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Keep your boots on!

Monday, January 31st, 2011

Sure, it’s still icy outside for many of you, but, Ped fans, before you know it, spring is going to bust out all over! But that doesn’t mean you have to relegate your boots to the back of the closet. Heck no! Boots, especially those of the ankle-height and mid-calf variety, are perfect for skipping from one season into the next.

With that in mind, here are a few nominees for what to wear when the buds are on the trees but it’s still too brisk to expose the toes.

Cydwoq’s Pi Bootie is the perfect way to celebrate that last little bit of slush disappearing from the sidewalk!

The sexy way the leather wraps around the back of this boot is enough to make the temperature rise! And the Pi looks superlative with bare legs and a swingy skirt!

Another great heeled boot (that’s perhaps a little less “lady”) is Cydwoq’s Artemis:

We love the retro feel of the buttoned closure combined with the modern square toe and hand-cut wooden heel. (And see what we mean about how terrific an ankle boot looks with a breezy skirt?)

Maybe you’d rather keep your heels on the ground, in which case Cydwoq’s Sparta might be just the thing for moving into spring.

We went wild for this boot when we first saw it as a men’s style, so we begged Rafi and Ari to make a version for women. Ta da! We love how the washed grey leather is distinctive but still go-with-everything versatile.

(By the way, the Sparta just happens to be this week’s “sweet treat”! Click “be sweet to your feet” in the upper right corner of any Ped page to reach the Sparta with the magic code that’s worth 20% off at checkout!)

If you want something that rises a little higher on the leg, check out the Sparta’s taller sibling, the Iota.

This gorgeous lace-up is made of “aging” black leather and will get a brownish patina with wear. It’s one of our all-time favorite boots! Ped fans clearly agree since no sooner do we get a new shipment in than it flies right back out. If we don’t currently have your size, just send us an e-mail, and we’ll put your name on the wait list for the Iota!

Of course,  you may prefer a buckled motorcycle boot to a lace-up. If so, look no further than Fiorentini + Baker’s Eli!

Such a great boot! You’ll never want to it off—and, good news, you won’t have to because the Eli looks as good with skirts as it does with jeans!

But if spring fever makes you want to rock out, Fiorentini + Baker’s Paula is the way to go!

With a ruched front and a zipper up the back, the Paula is another hot number we can’t seem to keep in the Ped house! If you’d like to be on the wait list for our next shipment of this kickass ankle boot, drop us a line!

Trippen’s Royal Bootie is another transitional style with a rock ‘n’ roll edge!

The spat-like upper wrapped by a buckle strap around the ankle ensures this boot will be the most cutting-edge thing on the street!

So let the sunshine in as the trees leaf out, but keep yourself well-booted while winter breezes into spring!

Cydwoq sighting

Monday, December 20th, 2010

Ped fans, take a short break from holiday preparations or online ordering to watch this great video about our beloved Cydwoq, which we found posted at

Isn’t Ari a doll? He’s the designer behind a lot of the latest styles coming out of Cydwoq, working alongside his dad, Rafi, as a true father-son team! Whenever we hear them talk about their philosophy and the effort they put into their shoes, it makes us so proud to carry Cydwoq! We’ve added a few new designs recently and gotten some of your favorites in new colors, so check out the freshest Cydwoq on the sidewalk:

You know by now that the oxford is the shoe of the moment, but Cydwoq’s Classic Oxford is really something special:

As Ari points out in the video, what sets Cydwoq apart is the cut and construction of the leather, as well as the internal architecture, which is so apparent in the way this oxford is put together. When I saw this design for men, I begged Rafi to adapt it for women, and he did! We love!

Another Cydwoq men’s design we cajoled Rafi into doing for women is the Sparta:

What a great lace-up bootie in beautiful washed grey leather! The Sparta’s so practical—easy to wear on all kinds of outings, and it’s sassy with skirts as well as stellar with jeans. (Bet you wish you’d had this number on when you went to pick out your tree!)

