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Bag some style at Ped’s Bag Sale!

Tuesday, August 11th, 2009

We can’t help it—whenever August rolls around we get nostalgic for back-to-school shopping. We used to love picking out notebooks, pens and pencils, and three-ring binders. But the most important item, of course, was the lunchbox and matching thermos! At Ped HQ, we’ve been talking about how we might recapture a little of that magic, and we thought, “Well, every grown-up gal could always use a new bag to get her fall off on the right foot!” So, voila, we bring you the Ped Bag Sale!

From now until August 19, all of the beautiful slings, totes, and satchels from Cydwoq, 49 Square Miles, and Jutta Neumann are all 25% off!!! Here are just a few of the lovelies we’re offering at “back-to-school” prices:

When we laid eyes on the Kerouac Satchel from 49 Square Miles, it was love at first sight! It is one beautiful bag—large enough to hold everything you need but not oversized and awkward. The way the handles lace through the accordion-pleated sides is just so cool. And the leather, aahhhhh, the leather is so deliciously supple, you’ll have a hard time not touching it (but why resist?). Well worth the original price of $548, it’s a steal at $411! (But we love you, so it’s okay.)

For those of you who like a lighter bag (and who manage to leave the kitchen sink where it belongs in the kitchen), Jutta Neumann’s Oslo Bag is simplicity incarnate. It has room for the necessities you need in a day but won’t weigh you down. Plus, we love the surprise of the contrasting suede lining—see that glimpse of brilliant turquoise up there? And Jutta’s craftsmanship is unparalleled. Pretty at $318, it’s positively radiant at $199!

Maybe you really are heading back to school as a teacher, grad student, or professor, in which case Cydwoq’s Bright Bag makes a great campus companion. A Ped classic, loved by so many, the all-rivet construction—not a stitch to be seen—makes this bag an endurance queen, and its capacious interior is large enough for files, a few books, and even a small laptop. Smart at $358, it’s brilliant at $268!

Jump on over to Ped’s main site to see all the other beautiful bags waiting to tote your goods around town! But remember, to bag your favorite before the sale ends on August 19. What a way to say “see ya” to summer and “hey there” to fall!

Life’s a Beach! (And then you sigh…)

Wednesday, July 22nd, 2009

The Dog Days of summer are here, and as much as we love dogs at Ped, it’s so hot that all we can think about is spending a day at the beach, cooling off in the waves and relaxing in the sea breeze. Happily, Ped has quite a few things to make the sand-and-surf experience that much more pleasurable. (And stylish!)

Seaside tip of the day: Don’t leave home without 49 Square Miles’ Carryall Tote:

Four words: Best. Beach. Bag. EVER!!!!! Everyone at Ped HQ is crazy about this sturdy canvas bag because it’s spacious enough to hold a beach towel, paperback, snack, sunscreen, binoculars, frisbee, water bottle, and whatever else you need to make your day in the sun fun. And despite being a workhorse of a bag, it’s so dang cute! The leather appliques are whimsical, and the colors sing of warm weather. We love. We love.

Another great way to haul your beachwear and wares from your house to that umbrella in the sand is Mia Zia’s Parisian Market Tote.

Beautifully woven out of natural raffia, this bag is casual yet undeniably chic. Traditional Moroccan construction means it’s sturdy enough to take on whatever rough-and-tumble adventures you care to carry it on, looking sassy all the while with its colorful tassels.

Another must-have beach accessory is a pair of kick-on, kick-off sandals. Cydwoq’s Lizard is just the ticket!

There’s not much to them, but what there is packs a serious style punch! The ultimate in Zen-like simplicity, these beauties will keep you from burning your tootsies’ tender soles as you skip across the blazing sand.

Finally, every day is sunnier with the beach-inspired dazzle of Jamie Joseph’s Starfish Necklace.

The perfect way to add sparkle to your beachwear—whether you’re baring it in a bikini or keeping covered in a kaftan—this necklace is so sweet with its gold-set diamond twinkling like a star within the silver starfish. And what a way to maintain your beach frame of mind the rest of the year!

So, stretch out on the sand and, with Ped’s help, beach all you can beach!

Gear up for a getaway!

Monday, May 25th, 2009

Here in the U.S., today is Memorial Day, a holiday that honors war veterans (somber), but which also adds an extra day to the weekend (happy)! What a perfect time to hit the road—or the air or the tracks—for a refreshing getaway! Here at Ped HQ, we know just how rejuvenating a three-day break can be, and we like to practice what we preach! You don’t need much for a spur-of-the-moment mini vacation: just a great hold-all, versatile shoes, and something to keep you warm in case the temperature drops. To meet those needs, Ped’s road-tripping experts offer these recommendations:

1) 49 Square Miles spacious and luscious Kerouac Satchel:

The size is ideal; it holds everything you need—a change of clothes, a good book, and a scarf—but it keeps you from overpacking. And we simply can’t say enough about 49 Square Miles’ leather, which is the very definition of “supple.” Exquisitely crafted, the Kerouac will let you wander through a lifetime of long weekends!

