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The wedge edge!

Wednesday, April 27th, 2011

Let’s face it, Ped fans, wearing heels can give you a boost beyond just a few inches in height. Heels are authoritative and at the same time feminine and glamorous. Plus, they make a gal’s gams look fantastic! “Sure,” you say, “but who wants to teeter with every step when our lives demand we go, go, go?”

Enter the wedge! Solving the problem of comfort and balance, while still maintaining the advantage of wearing a heel, the wedge is the answer when you want your style to stand out and stand up. And do we ever have wedges that wow this season! Take a gander:

We all agree the French know a thing or two about looking chic, so, of course, Accessoire’s wedges are magnifique!, like this Papaye:

How stunning is this sexy peep-toe? How luscious is that tulip pink? Every time we look at the Papaye, we fall in love all over again! (And for those of you who insist on black, Ped also has the Papaye in your favorite color.)

Another winning wedge from Accessoire, the Nairobi, has a lower profile, but is no less beautiful:

If you’re looking for one sandal to do it all— walk the dog, attend a meeting, go out to dinner, and jet off for a weekend in Madrid— the Nairobi is up to the challenge! And your feet will thank you because they’ll be sooooo comfortable!

Speaking of Spain, both Argila and Chie Mihara, our favorite Spanish designers, have lovely wedges in Ped’s lineup. First up, Argila’s Eliana:

This go-with-everything wedge is back by popular demand, and it’s just as fresh and sexy as ever! We love the buckled wrap at the ankle, which is so of the moment!

As only she can, Chie Mihara brings rich color and femininity together in one glorious wedge she calls the Ruala:

Illustrating how less is more, this sandal’s minimal design is dazzling! Plus, the marine blue hue is so deep and delicious you’ll practically want to dive into it!

You say you want a funkier edge to your wedge? Then Ellen Verbeek’s Elka is right up your alley!

We are down for the count when it comes to this beautifully made shoe!!! Inspired by a bowling shoe, this lace-up peep-toe is striking! (Okay, yes, that was a bad pun—but a bad pun about a gorgeous sandal!) And Elka’s edgy wedge is wooden!

Of course, if it’s urban artiness you’re after, Trippen has just the ticket in the Airy!

The design is deceptively simple, but the bold cut of the straps and studding over the ankle make this sandal super hip and modern! Trippen’s t-shaped wedge sole, however, is what will win your comfort-loving devotion.

And there are lots more wedges to help you step up your style over at Ped’s main site! Slip one on and find out what it means to be well-heeled!

(By the way, this week’s Sweet Treat is also funk-a-licious: Couple Of’s cutting-edge Zebra sandal! Click “be sweet to your feet” in the upper right corner of any Ped page to land at the Zebra, with the discount code that will bring 20% off at checkout. You’re guaranteed to be all the buzz!)

Cha cha with Chie!

Friday, February 18th, 2011

Here’s something that makes everyone at Ped HQ smile: boxes of new Chie MIhara styles arriving on our doorstep from Spain! We have such a good time admiring each design as we unpack Chie’s latest! After all, Chie Mihara exemplifies everything we love at Ped: a unique design sense, meticulous craftsmanship, and comfort without compromise.

Let us tantalize you with a taste of what Chie’s whipped up for the upcoming warm weather!

We know it’s still winter where many of you live, so we’ll start with a number you can wear right now—and keep wearing right through spring and summer: Chie’s Lorensa.

Honestly, this heeled oxford is in a class by itself! As usual, Chie gets the details just right, from the parallel lines of sinuous topstitching to the perforated leather that lets your tootsies breathe when the weather heats up.

Another new design that features beautiful topstitching and leatherwork is the Fideua:

The woven leather over the toe, contrasting stitching, and lacing are rather unusual ingredients to combine, but what a tasty dish they make! Plus, we love the navy blue color!

Chie is always so good with selecting the perfect hues! Our favorite style for sheer cheerfulness is the sunny-day Yoisho:

What a great shade of yellow, and it works so well with the 1970s’ retro vibe of this sandal. Buckling up the Yoisho will give you both a physical and an emotional boost!

Speaking of buckles, we decided to bring back the smoking-hot Bankok, one of the sexiest styles Chie’s ever designed:

The Bankok is the very definition of “knockout”! When you strap on this badass beauty, you may want to carry a pocket fan to revive the people who can’t take the heat of your sizzling sauciness!

