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La vita dolce con Vic Matié

Monday, April 11th, 2011

Ped fans, you may remember last fall I returned from the European shoe shows all excited about a new line I’d found for Ped: Vic Matié from Italy. I was impressed that Vic Matié’s shoes are created start to finish in a small-town factory by a dedicated group of designers and craftsmen who work collaboratively to produce beautiful shoes of first-rate quality and first-rate comfort.

Well, good news, they’re finally here!!! And were they ever worth the wait! Behold the fabulousness of Vic Matié!

We immediately fell for the charms of the sexy Belladonna sandal! This season it’s all about the ankle, and this strap-and-buckle sandal will make the most of yours! Add in the 3.5″ heel and the seductive zipper up the back, and you’ve got deadly style!

Sandal boots are another look we love—so modern and chic! Vic Matié’s Luisa is one of our favorites:

The contrast of the soft suede shaft (which feels wonderful against your skin) with the matte leather straps is so delicious! Pair the Luisa with a floaty feminine dress, and you’ll look like you just stepped off a European runway.

Another ultra-edgy flat sandal that will inspire shoe envy in everyone who sees you is Vic Matie’s Elda:

Composed of countless rolled-leather straps, all meticulously made, the Elda is unlike any other sandal you’ll see! So stunning and so comfortable—this zipped-back sandal’s leather sole molds to your individual foot with wear.

If you’re looking for something a little girlier, perhaps with a wooden sole (another current trend we love), then feast your eyes on the Allegra:

We think it’s so cool how Vic Matié has combined a wooden sole with a beautifully contoured wrapped-leather heel! Every aspect of this sandal is gorgeous, from the silver rivets that attach the upper to the sole, to the thong that artfully laces the front section to the back, to the go-with everything slate-grey leather!

But if you’re in the mood to stop traffic—and we mean bring it to a screeching halt while drivers and pedestrians all rubberneck to get a better look at your cool shoes—then Vic Matié’s Sienna is the ticket!

This sandal is so devastatingly sexy that perhaps it should come with a warning label: “May cause cardiac arrest in those who see the wearer.” The wooden sole, the zipper up the back, the cage-like leather straps, and leather-wrapped heel—what a knockout combo!

Now you understand why I was so thrilled to add Vic Matié to the Ped family—even if the inherent hotness of the styles raise the temperature in the warehouse by a few degrees! Summertime is going to be that much sweeter when you sashay through it in a pair of Vic Matié sandals!

August’s winning Tale of the Sole: Sarah’s F+B celebrity moment!

Tuesday, September 15th, 2009

As many Ped fans know, lots of celebrities get their pictures snapped wearing Fiorentini + Baker boots. Sarah Jackson, however, had a different kind of celebrity moment while spicing up Boulder, Colorado’s fashion scene with her strappy Eternity boots. Here’s her tale:

Although I’ve lived in many glamorous places—Barcelona, New York City, San Francisco, Perth (Australia), and the wilds of Montana—I now live in Boulder, Colorado, where fashion doesn’t extend much past yoga pants, fleece jackets, and clogs. I decided when I moved here that I was not going to leave glamour behind. So I was thrilled when I FINALLY got a pair of Fiorentini & Baker Eternity boots, thanks to my dear mother-in-law, who bought them to celebrate my signing a book contract (yippee)!

With some sizing help from Ped, I received a perfect-fitting pair of boots, put them on, and practically refused to take them off. I bought a pair of cute woolen knickers to show them off to full advantage, and I was wearing this knickers + Eternity ensemble one day when I picked up my son from preschool. One of his classmates stopped in her tracks, staring at my boots. Then her mom appeared, equally agog. “I LOVE those boots!” the mom exclaimed. “You look like…” She was racking her brain. “Amelia Earhart!” her daughter shouted. “Yes!” her mom agreed. It turned out they had just been reading a library book about Amelia Earhart. I felt like a celebrity!

Buzzy looking glamorous in her Fiorentini + Baker Eternity boots.

Sarah looking glamorous in her Fiorentini + Baker Eternity boots.

Now whenever I wear the Eternity boots, the preschool kids ask me about them: “What kind of boots are those?” “Why do they have so many straps?” And of course, “Who was Amelia Earhart?” Not only do I enjoy the conversations, but the whole experience has also reinforced my belief that true glamour is appreciated, no matter where one lives.

Thank you, Ped, for making my Amelia Earhart moment possible. I’m going to wear these babies ‘til they fall to pieces… or simply, like Amelia, disappear.

Given how durable Fiorentini + Baker’s workmanship is, the disappearing seems more likely than the boots’ falling to pieces! For making us smile the most in August, a Ped gift certificate for $100 is winging its way to Sarah for her wonderful story of adding a little pizzazz to the streets of Boulder.

Do you have a Tale of the Sole? Tell us—and show us (we LOVE pictures!!!)—what happened to you while wearing a Ped item, and you, too, might be the recipient of $100 in Ped credit. Each month we pick the most sole-ful tale to share on the blog. So, let us know what in the world you’ve been doing in your Ped!

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