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The marvelous Ms. Mihara!

Wednesday, November 13th, 2013

Ped fans, it’s no wonder Chie Mihara shoes are so whimsical, pretty, and fun because that’s what Chie herself is! Take a gander at this sweet video of our lady of Spain modeling shoes from her current collection:

Cute as the proverbial bug in a rug!

(Psst, did you notice we’re having a BAG SALE???? Yep! Through Friday, November 15, all Ped’s beautiful bags are 20% off! Time to tote!)

The Dean scene

Wednesday, May 16th, 2012

I’ve written before about Ped’s high standards for any line we carry. Just to reiterate: 1) the company must have a commitment to social and environmental ethics; 2) the items must exhibit outstanding craftsmanship using the best materials; 3) the designs must be comfortable and easy to wear; and 4) the goods must be gorgeous and have style for miles!!! Which is why I’m so excited about the newest member of Ped’s family: Dean Leathergoods.

Dean was born in Los Angeles in 1999 when its founder couldn’t find a watchband that combined vintage quality with a modern sensibility. He decided to design and make what he had in mind. And we’re so glad he did because 13 years down the road, Dean is producing some of the finest leather goods we’ve ever encountered, each meticulously crafted by hand in the Dean L.A. studio. The materials are luxe. The designs are interesting and architectural. And the colors are eye-popping!

Take a look!

The quickest way to our hearts at Ped HQ is with a small bag for those times when we only need to carry a few items (e.g. cell, keys, ID, and cash). Dean’s Rivet Wallet is just the thing!

Perfect! We especially love the wrist strap that lets us slip it on and go! But that strap also detaches so the Rivet Wallet can easily slip into a larger bag, where it keeps the bibs sorted out from the bobs.

At the other end of the size spectrum is Dean’s wonderful Suede Tote:

What a gorgeous way to haul everything you need for a day on the go—books, files, even a small laptop! And the suede is so delicious to touch!

Speaking of things that you might slip into that tote, couldn’t your iPad use a classy new cover?

We love the lean elegance that characterizes Dean’s designs. Undo the twin rivets of this clean-lined case to reveal an interior with four elastic corner straps to hold your iPad securely without obscuring the screen.

That laptop case would also fit sweetly into Dean’s smashing Thimble Bag:

This knockout everyday bag takes its name from the two stainless steel thimbles that attach the shoulder strap to the bag. With Dean, hardware always marries form and function in aesthetic wedded bliss! (By the way, we also have the Thimble Bag in black leather and fuchsia suede, too.)

Looking for something a little more capacious that could work as an overnight bag? Feast your eyes on the Dean Bell Bottom Bag:

Just looking at its picture, you can practically feel how buttery the leather is! Plus, Dean realized an extra-big bag needs an extra-hearty strap made to stay on your shoulder, so they lined the Bell Bottom Bag‘s generous shoulder strap with suede to help it stay put! (We also offer this beauty in brown.)

Looker for something a little leaner? Check out the simple yet edgy Dean Zip Clutch:


A charming companion for a night on the town, the Zip Clutch opens to reveal two credit card slots and a larger slot, perfect for holding concert tickets.

When you need to carry a bit more, like a book to read on the train or plane, Dean’s Towner Bag has you covered:

Every season, Ped’s Laura falls in love with one item above and beyond all others, and this spring it’s the Towner Bag! From the long leather tab ducking under the silver bar on its front flap to its cool woven sides and double-buckled shoulder strap, the Towner is truly crush-worthy!

So bag your old bag, and start a meaningful relationship with Dean! It’s sure to last for years!

(Speaking of beautiful bags, have you checked out this week’s Sweet Treat? It’s Cydwoq’s stellar Stamp Bag! Click “be sweet to your feet” in the upper right corner of any Ped page to land at the Stamp Bag with the code that will bring a welcome 20% off at checkout! Swinging!)


Mama Mia Zia!

Tuesday, June 9th, 2009

Dayna may be off having high tea in Singapore and riding elephants in Thailand, but Ped’s blog must go on! Laura, here, standing in for our fearless leader and bringing you great news: the latest shipment of Mia Zia loveliness has just arrived at Ped! Inspired by all things Moroccan, Mia Zia  is renowned for its way with tassels, stripes, and wonderfully woven textiles. Everything the company produces treasures is a delight to see and touch!

Here are a few of Mia Zia’s latest things that have everyone at Ped HQ swooning:

It’s as if Mia Zia took everything that’s good about summer and infused it into this fresh and playful Fiji scarf! The hand-printed stripes and tassels are so zesty! They make us want to kick up our heels and dance down the beach! (Maybe that’s what Dayna’s doing…)

MIa Zia’s crinkled silk scarf is luxurious and sophisticated without sacrificing its sense of fun. Silk is one of those wonderful fabrics that offers warmth in winter but remains airy and breathable in summer. Pretty as a scarf. Pretty as a shawl. Pretty as a sash wrapped around your waist!