But maybe you prefer to go more girly with your flirtatious style. If so, join us in sighing over Chie’s Osmo:

In a word: DEVASTATING! It simply doesn’t get any more glamorous than this rosette-embellished, red suede t-strap! In the Rojo, you’re guaranteed to set hearts afire!

Some gals can pull off the Osmo on a daily basis, but if you want something a little more subdued for everyday wear, check out the Chie Mihara Oyko:

We love the richness of the whiskey-colored suede combined with the rich brown leather—so sophisticated. This gorgeous sandal is perfect for going from day wear to date wear!

Delicious, eh? And there are even more Chie Mihara styles to feast upon at Ped’s main site. But before you click over, watch this video to learn a little more about  Chie’s philosophy and design process. We promise it will make you even happier to have her shoes on your feet!

(By the way, the “sweet treat” this week is Trippen’s fringed and fun Country Bootie. Click “be sweet to your feet” in the upper right corner of any Ped page to reach the Country with the magic discount code that instantly takes 20% off at checkout!)

The green scene

Tuesday, July 13th, 2010

Summer, summer, summer! Now that we’re adults, we work right through it, but we still have that kid feeling that school’s out, and suddenly, the world is full of freedom and possibility! And green is everywhere you look, which, of course, I love since it’s my favorite color!

Ped has lots of luscious green things, so you can remind yourself of summer any time of year.

It’s no secret that I am in LOVE with our latest boot from Fiorentini + Baker, the Eden:

Not only is it a tall drink of green (bonsai green, to be specific), it’s also so supple. I love the idea of this boot scrunched down and paired with a floaty summer dress.

Another recent addition to Ped’s green lineup is the wonderful Cydwoq Tourist:

Rafi at Cydwoq keeps refining the lace-up low boot, and this is his latest version! Perfect for walking and walking and then walking some more!

Trippen’s Octopus is another shoe designed to take you anywhere you need to go in cutting-edge, green style:

I love how the straps cross over your foot and then tie in a knot behind your heel! Trippen never fails to wow with its innovative designs!

If you’re a gal who prefers a heel, have we ever got a treat for you! The current star of the Ped warehouse: Chie Mihara’s Jupi!

Oxfords are IT for fall, and this is one of the prettiest we’ve seen. Plus, the forest green color is to die for!

Of course, green grows beyond merely shoes and boots at Ped. For instance, drink in the myriad greens in Pepita’s Giorgia necklace:

The way Pepita mixes antique hardware with soft beads is so unusual and fresh!

Speaking of fresh, Mia Zia’s Willow Scarf reminds us of sunny picnics and sweet-smelling grass:

The weave of this lime checked scarf is deliciously soft, and Mia Zia’s signature tassels automatically make any day more fun! (Plus, it’s on sale!)

Of course, there are more lovely green items sprouting all over Ped’s main site! So, spruce up your style with a touch of green and maintain a summery frame of mind all year long!

(By the way, this week’s “sweet treat” may not be green, but it’s named for something that swims in green water: Trippen’s Fish! Just click “be sweet to your feet” at the top of any Ped page to get to the discount code that will make this sweet shoe yours for a cool 20% off!)

The glory of Chie Mihara!

Wednesday, June 30th, 2010

Do you belong to the church of Chie Mihara? Because for anyone who has suffered through long hours in high heels, discovering Chie Mihara is like finding religion! This Spanish designer preaches (and practices) the gospel that beautiful and feminine shoes can also be comfortable!

Born in Brazil to Japanese parents, Chie Mihara studied fashion design in Japan and New York City before establishing her company in Spain. Her multicultural background comes into play whenever she designs a shoe: Brazil’s celebration of the feminine, Japan’s penchant for innovative design, the get-it-done practicality of NYC, and Spain’s appreciation of craftsmanship. Her vintage-inspired styles, embellished with playful details, all feature a footbed Chie designed specifically to accommodate a woman’s foot. And once you’ve walked a mile in her heels, you’ll never again be satisfied with anything less.

Our first shipment of Chie Mihara’s fall styles just arrived, and in a word: WOW! Witness for yourself:

Oxfords are all the rage right now, and Chie gives hers a feminine twist:

A blue leather lace-up with three rows of ruffles? Be still our shoe-loving hearts! The Chie Mihara Loti has us under its spell!

