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Giving thanks!

Wednesday, November 18th, 2009

Thanksgiving is just around the corner, so it’s the perfect time to sing a big THANK YOU! to the wonderful blogs that have given Ped attention in the past few months. It’s always a thrill to discover others share our appreciation for beautiful things. Here are just a few of the people and sites that have said kind words about Ped recently:

  • The wide-ranging and wonderful blog, Grace’s Birdcage, found our Chie Mihara’s lust-worthy.
  • Designer and jeweler Katy at Grayling, who loves all things inspiring and well-designed, gave a shout-out to some of our best black shoes and boots (think Argila, think Trippen, think Fiorentini + Baker).
  • Christina Williams, who writes the blog you can call me chris, found inspiration in Ped’s Chie Mihara Nerrine, as did the wonderfully fashion-conscious gal at Golden Means.
  • And how much do we LOVE Michelle Taylor at Blue Moss? Time and again, she surprises us by picking our personal favorites to share with her design-conscious fans. (Plus, she has a wonderful way with repurposing old baubles into dazzling new jewelry, so drop by her Etsy shop and take a look.)
  • We hold Mrs. French at Bliss in the same high esteem. Not only does she write a fantastic blog, showing us eye-opening items and places that make our hearts sing, but she also takes the loveliest pictures. Love these arty, blogging gals!
  • After our wonderful Coclico Ndakinna turned up on (a daily must-visit), it wound up featured here, here, here, here, and here. Thanks to all!!!
Hello, lover.

Hello, lover.

If we missed the kiss you threw Ped’s way, we apologize, but please know everyone here at Ped HQ appreciates you from the bottom of our collective heart. We are truly grateful to have such wonderful friends! If we could, we’d give each of you a rose! Happy Thanksgiving!

Crave craves Ped! Sweet!

Thursday, October 1st, 2009

Hey, Ped fans, we are thrilled to let you know the brand new guide, CRAVE: San Francisco Bay Area, has selected Ped as one of the 100 businesses it showcases. Touted as “The Urban Girl’s Manifesto,” CRAVE is a guide to women-owned businesses that women love. San Francisco is their fifth compendium, joining previous guides to Seattle, Portland, Vancouver, and Austin (Chicago is up next). I am so excited to be among the 100 Bay Area women the Crave editors decided to profile! It is such an honor. Ped’s ink and images are on pages 150-151:

This is page 150, found on the left side of the page spread.

Page 150, found on the left side of the page spread.

This is page 151, found on the right side of the page spread.

Page 151, found on the right side of the page spread.

How cool! And we are in such good company! Browsing through the book, I’ve found so many other women I’d love to get to know and businesses I hope to frequent.

SPECIAL GIVEAWAY: I will happily send a copy of CRAVE: San Francisco Bay Area to each of the first 30 Ped fans to request one! Just click here to send me a message with your contact info!

If you miss the giveaway but would still like to order a copy of CRAVE: San Francisco Bay Area, click over to Amazon (plus it’s available at many of the businesses listed in the book).

Being craved has made our day!

A Ped shout-out to those who shout out to us!

Thursday, August 6th, 2009

There’s nothing better than getting dolled up and having someone notice! So, we are always thrilled when independent bloggers find Ped items worth showcasing. After all, these gals (mostly) know a thing or two about design and put us in such good company! So, we want to thank them for their kind attention.

  • Blue Moss Design’s Michelle Taylor publishes the loveliest blog,, about things she finds inspiring. A wonderful jeweler who repurposes baubles from the past, she makes our day when she shines her light on Ped.
  • The anonymous blogger at I Spuddle, who authors books when not blogging, puts up five thematic things  every Friday. We were delighted to discover Ped’s Chie Miharas made her shoe list in June!
  • We are absolutely crazy about Nanashi’s taste at, so we loved it when she got the last pair of Ped’s Giraudon’s Bristol oxfords and then posted pics of how cute they looked on her feet. Sweet!
  • Havilah Savage is a Portland designer who blogs about things she finds inspiring at What a treat that she found a spark in Ped’s Argila sandals!
  • Down under in Melbourne, Australia, MissyP blogs about design in general and textiles in particular at So Sew Poppy, where she recently gave a shout-out to our favorite goddess of crochet, Sophie Digard!
  • Finally, Mrs. French, the wonderful photographer who blogs at Bliss, always makes us sigh with her dreamy posts about things we covet and places we’d like to visit. When she notices us, well, it’s bliss.
Thanks again to everyone who has given Ped virtual love (and if we haven’t mentioned your mention, we still appreciate the attention). May your days always be filled with beautiful things!

A Ped alum dials up the style!

Monday, June 22nd, 2009

From the days when Ped was a brick-and-mortar store in Seattle, we have always had the good fortune to have the most wonderful people on staff. None more so than the stylish Nicole Benuska, who now works as a fashion merchandiser in New York City (those are her Fiorentini + Baker boots in this Tale of the Sole from November). So, we were thrilled to the gills to discover her featured as a style icon in Footwear Plus Magazine! They celebrated how fabulous she looks rocking the distressed denim trend in her husband’s jeans. We couldn’t agree more!

We also love that Nicole’s chosen Fiorentini + Baker sandals as footwear for her look. Although we don’t have these gladiator sandals in stock currently (sorry, gals), we are expecting new F+B boots before the end of the month. So, stay tuned Ped fans!

Meanwhile, we can’t wait to see what Nicole wears next!

Ped’s “Sweet Treat” (giving you a little sugar)

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Did you know that every week Ped offers a little something special to those who are wise to our ways? Look at the upper right corner of this page. See “be sweet to your feet” up there? Mouse over it. Ta da! Like magic, it changes to “sweet treat“! “But what does that mean?” you may wonder. Well, when you click it, you are suddenly transported to a special Ped item that’s 20% off when you enter the code “SWEET TREAT” in the box on the last page of checkout. How cool is that? The treat changes every seven days or so (admittedly, some weeks we’re a little slow on the uptake). Perhaps that pair of Chies you’ve been drooling over or that cool Cydwoq bag that has your name practically emblazoned on it will suddenly be 20% off! So, don’t forget to check what the treat is every time you visit the Ped site. You never know—it just might be your lucky day!

For instance, this week the “sweet treat” is Jutta Neumann’s minimal but oh-so-luscious Monica bag. Handcrafted in Jutta’s NYC studio, this envelope-like beauty is light but easily holds everything you need, leaving your hands free. Definitely sweet, at 20% off, it’s quite a treat! 

We love the vibrant colors! Whether you choose turquoise, black, or red, the Monica will make your day each and every day! So, click through “be sweet to your feet” and treat yourself to 20% off! And come back next week for a different “sweet treat.”

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