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Flower power

Monday, May 31st, 2010

It’s such a heady time of year with all the wonderful things in bloom! The lilacs, irises, and peonies may have come and gone (or if you’re a little farther north, maybe they’re still around), but gorgeous day lilies and sweet honeysuckle are hot on their heels, with black-eyed susans and other posies still to come. At Ped, we adore flowers—and we like to wear them whenever we can!

The undisputed queen of lovely blossoms that never fade is Swiss fiber artist Karin Wagner. We recently received a new shipment of her hand-felted wonders.

We are particularly crazy about her floral rings, like this attention-grabbing Lilia beauty:

The way Karin has cut tiny diamonds out of the crimson petals is so unusual! Wear this ring and watch as conversations spring up all around you!

Many of Ms. Wagner’s blooms are versatile. Who says you have to wear a brooch pinned to your clothing? This Clochette cluster, for example, makes a fabulous barrette:

And, attention, summer brides, a wonderful alternative to wearing fresh flowers in your hair is to entwine Karin Wagner’s Daisy necklace in your up ‘do on the big day:

You’ll have a sweet memento that will never wilt (hopefully, like your love). Plus, you can wear this vine of buds, leaves, and blossoms in a myriad of ways.

Another knockout flower necklace comes from Sophie Digard:

We love how each blossom has a different color scheme on each side—you can spin them and move them along the cord to create a new variation every time you wear it.

Sophie also works floral magic in her scarves and bags. For instance, how chic is this Geranium Handbag?

Drop-dead gorgeous with a nostalgic air of romance, this bag’s crocheted blossoms must be seen in person to be fully appreciated. Each one is unique and contributes to the garden-like impact of this sweet bag.

At Ped, we even like to wear flowers on our feet!

The Accessoire Island wedge, with its pretty rosette on the toe, is one of our favorite styles this season (and Ped’s Laura reports it’s a treat to wear—cushy and comfortable)!

There are even more petaled pretties to make you smile blooming at the Ped site. After all, there is nothing like the power of a simple flower to remind us that, despite wretched oil spills and ugly intolerance, the world offers so much beauty.

Voulez-vous porter Accessoire? Bien sûr!

Wednesday, March 24th, 2010

Hey sister, go sister, soul sister, go sister … (Sing it!) Okay, we admit we’re feeling a little slap-happy here at Ped. Chalk it up to spring fever and the fact that we’re dizzy from all the beautiful things arriving in the warehouse!

No sooner did I get back from Paris than Paris came to me in the form of Accessoire, yet another line I first discovered during Ped’s days as a brick-and-mortar store in Seattle. Designer Avril Gau began her career with Robert Clergerie and then spent seven years overseeing the shoe collections at Chanel. That’s quite a pedigree! These days she designs for Accessoire, creating sophisticated yet comfortable shoes that meet the demands of modern women. Accessoire styles wow with an unmistakable French flair; the shoes are never over-designed yet they command attention and admiration—effortlessly chic! But why take my word for it when you can see for yourself?

Platform wedges are all the rage this season, but Accessoire gives its Izard a distinctive French twist by replacing the buckle with a soft tie. The caramel brown color of the suede is Luscious with a capital “L”!

Ped fans know how much I love green, so you can imagine how my heart raced when I saw Accessoire’s amazing, metallic, cactus-green Iseult! Iridescent and interesting without being over-the-top, these buttery soft sandals are to. die. for.

Sure, jewel-embellished sandals have been “in” for a few years, but unlike the gaudy ones flooding the market, Accessoire’s Julien is sparkly but still tasteful. It’s got just the right amount of bling to be fun without being obnoxious. And the grey color is ultra-versatile!

Oo-la-la—I saved Laura’s favorite, the Island, for last! She’s been walking around in a dreamy daze ever since these came out of the box. I can’t blame her because this platform wedge is something special with its aura of old-school glamour. The color of the suede is so juicy, and the rosette is the perfect detail! Parisian style to the max!

So slip on a pair of Accessoire beauties, and let your feet speak with an unmistakable French accent!

Springtime in Paris—or the next best thing!

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

How we love our Parisian friend, Sophie Digard! She has crocheted her way into many a Ped fan’s heart with eye-popping and intricate scarves, necklaces, bags, and other treasures. You may be familiar with her woolen wonders (which can be worn year round), but every spring, Sophie whips up dazzling linen versions of favorite styles along with some new surprises—all of them lightweight and delectable! We just got in our latest shipment from France, and everyone at Ped HQ can’t stop oohing and aahing (each item out of the box makes us swoon all over again). Just take a gander—they’re sure to make you smile!

I ask you, who doesn’t love flowers in spring and summer? (If there is someone, we hope they cheer up soon!) Sophie has concocted the sweetest three-blossom brooches that will always stay fresh:

I especially like how the crocheted flowers are complemented by the little striped linen fabric bloom. So pretty.

And then there’s the Supernova scarf (Laura’s favorite):

The mosaic-like combination of colors and openwork—the flowers’ centers are left airy—is absolutely stunning! Make sure you use the “zoom” feature at the Ped site to get a true sense of how astronomically beautiful the Supernova is.

Bringing it back down to earth, Sophie has created a necklace called Le Monde (“the world”):


Like all of Sophie’s necklaces, the individual elements are movable, allowing you to cluster the spheres however you like along the linen cord. Each soft bead is a work of art unto itself (again, Ped’s “zoom” is your best friend in getting to know the beauty of this strand of baubles).

Finally, I am smitten with the old-school charm of Sophie’s Vintage Tote:

This light, summery bag’s aesthetic is delightfully retro. It represents everything we like about Sophie Digard: eye-popping artistry, a lovely palette, and a one-of-a-kind collectibility. 

If a springtime trip to Paris isn’t in your cards, then wearing a Sophie Digard item is a close second–effortlessly chic and able to turn every head on the boulevard.

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