2) Cydwoq’s versatile Elect sandal in bronze:

Oo-la-la, how we love this sandal! With its gladiator-esque styling and metallic faux crocodile leather, this flat is so modern. But because it’s handmade by Cydwoq, it’s like an old friend on your feet—comfortable enough to run around in 24 hours a day. Plus, the bronze color magically transforms from afternoon-casual to after-dark-dressy with the change of an outfit.

3) A cosy Sophie Digard scarf:

Behold Sophie’s lovely wool Edelweiss scarf, which is light enough for warm-weather wear. But Ped’s favorite Parisian textile artist also offers other choices, depending on how prone you are to feeling chilly. Those who start to shiver as soon as the sun sets may want to wrap up in a woolen beauty. But if you’re a gal who simply gets a few goosebumps, Sophie’s lighter linen fare may be all you need. Whichever you choose, you’ll look drop-dead gorgeous!

So hit the road in style and enjoy a few fun days away!

Graduating to stellar style

Tuesday, May 19th, 2009

It’s that time of year when young women everywhere, diplomas in hand, take off their caps and gowns and think, “Uh-oh, now I have to get a job!” Maybe you’ve witnessed that look of optimism mixed with fear on the face of your daughter, niece, or little sister. Why not give her a boost of style as she starts pounding the pavement? We all know how feeling confident can give a job applicant an extra edge during an interview. So, help her look and feel the part with a graduation gift that reminds her she has your support every step of the way!

Nothing beats a great pair of shoes when on the job hunt, and no one designs better go-all-day heels than Chie Mihara.

We love Chie’s Frederica because it’s perfectly professional while still allowing its wearer to express her individual style. (It’s guaranteed to make a gal memorable!) Plus, as interesting as the color combo is, the sum still works as a neutral that goes with countless outfits.

Another essential for a graduate-turned-job-seeker is a good bag, and 49 Square Miles Winans Hobo is just the ticket.

Less stern that a briefcase, this wonderfully supple leather bag, nevertheless, has the capacity to hold everything a woman needs in a day. For instance, the Winans easily accommodates file folders containing C.V.’s and work samples, so those documents don’t come out rumpled and dog-eared when handed to a prospective boss.

Sometimes the only thing needed to take a gal from feeling so-so to feeling like a million bucks is slipping on the perfect pair of earrings.

These drop-dead gorgeous Jamie Joseph “Nest” pearl earrings are sure to make your favorite graduate smile, not to mention they are the epitome of versatility—dressy enough for networking but casual enough for hanging out on the weekend. Plus, a nest is a lovely way to remind your gal she can always come home even after she’s out flying on her own wings.

Maybe you’re the graduate and want to drop a few hints? If so, why not create a “favorites” file at Ped or take advantage of Ped’s “share with a friend” feature? Both will allow you to give a nudge to those who may feel flummoxed when it comes to getting you the right gift (hello, Dad).

Of course, if push comes to shove and you just can’t decide what to give, one thing is always welcomed by women everywhere: a Ped gift certificate! No matter what you choose, something from Ped is sure to help your sweet graduate get ahead!

Happily singing the blues

Monday, May 4th, 2009

Usually, the idea of “Blue Monday” doesn’t bring a smile, but at Ped Central we intend to change that, at least for today. After all, not all blues are bruised and stormy—consider sky blue, robin’s egg blue, and Caribbean blue, all so beautiful. Even darker hues like sapphire and cobalt are dreamy and romantic like a midnight rendezvous! At Ped, we’ve definitely got the blues, but they’re not making us sad. Here are a few reasons why:

When I saw the Cydwoq Vintage Ionic, I couldn’t resist making it my very own:

This Zen-like slide is the loveliest slate blue. More interesting than either grey or navy, the shade works as a neutral that’s easy to wear with absolutely everything. And although it’s a simple summer sandal, the hand-sculpted wooden heel and the design’s clean lines give the Ionic an air of sophistication that lets it go dressy.

Another of my favorite blue sandals this season is Coclico’s deep sea blue Reef:

The jewel tone of the soft suede straps makes me sigh—so unusual and lovely. This little sapphire number is the ideal sandal to take on vacation since you can wear it sightseeing all day, but it’s nice enough to wear out to dinner at night, too.

And speaking of shoes that are ideal for spending long days on your feet, how pretty is Trippen’s 40s?

Honestly, we can’t emphasize enough how comfortable Trippen’s cross-shaped wedge is. And this particular blue is so rich and seductive! Add in the peep-toe and ankle strap, and you’re all set to make ’em sweat.

Of course, nothing beats a t-strap for sex appeal! And Ped just happens to have a spectacular one in—you guessed it—blue:

Between the strappy design and the juicy color, we can’t decide what we like best about Giraudon’s Odette. Fortunately, we don’t have to choose—we can simply love it all!

Even when you’re facing a long haul with a lot to carry, a good blue can make the world a little brighter. Case in point, 49 Square Miles’ hold-everything Bookworm Slim Tote in turquoise blue:

Everything pops with this blue beauty that features the softest leather complemented by lime green topstitching and hammered brass rings.

Are you feeling blue yet? If so, we hope you’re smiling!

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