If you’re lucky enough to live somewhere unchallenged by wintry snow and ice (or if you carry your cool shoes with you to slip into after you’re out of your galoshes), you can’t beat Cydwoq’s brand new Smile Mary Jane for all-season cuteness:

Such a winner in every way, from the stylish ankle strap to the comfortable toe construction! If you have the good fortune to be going on a mid-winter vacation, this is the shoe to pack; it will take you through sightseeing during the day and out to dinner at night. Your tired feet will thank you for keeping them happy!

On the other hand, if what you really need is a good boot, you can’t go wrong with Cydwoq’s new Flood:

This Flood has everything to like: a practical mid-calf height; four adjustable buckles that require no fuss, thanks to an inside zipper; and twin exposed seams running up the back! Plus, the leather is emerald green!!! (You know how I love green…)

As for new colors, we now have the oh-so-chic Pi Bootie in antique silver (oo-la-la):

And the go-everywhere Buckle flat now comes in a to-die-for blue marble:

So whether you’re new to Cydwoq or a long-time fan, it’s a terrific time to indulge in a new pair! There’s nothing like shoes that feel good and that you feel good about wearing—which is the very essence of Cydwoq!

The Armenian connection

Saturday, June 26th, 2010

Ped fans, did you hear about the discovery of the oldest known leather shoe? Archaeologists found it in an Armenian cave, and scientific testing has determined the lace-up bootie dates to 3653–3627 B.C. (holy cow!) and was worn by woman on her approximately size 7 right foot. Although its mate is missing,  there is no doubt a prehistoric fashionista wore this shoe because the sole bears the imprint of her big toe and shows evidence of having been repaired several times.

By Associated Press/Deptarment of Archaeology University College Cork. Provided by the Department of Archaeology University College Cork, Cork Ireland, this photo shows a well preserved and complete shoe that was recovered at the base of a Chalcolithic pit in the cave in Armenia.

This Armenian discovery is astonishing, but it doesn’t altogether surprise us. After all, Cydwoq founder, Rafi Balouzian, comes from a long line of Armenian shoemakers. In the early 1900s, Rafi’s grandfather was a renowned master shoemaker in Armenia, and Rafi’s  father also went into the business, establishing a factory that manufactured shoe parts.

After moving to the United States, Rafi himself went into fashion design, but left it briefly to pursue post-graduate degrees in interior architecture and environ- mental design. But the man is a walker, and, eventually, he walked right back into his  family’s shoe-making tradition, founding Cydwoq in 1996.

So, what do Cydwoq’s cutting-edge styles of today have in common with that Armenian shoe from 5600 years ago? More than you might think: Cydwoq’s handmade construction is all-leather, using carefully selected  hides that are vegetable-dyed and put together using water-based glues. And like the ancient shoe, all Cydwoq sandals, shoes, and boots conform to your foot over time for a custom fit. If you manage to walk through the sole or have any other problem, Rafi and his Cydwoq colleagues will happily make the necessary repairs.

Here are three of our latest Cydwoq additions, which showcase the long-long-long-long-long-established Armenian commitment to comfort, and durability, plus Rafi’s modern-day dedication to style.

Every time we look at Cydwoq’s gorgeous new Pi Bootie, we go a little weak in the knees. Fortunately, if we were wearing this beauty, we’d manage to stay on our feet because Rafi has placed the heel in just the right spot for maximum stability and comfort. Truly, the Pi is one for the ages—good design is timeless!

Another new style that’s captured our hearts is the Cydwoq Gamma:

What a great flat! Classic but utterly modern! Buckle up for a lifetime of easy walking.

Finally, here’s the Cydwoq Orient, which I think bears a slight resemblance to its long-lost ancestor:

Knit leather—could anything be cooler, both literally and figuratively? So fun to wear, this treasure will make you the talk of the town!

In The New York Times story about the discovery of the ancient shoe, Armenian doctoral student, Diana Zardaryan, who pulled the shoe out from its grass-lined storage spot, is quoted as saying, “To find a shoe has always been my dream.” We know just how she feels! Thank you, Rafi, for making our modern-day dreams come true.

(Incidentally, the “sweet treat” this week is another fantastic Cydwoq style: the Gaudi heeled sandal. You still have a few more days to click “be sweet to your feet” in the upper corner of any Ped page to reach the magic code that will give you a cool 20% discount on this summer stunner.)

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