But maybe you’re a member of Team Mary Jane rather than Team Oxford (not that you have to choose):

Fact of life: You can never have too many red shoes! And when you find one as pretty as Chie’s red suede Nilon, why resist temptation? We guarantee you”ll have no regrets—only shoe-wearing joy!

You say what you really want is a gorgeous ankle boot? Chie, again, answers your prayers:

It’s as if Ms. Mihara has magically melded a Victorian lace-up with a riding boot and thrown in a little extra ‘zazz to create the Narista!

For those who like to amp up the volume both in terms of height and unabashed femininity, prepare to say oo-la-la:

Altogether now, “OOH-LA-LA!” The Vasca is the height of old-school Hollywood glamour!

We love that ocean blue leather, but some days we want to step into the world with bang-pow-razzle-dazzle-wow:

Hello, Veranito! This fringy, ruffled, fuchsia peep-toe is Chie’s gift to femme fetales everywhere! Go forth and be fabulous!

And there are five more equally amazing, new Chie styles at the main Ped site. So cast those misery-making, ankle-aching stilettos into the back of the closet, and shout, “Hallelujah!” because Chie Mihara’s heels are nothing short of heaven!

(And, just fyi, this week’s “Sweet Treat” is Trippen’s über edgy Stream sandal boot. Simply click “be sweet to your feet” in the upper right corner of this page or any Ped page, and you’ll land at the Stream with the magic code to give you 20% off at checkout.)

Boots that offer a breath of fresh air

Tuesday, April 13th, 2010

It’s no secret that at Ped we are big fans of wearing boots year-round. I’ve mentioned before how much I love the look of a breezy summer dress paired with boots. The only drawback is on days that are scorchers, your tootsies may feel, how shall we say, a smidge claustrophobic.

So, you can imagine how much I smiled when I discovered a number of our favorite designers created sandal-boot hybrids this season! What a great idea! The edgy look of a boot with the breathability of a sandal—what could be cooler, in every sense of the word? Below are just a few of the many variations.

No sooner did the Trippen Stream arrive in the warehouse, than it flew out the door! Fear not, though, because we just received our second shipment!

When you step out the door in this German head-turner, you are guaranteed to be the hippest thing on the street! Even better, you’ll be über-comfortable because the Stream features Trippen’s famous t-shaped wedge!

But if you prefer a flat with a closed toe, Trippen’s Omen may just have your name on it:

The style is cutting-edge, but the easy-to-wear grey color let’s you pair it with almost anything. For instance, how terrific would these look with a floaty, yellow cotton dress?

If you want to get even funkier, check out Argila’s Elizabetta:

Ped fans have snapped up this sexy-tough-grrl style, but we have more on the way from Spain, so let us know if you’d like to be on the list!

You say you’d like something that’s a little more sandal and a little less boot?  See what you think of Argila’s Jolene:

The airy leatherwork is amazingly intricate on this lace-up ankle “boot.” Also, the olive green color reminds me of Italian gardens. Gorgeous!

Perhaps the award for Most Balanced Blending of Ankle Boot and Sandal, though, goes to Giraudon’s Riley:

Oh my, this wooden-soled sandal (it’s really a sandal-boot-clog) is something else! The gold lining, the ankle lacing, the tiny square cutouts—there’s so much to love about this beauty! When you slip on the Riley, everyone’s going to want your shoes!

And  there are even more sandal-boots to consider at the Ped site. What a great way to amp up your style and flash a little summer skin!

Speaking of summer skin, have you checked out Ped’s “Sweet Treat” this week? It’s Fiorentini + Baker’s fabulous Tessa Sandal!

Not a sandal boot exactly, but a buckle-tastic, open-air cousin of F+B’s Eternity Boot! (It also comes in black.)

Unfamiliar with Ped’s “Sweet Treat”? Here’s how it works: Just click “be sweet to your feet” up there in the upper right corner of this page (or any Ped page), and you’re instantly transported to the treat of the week, where a magic code entered on the last page of checkout gives you 20% off! Just like that! Fun, eh?

The “Sweet Treat” changes every week. You never know when your favorite thing—you know the one you’ve had your eye on?—may suddenly be 20% off! So, be sure to click “be sweet to your feet” on every Ped visit to see what treat awaits.

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