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Bag some style at Ped’s Bag Sale!

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

We can’t help it—whenever August rolls around we get nostalgic for back-to-school shopping. We used to love picking out notebooks, pens and pencils, and three-ring binders. But the most important item, of course, was the lunchbox and matching thermos! At Ped HQ, we’ve been talking about how we might recapture a little of that magic, and we thought, “Well, every grown-up gal could always use a new bag to get her fall off on the right foot!” So, voila, we bring you the Ped Bag Sale!

From now until August 19, all of the beautiful slings, totes, and satchels from Cydwoq, 49 Square Miles, and Jutta Neumann are all 25% off!!! Here are just a few of the lovelies we’re offering at “back-to-school” prices:

When we laid eyes on the Kerouac Satchel from 49 Square Miles, it was love at first sight! It is one beautiful bag—large enough to hold everything you need but not oversized and awkward. The way the handles lace through the accordion-pleated sides is just so cool. And the leather, aahhhhh, the leather is so deliciously supple, you’ll have a hard time not touching it (but why resist?). Well worth the original price of $548, it’s a steal at $411! (But we love you, so it’s okay.)

For those of you who like a lighter bag (and who manage to leave the kitchen sink where it belongs in the kitchen), Jutta Neumann’s Oslo Bag is simplicity incarnate. It has room for the necessities you need in a day but won’t weigh you down. Plus, we love the surprise of the contrasting suede lining—see that glimpse of brilliant turquoise up there? And Jutta’s craftsmanship is unparalleled. Pretty at $318, it’s positively radiant at $199!

Maybe you really are heading back to school as a teacher, grad student, or professor, in which case Cydwoq’s Bright Bag makes a great campus companion. A Ped classic, loved by so many, the all-rivet construction—not a stitch to be seen—makes this bag an endurance queen, and its capacious interior is large enough for files, a few books, and even a small laptop. Smart at $358, it’s brilliant at $268!

Jump on over to Ped’s main site to see all the other beautiful bags waiting to tote your goods around town! But remember, to bag your favorite before the sale ends on August 19. What a way to say “see ya” to summer and “hey there” to fall!

Hello, Neumann!

Wednesday, May 13th, 2009

On Seinfeld, when Jerry said, “Hello, Newman,” he was usually gritting his teeth over running into his arch nemesis. Not us! When we say, “Hello, Neumann!” (pronounced “noy-man”) we’re jumping for joy because it means we’ve gotten in  another shipment from our New York friend, leather designer Jutta Neumann.

Originally from Germany, Jutta creates sandals and bags that truly(!!!) offer unparalleled beauty and craftsmanship. She hand selects her leathers and dyes them the most gorgeous, saturated colors before meticulously cutting and constructing her items using traditional methods. A hallmark of her sandals are their molded arches and tiny cobblers’ nails that, though barely visible, are evidence of Jutta’s dedication to her craft. Everything she makes is wonderful from the outset but improves with age and use, lasting for years and years and years. We also adore her clean-lined and elegant aesthetic—every detail is intelligently considered and contributes to the overall design. (Plus, we love her arched cat logo!)

See for yourself! Jutta’s classic Kim sandal represents the best qualities of the J.N. approach and has won fans the world over.

This ultra-comfortable design offers an ideal combination of minimalism and sophistication. This year, Ped has added bone and kelly green to our always-popular black and brown options.

Another Jutta Neumann sandal that’s won our hearts is Roger

This little lovely is perfect for Ped-sters who like the security of a back strap. A veritable lesson in good design, Roger is three well-planned straps on a mission of comfort and style.

Jutta’s bags are also the epitome of form and function. Case in point: the Oslo.

The proportions are perfect, and the lime green color is beyond juicy! Plus, although you can barely glimpse it under one strap in the pic, the lining is a fabulous violet suede (check out “views” at the Ped site)!!! Too cool!

And since we’re on the subject of purple, take a look at Jutta’s lovely Adana bag:

With this feminine-but-not-fussy bag on your shoulder, you’ll be like a walking urban beautification project! (Any city you visit should thank you.)

So, go ahead and say it with us, “Hello, Neumann!”

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