re going to eat?), and everywhere else! 

I hope the next two weeks bring you as much fun as I’m about to have! I’ll miss Terry, Lulu, and Ella, but just think—soon I’ll be here:

Courtesy of J.W. Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa

Courtesy of J.W. Marriott Phuket Resort & Spa

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