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Lighten up!

Tuesday, April 7th, 2009

Is everyone out there as happy as I am about spring? When the trees leaf out and the grass turns green, all I want to do is leave my dark clothes in the closet and wear something light and breezy. That goes for my shoes and accessories, too. White, cream, and light metallics are so summery and fresh. (And for those of you who insist on not wearing white until after Easter, well, gals, it’s this Sunday, so you’re almost there…) Think bridal showers. Think afternoon tea parties on the verandah. Think dining al fresco with your sweetheart. Even if you usually wear all black all the time, why not surprise your friends and colleagues by doing the reverse? It’s fun to shake things up! Here are a few of Ped’s favorite ways to lighten the mood:

No, you’re not dreaming—Ped now offers Fiorentini + Baker’s Eternity boot in white (well, blanco in Italian)!!! Don’t you love how it exudes retro flair, calling to mind 1960s go-go boots, and yet is still so modern and badass? Think how cute this style would look with a light cotton dress or skirt! CUTE!

But if you prefer something more traditionally lady-like, Chie Mihara has your number:

Feminine without a hint of prissiness, Chie’s Levante t-strap sandal has such a sweet vintage air with its cream-colored woven leather. I especially like how the toe straps resemble flower petals folding in toward the center. Plus, the lift up front makes this heel a comfortable pleasure to wear.

For an edgier, artier sandal, consider the bronze version of Cydwoq’s fabulous Elect:


The silvery edges of the faux-crocodile leather take the Elect’s gladiator-esque style into the stratosphere. Wear this number to a gallery opening, and we guarantee all eyes won’t only be on the art!

Maybe what you really need, though, is a new bag to take you through the warm-weather months. Look no further than 49 Square Miles Winans Hobo:

If you haven’t touched a 49 Square Miles bag, you are in for a treat! The leather of this carry-all is as creamy and delicious as its color! Also, although you can’t fully see the shoulder strap in the photo above, it loops through the bag and intertwines like a lovely vine (check “views” at the Ped site to see what I mean).

Speaking of vines, how breathtaking is Jamie Joseph’s Cultured Pearl on a Vine ring?

As lovely as a full moon on a spring night, this ring combines the smooth opulence of a pearl set in 14k gold with an organic vine of sterling silver. It’s the perfect treat for celebrating the return of warm weather!

Details, details, details…

Monday, March 30th, 2009

In past posts, I’ve encouraged Ped fans to use the site’s “Zoom” feature to take a closer look at the finer points of Ped’s treasures. Sure, there’s a lot of info packed into the descriptions, but nothing quite matches seeing the additional views and examining the exquisite details for yourself. For instance, take a gander at the mind-boggling number of beautiful yarns Sophie Digard uses to crochet her Mini Flower Scarf:

And check out the precise cutwork and topstitching that enhance the design of 49 Square Miles’ Kerouac Satchel:

Finally, take a look at the hand-painted leather treatment that makes the Cydwoq Vintage Feel sandal so unique:

At Ped, it’s often the little things that take our shoes, bags, and other treasures to the next level. So dig into the details!

Hola, Argila! And 49 Square Miles of new bags!

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Ped fans, happy spring and have I got good news for you!! As I mentioned in my last post, Ped is extremely selective about the lines we carry. Whatever we bring you not only has to offer stellar style and comfort, it also has to meet Ped’s high standards for craftsmanship, ethical production, and environmental awareness. No easy feat! So, we are over the moon to add TWO new lines to Ped’s inner circle! Both are spectacular!

Pep Monjo, founder of Argila, studied design in Italy and collaborated with some of Europe’s most innovative footwear designers before returning to his hometown of Menorca, Spain, to found his own company. Made from the most beautiful handpicked leathers (you can practically feel the quality just by looking at the pictures), all of Argila’s shoes are crafted right in Menorca! And are they ever gorgeous!

I could live in Argila’s Ella sandal this spring and summer. There’s nothing better than a practical sandal that goes with everything in your closet and yet still shines with unique personality. 

Those of you who need or simply like a dressier look are also in luck. 

Argila’s Alana T-strap sizzles with clean-lined simplicity! Although it can pass for conservative, this heeled beauty will turn every head in the room! And the leather is cut and stitched just so (use the “zoom” at the site to see what I mean). 

Joining Argila in the Ped line-up are bags from San Francisco’s 49 Square Miles. Named for the area the city occupies, 49 Square Miles designs bags that capture the spirit of SF’s people and culture. So, you know they’re colorful and cutting-edge! Plus, they’re handcrafted from the most deliciously touchable leather you can imagine. I mean, really—everyone at Ped HQ is swooning over how these bags feel!

This Bookworm Slim Tote is flat-out irresistible! Between the color and the details (I am especially smitten by those organic brass rings) and the fact that it can hold everything you could possibly need, what’s not to love?

Then there’s the Crossbody Sling:

Could anything be fresher for spring than this grab-it-and-go bag with its eye-catching color and top-stitching? At Ped, we love it when function comes with big ol’ jolt of ‘zazz!

So, hop on over to the site and have a drool over both Argila and 49 Square Miles. They are worthy!

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