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Wrap up your gift list!

Monday, December 9th, 2013

Ped fans, you may not think of us as a “one-stop shop,” but if you have daughters, mothers, aunts, sisters, or simply female friends you want to make smile this season, we’re confident of the pleasing power of Ped presents! Here are just a few ideas to brighten your favorite gals’ holidays:

When you’re mystified by your recipient’s size, there’s no need to scratch your head. Simply give her something toasty to wrap around her neck, like Ben Alder’s Edinburgh Scarf:

Such stripe-tastic fun, this soft scarf is knit from the finest Scottish new wool! One size makes everyone look stylish! We’re in love with this smashing Blue/Lemon/Fuchsia version, but Ped also offers the Edinburgh in three other great color combinations!

Word to the wise gift giver: Ben Alder also knits wonderful striped gloves!

Make her fingers festive and protect them from frostbite! If purple and green don’t float her boat, perhaps Ben Alder’s other color combos will make her heart set sail.

As long as we’re keeping the extremities warm, let’s make sure the tootsies stay toasty! Socks can make a sensational present, especially when they come from Antipast:

Everything Antipast designs is like a party for your toes, but we are especially crazy about the Winter Skier Socks. They are so clever! Beneath a snowy sky of polka dots, a tiny skier whooshes down a mountain of stripes!

We also have a new kid on the sock block: Bonne Maison! Why not give your gal the gift of a garden walk with Bonne Maison’s Autumn Flower Knee High:

This carmine version makes our hearts sing, but perhaps the honey or aged green options are more in tune with your gal.

If you want to up the ante with heating things up, a Sophie Digard work of wearable art is an excellent way to express your affection.

Sophie’s hand-crocheted Cercle Pop Scarf, for instance, is guaranteed to thrill! When she’s not wearing this stunner, your lucky recipient may opt to keep it out where she can simply look at it!

Another gift every woman welcomes is a fantastic bag. Cydwoq offers beautiful ways to help her haul it all through the day!

We just got in two new versions of Cydwoq’s terrific Leather Market Sack! Isn’t this navy and rust argyle pattern to die for? (We’re adding it to our own wish list!) The olive herringbone option is equally gorgeous!

Of course, if you really want to “wow” her, something sparkly from Jamie Joseph is just the thing!

The gold and diamond treatment of Jamie Joseph’s 14kt Gold Organic Circle Necklace is a sure-fire way to kiss holiday doldrums and winter blues goodbye!

As always, there are more goodies at Ped’s main site, so let your stylish thoughts count as you spread the love!

By the way, if you want to make absolutely sure the women in your life will like their gifts, invite them to browse the Ped site and click “add to favorites” for whatever strikes their fancy. Once they’ve finished making selections, they can share the list with you via email. That way the pressure’s off, and happiness is on!

(Psst, the Sweet Treat this week, Sophie Digard’s Velvet Lune Scarf,  would make a fabulous gift, too, even if it’s just to deserving you! Simply click “be sweet to your feet” at the bottom of the box on the left at Ped’s main site. When you land at the Velvet Lune Scarf’s page, just pop it in your shopping bag to get 20% off!)

January’s winning Tale of the Sole: Rebecca sets sail with Ped!

Tuesday, February 23rd, 2010

One of the best things about working at Ped is having wonderful customers all over the world! Whenever we send a Sophie Digard necklace off to Japan or a Cydwoq shoe to Germany, we love imagining where our friends will wear those items. Rebecca P. in Australia gave us a little more fuel for our daydreams by sending this picture and describing where she took her Mia Zia Fiji Scarf  and Cydwoq Sling Bag (alas, both are currently out of stock—sorry, Ped fans—but, good news, more Mia Zia is on the way from Morocco).

This picture was taken on the far south coast of New South Wales at a place called Narooma at the beginning of November. This is the time for the annual migration of whales to the Great Southern Ocean. I’d gone on a boat trip to see the whales. Not far out of the town of Narooma, the sea turned very rough with a huge southerly storm—hence the life jacket! It was very rough, but the scarf kept me lovely and secure. Unfortunately, the conditions got so rough so quickly we had to return to Narooma without seeing any whales. You can’t see it, but I tucked my Cydwoq Sling bag under my life jacket because I wanted to protect the bag from the rain, which was quite heavy.

Wow! What an adventure, although we’re sorry the weather kept Rebecca from seeing any whales. We know they would have appreciated her high style on the high seas! (Whales are very intelligent.) As thanks for letting us fantasize about a summertime sail off the coast of Australia—especially since it’s wintertime in the U.S.—we’re sending Rebecca $100 in Ped credit!

Do you have a Tale of the Sole? Tell us—and show us (we LOVE pictures!!!)—what happened to you while wearing a Ped item, and you, too, might be the recipient of $100 in Ped credit. Each month we pick the most sole-ful tale to share on the blog. So, let us know what in the world you’ve been doing in your Ped!

Ped’s “Sweet Treat” (giving you a little sugar)

Thursday, April 16th, 2009

Did you know that every week Ped offers a little something special to those who are wise to our ways? Look at the upper right corner of this page. See “be sweet to your feet” up there? Mouse over it. Ta da! Like magic, it changes to “sweet treat“! “But what does that mean?” you may wonder. Well, when you click it, you are suddenly transported to a special Ped item that’s 20% off when you enter the code “SWEET TREAT” in the box on the last page of checkout. How cool is that? The treat changes every seven days or so (admittedly, some weeks we’re a little slow on the uptake). Perhaps that pair of Chies you’ve been drooling over or that cool Cydwoq bag that has your name practically emblazoned on it will suddenly be 20% off! So, don’t forget to check what the treat is every time you visit the Ped site. You never know—it just might be your lucky day!

For instance, this week the “sweet treat” is Jutta Neumann’s minimal but oh-so-luscious Monica bag. Handcrafted in Jutta’s NYC studio, this envelope-like beauty is light but easily holds everything you need, leaving your hands free. Definitely sweet, at 20% off, it’s quite a treat! 

We love the vibrant colors! Whether you choose turquoise, black, or red, the Monica will make your day each and every day! So, click through “be sweet to your feet” and treat yourself to 20% off! And come back next week for a different “sweet treat.”

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