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Ever green!

Monday, November 12th, 2012

Well, we took a little hiatus from our exploration of the spectrum, but we’re diving back into color today! You probably won’t be surprised to learn I saved my favorite color for last: GREEN! Ped fans know how much I adore all things verdant, and this season I’m in heaven—so many shades of green, all lovely! Let’s take a tour, shall we?

Since ankle boots are de rigueur these days, let’s start with Trippen’s splendid Pillow:

The forest green color of the vegetable-tanned and washed leather is so refreshing—you can practically smell pine needles when you look at it! Artsy without being over-the-top, the Pillow is definitely a German treat for your feet!

Another great Trippen low boot, the Fountain, shows off our favorite leather trend: colorful exposed seams!

Something about this lace-up boot makes us thing of grasshoppers—maybe it’s the deep green body complemented by the light green laces and exposed seams? Whatever the reason, the Fountain makes us smile! And its comfort is sure to make you smile, too! (Want the Fountain in blue? Your wish is granted!)

Taking things down to shoe level, green adds zing to several kick-around flats, like the Cydwoq Downhill:

If you’re looking for a shoe to walk from here to there and back again, season after season, put the Downhill at the top of your list! The roomy toe box and excellent arch support make it a friend you’ll want to wear every day! And the more you wear it, the better it gets!

Another fantastic shoe to leave by the door (since it’s the one you’ll lace up day in and day out) is Cydwoq’s Mud Doctor:

The combo of the natural leather laces with the delectable sage green leather is yummy in every way! Cydwoq’s Mud Doctor is just what the doctor ordered! (FYI, we also offer this foot tonic in chocolate brown.)

Trippen takes the lace-up shoe and gives it a twist, putting the lacing in back! We love it! The Trippen Oven is cooking with style gas:

Not only is the Oven delightful to look at, it’s also delightful to wear, thanks to Trippen’s ultra-lightweight “Penna” rubber sole. Tie up the back of this organic green cutie, and dart around town like a forest sprite!

Maybe you’re thinking, “Fine, fine, all green and beautiful, yes, but give me something girly!” Chie Mihara knows just what you want! Drink in the loveliness of the Ilaria:

Feminine and fun without being prissy, the Ilaria is a vision in green suede! We especially like the way the taupe twill ribbon at the ankle adds contrast in texture as well as color! When you step out in this beauty, everyone will be green with envy!

Winter days may be grey, but you’ll do the world a world of good by being seen in green!

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Trippen is what’s happening!

Monday, September 24th, 2012

Every season we go on and on about what geniuses the German designers at Trippen are, how amazing their leathers and craftsmanship are, and how they’ve really outdone themselves with the latest styles! But honestly, Ped fans, every season it’s TRUE!

This fall is no exception. When the latest Trippen boxes arrived at the Ped warehouse, every boot and shoe we unpacked had us shouting, “WOW!” Think we’re exaggerating? Please see for yourself:

Just when all the beautiful boots out there start to blur together, along comes Trippen to open our eyes to things utterly new and different! Consider the Wind:

WOW! Too cool for school (but feel free to wear them there anyway), this mid-calf boot’s blue-edged seams vine around the shaft, while a zipper zings up the back!

Like the seams but looking for something lower to the ground? Here’s a tasty temptation: the Trippen Oven:

WOW! Longtime Ped fans know if there’s one way to turn my head, it’s with a great green shoe! And the Oven keeps it turned with its seaming and saucy lace-up back!

Trippen also uses back lacing to fabulous effect in the new California boot:

WOW! Be still our fringe-loving hearts! What a Bohemian beauty! The way the natural edges contrast with the petrol-colored leather is spectacular!

Prefer your lacing up front? Trippen’s got your number in the sizzling Corset:

WOW! The structural design of this boot is stunning—vertical seams create a “corset” around your ankle and then flare into a dramatic ruffle around the top. Industrial down below and flirtatious above!

Taking the ankle boot in a completely different and pared-down direction, Trippen dishes up the Diesel:

WOW! We heart this little boot so much it leaves us breathless! The dual zipper is fun and clever, and the curry-colored leather is lip-smackingly delicious. (Plus, if you forget to pack your clutch, it can do double duty…)

If you’re charmed by the Diesel’s zippy zipper design but wish it were on a taller boot, Trippen grants your wish with the Super:

WOW! Versatile and comfortable yet with super-sized style, the Super is definitely a contender for the title of Must-Have Boot of the Season!

Trippen hasn’t forgotten those of you who like to step out the door with flash and panache! Brace yourselves:

WOW! Futuristic, industrial, and as chic as the day is long, Trippen’s Brace is the boot for making maximal impact! Shine on, sisters!

And those are just the tip of the eye-opening Trippen iceberg that’s definitely keeping things cooler than cool at Ped HQ! Lots more Trippen styles await your ogling over at Ped’s main site, so go get an eyeful!


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