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Party on!

Tuesday, November 26th, 2013

It’s that time of year, Ped fans, when your inbox starts to overflow with invitations to holiday shindigs. No doubt, your favorite LBD will get a workout, night after sparkly night! But what to put on your feet to make sure you’re still standing comfortably after all those hours of socializing while quaffing eggnog, wassail, and champagne?

Ped to the rescue with a few festive ways to keep your dogs from howling at the moon!

Chie Mihara knows all about letting your inner girly girl out to shine without sacrificing your soles (and arches and toes). One of the prettiest shoes of the season is the Chie Mihara Kitaro:

Ooooh, we adore the textured gold leather trim with the blue suede heel and brown suede toe! What a way to add color and sparkle to a little black dress!

Colorful suede also makes the Accessoire Doisneu a welcome guest at any party:

Gorgeous and soooooo comfortable! This beauty’s suede-covered platform slopes from 1.75″ in back to .75″ up front, making the pitch a delightful 1″! And the stylized rosette is beyond chic! (We adore the “grenat” (garnet) version pictured here, but the Doisneau also comes in amethyst.)

Another flower-adorned shoe that will have you shining is Chie Mihara’s Karta:

This glittery oxford is tied up and ready for cocktails! (We also offer the Karta in a red that’s as pretty as a poinsettia.)

If you’re looking for something sparkly but a little airier, you’re guaranteed to wow in Cydwoq’s Gaudi:

Hi ho, silver! In this gorgeous sandal, you’ll turn every head in the room. (And those behind you can swoon over the design on the etched heel!)

Perhaps you like your metallics a little more low-key. If so, say hello to Cydwoq’s understated yet oh-so chic Fluid:

The Fluid is perfect for when you need to go straight from work out for evening drinks—it makes the transition in the most fluid and stylish way!

Another work-to-play knockout is Cydwoq’s strap-a-licious Young:

The Young is so very sexy but in a socially acceptable way! (Make sure you click “Views” to see the saucy corset-like closure in back.)

The same closure adds even more fuel to the fiery hotness of Cydwoq’s Knee, which is ideal if you want to party in a dressy ankle boot:


Isn’t that burnt-out paisley leather breathtaking? The Knee is guaranteed to make you the modern and edgy belle of the ball!

For you Ped fans whose style is more funky than femme, consider rocking the holiday cocktails in Cydwoq’s Love Ankle Boot:


We love the idea of wearing an LBD with this black and red badass beauty! You’ll light hearts on fire! (Where you can roast some chestnuts…)

As usual, there are more ways to make your feet festive over at Ped’s main site (don’t miss Cydwoq’s Skate and Rotate, which we showed you a few posts back).

‘Tis the season to take your tootsies out on the town!



Friday, December 24th, 2010

Your friends at Ped wish you and your loved ones joy and peace through the Holidays and into the New Year!!!!!! CELEBRATE!

(And just in case you missed it, through December 25, use code “Twinkle 10” at checkout to receive 20% off any full-price item.)

HAPPIEST OF HOLIDAYS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, December 23rd, 2009

Ped fans, as we near the end of the year—and the decade!—all of us here at Ped HQ hope you have a wonderful holiday season with the ones you love!

Here’s our girl, Ella, Ped’s Chief Canine Packing Inspector, making sure all the packages leaving the Ped warehouse are ready to make their recipients’ holidays happy!

Although Ped’s hardworking crew will be taking a break from Christmas through New Year’s Day, Ped will still be open and ready to take your orders during that time! If you have a question, just e-mail us, and we’ll send you the answer pronto! We’ll resume shipping January 4th. In the meantime, Ped will have a “Sweet Treat” as usual next week, and I plan to write another blog post as we head into 2010.

Thank you so much for being such great customers and friends over the past year! You mean the world to us!

Deck the neck!

Friday, December 18th, 2009

Twinkling lights, glittering tinsel, wreaths of greenery, and mistletoe waiting to inspire kisses are just a few of the reasons we love this time of year. Here at Ped HQ, we think you, too, should shine as brightly as the Holidays! As long as you’re hanging ornaments on the tree or lighting the menorah candles, why not add a little dazzle to your neck (or to the one of someone you love)? We have the prettiest necklaces at Ped to make your festive spirit sparkle (and they’ll look just as beautiful in the new year)!

Nothing catches the eye quite like diamonds and gold! Jamie Joseph’s new Buttercup necklace is absolutely stunning:

Jamie’s organic designs always make us swoon! This necklace’s trio of diamonds look like tiny stars sitting so prettily in their gold buttercup.

Want to make a bolder statement with your jewelry? Sophie Digard has just the thing:

Ped’s Laura recently got Sophie’s Pastille Pop necklace, and she says everyone goes gaga whenever she wears it! Not only do the velvety beads slide, allowing you to cluster them in a variety of ways, but each features a different color combo on each side, so you can spin them to change up the overall composition!

If you really want to create a buzz, nothing gets people talking like Pepita’s imaginative jewelry!

We can’t get over this Agnese necklace with its fantastic mix of fabric beads, brass fittings, glass beads, braided silk cord, and chiffon rosette! Imagine how great this necklace would look with your favorite little black dress on New Year’s Eve!!! Everyone will be toasting your style!

So, deck your neck as you deck the halls! You’ll look spectacular!

Holiday Happiness! Ped has it!

Monday, December 3rd, 2007

Recently, life reminded me how lucky I am to have the people (and dogs!) I love in my life. I am so grateful. One of my favorite things about the holiday season is the chance first to give thanks, then to show those who matter to us how much we care them with a few tokens of affection, and finally to jump into the new year with optimism.

Regarding that second chance up there (the “tokens of affection” one), Ped has quite a few treasures to delight your favorite people, from your best gal pal to your long-suffering mother or mother-in-law (we do try their patience and vice versa—but love is always there at the end of the day). And, needless to say, we’ve got lots of treats you might want to add to the list of hints for your benefactor (Santa or otherwise).

Here are a few of my faves that don’t require knowing someone’s size. First up, this Fossil necklace from Jamie Joseph, which is so unusual with its numerous elements all brought together in a harmonious symphony. Plus, it’s got bit of red, and how can anyone resist red this time of year?

Next, a scarf–but not just any old scarf, a Sophie Digard scarf!! The toast of the crocheting world, our favorite Parisian designer uses the finest yarns to create her one-of-a-kind textiles (they really must be seen up close to be fully appreciated, so be sure to take advantage of the “zoom” feature at the Ped site). We particularly love the openwork of the Pastille Pop design. Here’s a detail of the “Winter” color combination to give you an idea of its complexity (okay, yes, it does have a bit of red, too…):

Finally, if you want to go big with the red (and we applaud that idea), this practical go-anywhere Monica Bag from Jutta Neumann may be just the ticket! The leather is beyond buttery, and, well, it’s as red as Rudolph’s nose (but perhaps a bit more stylish):

Here’s hoping your holidays are the best yet! Ped toasts you with a big gulp of wassail!

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