Of all of Ped’s Mia Zia treasures, the Parisian Market basket, modeled on traditional baskets women take to bazaars throughout Morocco, may just be our favorite! This tightly woven raffia beauty is HUGE, which means it’s ideal for a day at the beach or a trip to the farmer’s market—or for catching everything you forgot to pack in your main suitcase when you’re bolting out the door to catch your plane. No matter what kind of a rush we’re in, those Mia Zia tassels never fail to make us smile!

So, why not add a little Moroccan spice to your life with Mia Zia?

Hola, Argila! And 49 Square Miles of new bags!

Saturday, March 21st, 2009

Ped fans, happy spring and have I got good news for you!! As I mentioned in my last post, Ped is extremely selective about the lines we carry. Whatever we bring you not only has to offer stellar style and comfort, it also has to meet Ped’s high standards for craftsmanship, ethical production, and environmental awareness. No easy feat! So, we are over the moon to add TWO new lines to Ped’s inner circle! Both are spectacular!

Pep Monjo, founder of Argila, studied design in Italy and collaborated with some of Europe’s most innovative footwear designers before returning to his hometown of Menorca, Spain, to found his own company. Made from the most beautiful handpicked leathers (you can practically feel the quality just by looking at the pictures), all of Argila’s shoes are crafted right in Menorca! And are they ever gorgeous!

I could live in Argila’s Ella sandal this spring and summer. There’s nothing better than a practical sandal that goes with everything in your closet and yet still shines with unique personality. 

Those of you who need or simply like a dressier look are also in luck. 

Argila’s Alana T-strap sizzles with clean-lined simplicity! Although it can pass for conservative, this heeled beauty will turn every head in the room! And the leather is cut and stitched just so (use the “zoom” at the site to see what I mean). 

Joining Argila in the Ped line-up are bags from San Francisco’s 49 Square Miles. Named for the area the city occupies, 49 Square Miles designs bags that capture the spirit of SF’s people and culture. So, you know they’re colorful and cutting-edge! Plus, they’re handcrafted from the most deliciously touchable leather you can imagine. I mean, really—everyone at Ped HQ is swooning over how these bags feel!

This Bookworm Slim Tote is flat-out irresistible! Between the color and the details (I am especially smitten by those organic brass rings) and the fact that it can hold everything you could possibly need, what’s not to love?

Then there’s the Crossbody Sling:

Could anything be fresher for spring than this grab-it-and-go bag with its eye-catching color and top-stitching? At Ped, we love it when function comes with big ol’ jolt of ‘zazz!

So, hop on over to the site and have a drool over both Argila and 49 Square Miles. They are worthy!

Ped’s new “Sweet Treat,” plus all Orla Kiely on sale!

Wednesday, November 12th, 2008

At Ped, we enjoy it when a secret surprise or an unexpected discovery–as long as it’s good–livens up our day, and we’ve been thinking about how to pass that experience on to Ped fans. One day, while brainstorming, we came up with the “sweet treat”! Look up to the left. See “be sweet to your feet”? Mouse over it, and it will change to “sweet treat”! Click it, and you’ll be whisked to an item that’s instantly 20% off when you enter “sweet treat” at checkout (the box is on the last page). The special will change weekly, and the only way to reach it is by clicking through “sweet treat,” which is to say if you navigate to the shoe (or scarf or bag) the normal way, you’ll miss its treat-ness! Fun, eh? And if there’s something you’d love to see become a “sweet treat,” just let us know by e-mail.

We also know many Ped heads are addicted to Orla Kiely, so we thought we’d celebrate the holidays early by offering 20% off all our Orla stock (yes, the sale items, too!) when you enter “Orla@Ped” at checkout. Pretty cool!

There are a couple Orla Kiely items I want to make sure you know about because they are extra special! First, this Small Stem Tote is just too cute in person. It seems quite perfunctory (and it is practical!) until you start carrying it, at which point it simply starts looking great! At the photo shoot, all of us were gushing about how the tote was really much, much cuter than we’d thought when we first got in the Orla Kiely stock. It’s now our favorite!

Another bag that deserves a second look is Orla’s gorgeous Handstitched Leather Sling. Not only is the tangerine color to die for (our orange-loving friend Laura is head over heels for this bag), but the leather stitch work is so unusual. This sling will definitely brighten up the grey, wintry days ahead, but it will also look juicy once its warm again!

Here at Ped, we hope all your treats during the upcoming holiday season are very sweet! We definitely give thanks for you!

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